Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the latest and greatest

of alishka babushka..... :)
where to begin is the about where i left you...friday morning.
so after work i ran a couple of errands and went home. Roommate B and i decide to go on a random date and she and i went to see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit which was absolutely hilarioius and worth the $1 we paid, we brought along J.O. and A.Z. and had a blast. Truit roomie checked out, her dad came and got her, and she left, and i shall not see her again until april if not later as she is going to paris next semester. sad day...

Saturday morning was an interesting one. very interesting. so it was parent week at the studio where i teach, and i was going to wake up and look cute for this special day (said w/much sarcasm) parent day is not my fav. but i have to look cute. yeah right. my ride knocks on my apt. door at 7:50 and i roll out of bed to answer it. yuck yuck yuck. so i grab everything i need, minus my purse that has my lucnh money in it and my bus pass. luckily someone was nice enough to share some food with me to get me through the 3.5 hours of rehearsal, and then my ride to the studio was willing enough to wait for me to get done teaching to bring me home. that was super nice of them. after that wonderful morning of teaching and rehearsal, i went to d.i. with Roommate B. bought 2 new sweaters and a pair of jeans that actually fits miracles of all miracles. she and i had a good talk, and then Roommate C walked in with her BF who is now her fiance because they got engaged!! i am way excited for her and the wedding is in february.

Later that night i went ice skating with my teddy bear, but about 9ish we felt sick so he took me home and went home himself. felt better later in the evening and when Roommate C and Fiance came in to watch What's Up Doc? i called my anatomy study friend and he came over and watched it with me. that was pretty much exciting. and a funny movie to boot.

had a stake sacrament meeting that was very well done and the spirit was felt by all. afterwords did lunch with apt 1 and Roommate B and me. that was fun! :) then watched a christmas movie and then i took a nap. that was nice. a 3-hour nap. then it was dinner, goodie making, and then off to watch the Polar Express with TL #3. that was fun. came home went to bed and woke up refreshed on monday morning

woke up went to work and worked my first 8 hour day since august. hurrah. fhe was fun, Roommate B scared the crap out of me when she was still in the apt in stead of in her hometown where she should have been, but roads were bad so she stayed. we made mini-cupcakes, that were bite-sized. lots of fun she is. stayed up late watching Toy Story in spanish with her translating since i don't know a word of spanish, and J.O. joined us. that was enjoyable.

another full day of work, but combined with the 5.5 hours of sleep it was even longer. Dad picked me up and we went home so i could go to Sister B's orchestra concert. she did very well, best i have ever heard, she had improved greatly. slept on a mattress instead of the floor, but it was still in the lv room. rumor has it that i will get to sleep in the train room which will at least give me privacy. oh joy.

yet another long day at work. but i am getting used to it. i am teaching a pointe class tonight for L* friend and then who knows what i will do, but we will enjoy everything i can. :D
i have read some good books lately and that's fun. :D i need to finish my dance for the show in feb. but i don't want to, i do, but i don't if that makes sense. sent off 11 missionary christmas cards yesterday. that was cool. i hope they write back...they better or else. so yeah. until i get bored again, ciao.

Friday, December 16, 2005

friday, finals, and kissing

its friday, and finals are done. hurray hurray hurray! my teddybear came down to hang out with me last night, and the funny thing is our date that was going to be tonight is going to be tomorrow night. but that's not really the funny thing. the funny thing is that he kissed me last night. more times then i have ever been kissed by one person, in one night. you see, i am not vl, but when i kissed my last bf i only kissed him after dating him for 1.5 months, and i kissed him 5x or less. in a course of 3 weeks and then i dumped him a week after that! see teddybear and i are just big flirts who cuddle and hang out together. and well...he's asked if he could kiss me even if it is just for fun, and i said yes. and well he kissed me. a couple times in a row, more than i have ever been kissed at once. and you know what? i enjoyed it. now tell me if there is something wrong with that, cause me, i like it. and i am going to continue liking it. merry christmas all. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the death of finals

i hate 'em. and who doesn't? i mean really. is there really some one out there that ENJOYS finals week? i like the end of finals, but definitely not the midst of finals. yuck. i failed my anatomy lab final, but i still have a c- in the class so as long as i can do really well on the lecture final (yeah right) then i can get like a c+/b- in the class. i would be content with a c. my music final is today. i am praying that i can do well enough to pass the class. i really don't want to take that class again. never again. so i hope to do well. salad and i had an awesome time up at my work party in aspen grove, but we are still just friends. he's cute and all, but i think i would have to grow alot, and he would have to grow in different ways if we are to ever end up together. i don't know if he's the one i am supposed to marry. he's definitely supposed to be my friend, that is for certain. i have a date with my teddybear friday night. he asked if he could kiss me and i gave him permission, this is b/c salad told me to go on dates with other ppl, and with teddybear we're just really good friends that both happen to be the biggest flirts in the world. so yeah. we shall see what happens on friday night. i might actually see him tomorrow night, but again it all depends. :D so here i am at work, just working away, its all good, life is good. and i am thoroughly enjoying myself. i think. :) anyways, i'm out, until the end of finals, so long.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

life in a nutshell

so my life is grand, minus the crazyness of finals, but let me give you an update on salad, he did come and play w/me and my family duirng thanksgiving, but i was a little worried that things got to much for him and he was scared, but here is what happend this weekend.

we had the bishop's ball and it was amazing. my black dress looked awesome, and i danced w/salad and it was great

we went to Christmas Around the World, which was stellar!!!! afterwards we played a game and that was fun, and we ended up sitting close on the couch, which was fun. :)

After sunday school had ended and we're on our way to sacrament meeting, here is the dialogue:
Me: "Are you excited for sacrament meeting?"
Salad:" Yeah! Are you sitting somewhere special?"
Me:" No."
Salad: "Are you sitting next to someone?"
Me:" Well, probably my roommates"
Salad: "But nobody else?"
Me: "Uh...not that I know of."
Salad: "Well can I sit next to you?"
Me: "Yeah! Of course!"
It was super cute and so then he sat next to me. Which was awesome!

Later Sunday I was talking to my mom, and she asked me if I wanted to hang up my ornaments on our tree. Well I said of course! but she asked me when i was coming home to do it, and that prolly won't be until the 23rd, even though i live 30 min from she said she might do it and i said fine.

Well after the christmas devotional salad and i were talking about my day and what had happened and he asked if she had put them up or not, well i didn't know, but he told me to go and call my mom RIGHT then and if she hadn't he told me we should go down there and do it! so i called my mom, and she hadn't done it, so he and i drove down to my hometown and put my christmas ornaments. but how cute is that? HE suggested that we go and do it, and then he was sweet enough to go through with it.

after all of that we are still just good friends, but i am hoping that it goes somewhere, but it might take a while. but i can wait. i know i can.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I have a job!!! I applied, had an interview, and they hired me all on Nov. 22. It was awesome! I know the Graduate Applications Secretary in the Linguistics and English Language department. I am so excited. and the cool thing is that i am getting paid only 5 cents less than what i was getting at CID. and that's after my raise at cid!!! hurrah!!

I had a happy thanksgiving full of good food and fun family togetherness. Rehearsal for my piece is going well, and its going to look good i'm excited. salad came and hung out with me and the fam yesterday night, we had dinner and taught him how to play settlers of cataan. which is a fun game, and we all had fun. his comment to me when we said good night, was 'you're a good friend, a cool girl, you have a cool family. but i'm still dating around trying to figure things out.' and you know what? i'm okay with that!! I have no idea who i am going to take to christmas around the world, but somehow it will work itself out in the end. my mom likes him, which is good. so yeah, we'll see. anywho....until i find time again to write, see ya!

Friday, November 18, 2005

la de la la!

so it has been a good week since tuesday.

salad update: i really like him. he's cute, sweet, and we have awesome conversations. he took me to lunch yesterday, picked me up from my ballet class, and took me grocery shopping. it was awesome! and we really do have the best conversations. i like where things are going. we have a date tonight to ballet showcase, and i am making dinner for it, so it should be lots and lots of fun! :D

the job search: still looking, but i have a resume almost done and i will finish applying this weekend into monday and tuesday, hopefully someone will hire me. we shall see.

that is all....for now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


so i was fired today. who knows why. actually boss said it was all cause my performance wasn't what she wanted any more, i had made some mistakes, a couple of big ones, so today was my last day at work. it was crazy insane! but oh well. i totally broke down as i left the office, but my friend helped me, and then i went to the most amazing devotional ever and sat next to fhe dad, i think we will call him salad from now on. :) anyways salad saved me a seat at the devotional and it was really really good. he and i had a very long talk last night and he basically said he is interested in taking things somewhere, but he needs to be cautious and life is overwhelming right now so he wants to go slow. which is okay by me. all in all i think life is okay. i just hit a rough spot, but that's okay. Heavenly Father still loves me, and he will never stop, so I will be just fine.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Date night...with FHE Dad PLUS the awesomeness of the DanceSport

So I had the funnest time EVER on friday night. it was totally wicked!!! :0 So he picked me up at 7 at my apartment, but we ended up staying at my apt. cause it was so rainy outside (we were doubling with my roomie, who happens to be FHE Mom, and her date BL) ANYWHO...we had pizza, that took us like 45 min. to eat cause we were having such a good time talking. THEN we played this game called moods. It is an awsome game. You should play it. Anyways its this awesome game where you say a phrase but in different moods. well at one point in the game i got the mood romantic. and my pharse, no joke, was 'i find you very attractive' so....i decide to set the 'mood' by turning on the table lamp in the lv room ,turn off the main light and turn on our cd player, which happened to be set to some nice romantic music. then i scooted close to my date put my arm around him and said, "i find you very attractive" it was awesome ,and everyone got it. it was great. so after playing this game we sculpted ice cream. yes. ice cream. it was the coolest thing ever my date and i made a st. george temple while the other couple did a lady liberty bust. it was pretty much awesome. after eating our ice cream creation we played outburst and then we played some more, talked some more, did some really goofy, loopy things as it got later in the evening and we got tired. we were on our date for about 6 hours. He left at 1:15 in the morning. :) it was a good date too, cause we never got bored.

This was on sat. morning. me and diverm, who was my partner, did an awesome job. we had so much fun dancing, we made it all the way to the 6th round, where we were cut. so we didn't make it to the quater-finals, but we came close. to make it to the final 36 couples out over 200 couples is just amazing. and we had fun. found out that he is very much a premie....which is okay, but means that i prolly won't ever date him. but that's okay cause then instead i can flirt and be his friend. he's a nice guy too so its all good. we was very much a gentleman and guided me with his hand on my back and cool stuff like that. and i gave him lots of hugs as we found out when had made each cut. so that was coolio. we took some pics, so that was fun, but they weren't digital so i can't post them, and when i develop them , i prolly won't remember to scan them in and post them. but oh well. FHE Dad came and watched me on sat. morning compete, which means that he sat there from 9 am-12 pm which is AMAZING!!! then he went back with me later to watch the amateur and other competitions. that was way cool too. i had lots of fun and i think he did too. we'll see what happens in that regard. he has told me that he is overwhelmed here cause there are so many wonderful girls here. we'll see what happens. i'll just let it roll. we'll see. :) anyways....its almost dinner time so i am out of here! :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteren's Day

So yeah...update on me and the dating world. FHE Dad asked me out, and we are going on a date tonight. he picked me up from my ballet class last night and a couple of my buddies were all, 'he's so hot!' to which i responded, 'i know.' lol. so yeah, he stayed over until 10:20ish and he had to work at 4 this morning, and we talked and it was good. i like him. he's cute. and nice. and an awesome guy.
i have dancesport tomorrow. i am way way way excited for it!! Diver (my dance partner) and i practiced on wed. night and things were good. he's a cute kid too. but i am not sure if he has served a mission yet or not. i think he has, but i don't know. ugh. but its all good. he's a fun kid, and i thnk we might be able to make it to the quater-finals tomorrow, at least we hope we can! :)

Anywho, life is grand right now, i am loving it all, and i think that is have fun! :D i know i will!!!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

She who works the dating scene....

So yeah... went to Divine Comedy with JA. It was lots of fun. I love Divine comedy, it wash hilarious. Then we went and got food and played a card game at my apartment. but he was really quiet, and tired, especially b/c he wored a 12 hour day. so yeah...but you know what? i ended up not talking to him about me wanting him, and actually i think i am over him. kind of. like i still like him and think he is cool and all, but honestly there are so many good guys rightn now, why should i choose just one? i mean really. i have a cute dance partner for dancesport, and fhe dad asked me out for friday night. plus there are a couple other guys that i like and all, ja is still one of them, but honestly....i want him to make the next move. and if he doesn't want to, then that's okay by me. i am moving on, and yet if it is supposed to happen, then he will ask me out. :) so that is my story, i'm stickin' to it, and am going to have fun dancing away......

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my love and war, and right now i don't think its fair...

bah. i don't know how to approach j.a. i like him but...i don't want to scare him away. at first i was thinking that i could say ' let's just hook up j*.' but then i decided that doesn't work, so then i was thinking this could work too: 'Why are you so hesitant J*?' and he'll say ' about what?' and i'll say 'about dating me? why not just give it a go? or are you not interested and just want to be friends?' kind of like the song by Brad Paisley 'Make a Mistake with Me' It's perfect really. so now I am at he point that i think this is what i will say: i want to be honest with you, but i don't want to scare you away, i like you, but i can't keep putting in a lot with out getting anything back. so i am going to back off. know that i still like you, but i am not going to make any more moves, i am going to wait for you. if you come after me, i will follow, cause i like you. but i don't know. i really wish someone could tell me what to do, but everyone is so different, no one really knows him or what he will do, including me. well i know him, but i don't know what he'll do. and mabye i just need to tell him that last one. but who knows. i am going to the temple on friday to think about it. i really just need some guidance from someone who knows us both so well, and who better than my Heavenly Father? This is driving me nuts, it really is. I don't knwo what to do anymore about it and i think i am going insane.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

date night...

so i had a date tonight. with frenchie friend. lol. that sounds funny. anyways, he took me to the hindu festival of lights in spanish fork, it was interesting ,and supposedly we ate indian food, but he said it wasn't authentic stuff. so yeah. then we went to a dance party put on by one of my friends, and then we went to the wilk halloween party. that was fun. i am pooped though. i went to the football game (2nd half) instead of doing my homework, that was no good, well it was. it was lots of fun, but i didn't do any studying for my music test that is on monday. so i am doing that now. ugh. stupid class. i need to do better on this test, but i don't know if i will. we'll see i guess! i still like ja alot. i think i will save him a seat in sacrament meeting tomorrow afternoon, but we'll see if anything else happens. i need to get pics from conf. still as well. anywho....that is all.

Friday, October 28, 2005


la bah bah ugh. its friday, and a pay day friday, but its raining, i have a test on monday/tuesday, and i have 3,000+ flyers to fold. and its not just flimsy paper so that you cand do like 5 at a time, its hard cardstock type stuff. and i haven't herad from ja boy since sun, even though i called him last night for a ride home, jc came and got me instead. frenchie (who funny thing is, his name starts with j too....) asked me out. he called me last night, and i am going to a hindu festival w/him, and then a coworker's halloween party. that will be fun. i think. we'll see. frenchie is a fun kid but i don't know if i like him like that. well, back to folding. see ya.

Monday, October 24, 2005

today while the sun shines

so ja is now teh most confusing person ever. i don't know where things are going, but one thing is for sure, i am not going to ask him out again. he needs to make the next move. FOR SURE! i have a lot of things i am focusing on, but we'll wait and see. i want him to ask me out again, andi have made that clear. but we will just have to wait and see. bah. love games are stupid. but i know that i like this guy. shoot. well...that is all, i suppose.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

*sigh of contentment*

So I really wasn't going to ask JA out for this weekend, but then the pumpkin thing just decided to work out better for this week, so i went with it. i called him. and come to find out through my roommate truit, ja told truit's bf that he wanted to ask me out, but he knew this week was crazy for me. so yeah....but still. that gives me hope, and maybe he knows now that i like him. he better. i gave out a lot of signs. i like this kid. alot. and i don't know what it is. i am still working on that. we didn't talk alot, i need to figure out some things to talk to him about. he has crazy meetings tomorrow, but i told him he should save me a seat for conference, but i don't know if he will. we'll see i guess. he said he would call and let me know. :) what a good kid. i hope i get to sit next to him, cause that would make my day!! anyways........i am going to bed now, cause i decided that would be a good idea. :D night!

Friday, October 21, 2005

home sweet home

i love home. it is always nice to go home to a house with normal house things, and not just apartment style living. hung out with sis1 last night. she is silly, we watched a couple of different things last night, and then both went to bed, although she got into bed way before i did, well at least an hour before. and i did get to bed, earlier than i have been, but still later than i wished.

woke up ON TIME this morning, and actually got to do my hair. ballet we had midterms and today we get to watch the video of the midterms, so its exciting cause i don't have to dress for ballet today, so my hair can be down. which is a rare occasion. so hurray for that! :D

i am taking the siblings to see Valiant tonight in the dollar theater. i don't know if its going to be any good, or if it will just be cheesy, but it will be fun to treat the kids to a movie. my parents are having a blast in colorado, or so i am told, and they went and visited G&G in New Mexico...which i think is cool. Life is just good right now, I am loving every minute of it. :D

I have noticed a trend in my blogging. It always (well not always...but usually...) happens in the 9 o'clock hour, i think that this just must be the down hour at work. not always, but sometimes. It's Friday, 3/4 of the full time employees are traveling at different conferences and such, and so things are just quiet! but i love it. its been a good week. i must go type up something for a class, so i will leave you with this thought: If he had a mind, there was something on it. P.G. Wodehouse

Thursday, October 20, 2005

sleep is overrated, especially when it comes to boys...

So yeah, yet another late night. i really didn't mean it this time, i was watching gillmore girls with a friend, and in walks J.A. ha ha ha..... i really didn't think he would come over, and i didn't call him, but he did. and so we hung out, and then he had to go and help someone with excel...when he was giving me a hug good-bye i whispered in his ear, thanks for coming over. and then i told him that if he didn't take long helping out this friend with excel that he could always come back over. so then i resigned myself to 50+ pages of anatomy reading....and in walks J.A.!!! :) So he stayed until pumpkin hour, and it was fun, and he's cute, and he knows i am going home today cause the parents are out of town and i get to babysit...but he also knows that i am completely free on saturday night. :) so maybe he'll ask me out. maybe.....but i think he is getting the hints, things are moving, even if they are slowly...but i am excited! :) so that is the update on me, i am not getting sleep, but i am getting somewhere with boy! :D back to work i go!

Monday, October 17, 2005

So i really didn't need those 3.5 hours of sleep....

Yeah right....I really did. But I didn't get them. I was going to go to bed at 10. But then I ended up staying up until 1:30 in the morning. Why you might ask??? Let me tell you why, but let us start with Friday...and my date with my frenchie friend....

Date Friday Night:

Okay, so frenchie comes and picks me up Friday night, and he looks good! We go to the spectacular, and he comments on how grown up I am. Ha ha ha....and we sit in our seats. They were in Outer Mongolia, but they were good seats. Kinda. Not really. But it was all good. So the spectacular was amazing, and I really liked it. He then took me out to ice cream and then we went to my apt. where I filled him in on what happened while he was gone, and then we watched a movie entitled, the Freshman with Matthew Broderick. It was good. I enjoyed it a lot. Then he went home and I got to bed at like 1:30 in the morning....yuck yuck yuck.


So Saturday...My friend's wedding. I actually woke up to my alarm, made muffins for me and my roommates, and then got to the dance studio early and worked on my student choreography pas de deux that I am doing in February. It was good stuff. Class was wicked fun, and I had a blast. :) Then I went home and got ready for this wedding that I was a bridesmaid for. My skirt that my mom made was AWESOME!!! I love it, and will definitely wear it again! :) So I am at this wedding and I go to Chile’s for dinner, and things are good. So I get to the place where the wedding is at....and its valet parking only. That was entertaining. S. and I go and get ready in the bathroom, then we go outside, and it was beautiful out there with all the candles, and it was a beautiful night. I loved it. So then The Bride throws the bouquet, and I caught it. So now I have this beautiful arrangement of red roses and white star gazer lilies on my table, absolutely gorgeous. I get home from the wedding and go to bed after the BYU game (which we won!!!! HURRAY!!!!) At about 11:30.


I wake up an hour later then I intended, and missed choir, oh well. So then I go to my friend's farewell and Elder D is going to be amazing. I am so excited for him. He is off to the Rome Italy mission, hurray! And I saw old friends from high school and we did some reminiscing and life was good. Then I went home and saw the fam. Mom made stew for dinner, and that was a yummy treat, and I made dessert and then went back up to Provo to go visiting teaching. I love VT, it was fun and I enjoyed visiting with this sister. After that I get home and guess who is there? General Conference boy: J.A. I was shocked!!!

So let me give a back story on J.A. that my roommie Truit told me later that night. My calling is Aesthetics chair person in Relief Society. So I bring the table cloth and centerpiece every week, well since I was going to be gone I asked Truit to take it for me. So she did, well J.A. noticed that she was carrying them instead of me, and asked isn't Alishka here today? And Truit said no, she's at home at a farewell, she'll be home later tonight. and J.A. says, well I missed sitting next to you guys and her saving me a seat in church (I had saved him a seat last week, but that has been the only time!!) so that was neat-o to hear. So then Truit said, well I haven't seen you in a while you need to come visit us. So he does. And when I get home J.A. was still there. Totally made my night!!!

So then I am sitting next to him on the couch and I decide to scratch his back, we end up sitting RIGHT next to each other. And life was good. He leaned into me, and I was kinda holding him, which I was totally okay with. :) Well then we play this game called WHAT IF??? and its where you write a what if question and then put it in the center, then you draw one that you didn't write, and isn't about you, and then you answer that question, and then you swap questions and read off the question and the person next to you reads there answer. So we get going, and things are going good. Well, at one point everyone decides to pick on J.A. so there are 3 questions, one about what if J.A. asked me out?, and then 2 that were like this: What if J.A. tried Alishka's lip gloss? Well....we ended on that note, and it was kind a funny. Twin roommate went to bed, and at this point it is about 11:45. We talk, and then Truit's BF starts tickling her and J.A. joins in, I try to hold them back, but neither of them are ticklish so that didn't work ,then they started on me, and J.A. held me down while Truit's BF tickled me. Then the pumpkin hour was at hand and they had to leave we gave hugs (and Truit gave kisses) and J.A. said good night and was really was entertaining.

So now I don't know where we stand, I think he got the hint that he needs to ask me out, but I’m not sure. So we'll just have to see. If not, my roommate B and I might do a double date and carve pumpkins and I think I would ask him, but I really want him to ask me out. :) That would be good.

Okay I have ignored work for too long, I am back to work...if I can just stop thinking about him.......yeah right. :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bonjour le vieil ami !

or hello old friend!!! so i had this missionary friend, frenchie we'll call him, and he was in my french class when i was a sophie and him a sneior. he then graduated and went to byu while i stayed and continued my public education. we emailed back and forth and life was good. then like all good 19 yr. old males he left on his 2 year hiatus to the west indies french speaking. we wrote back and forth, except for like the last 6 months when he stopped. well, i came to byu for a year, and then he got back just this past july. he called me the first weekend of august when i happened to be at home and not in provo. we talked and that was it. i emailed him, but he never emailed me back. so when i thought of him the other day, i decided to drop him another email, and he called me at my apt. on tuesday. that was random, but cool. it was a short and sweet conversation, followed by him asking me out. lol. so tonight my friends and fellow bloggers, i have a date. a date with someone who i have not seen in 2 years. with someone who has always been a good friend, but i have never been out with once. and boy am i excited. he's taking me to the homecoming spectacular, and woohoo!!! will that be fun. so that is the joys of my life right now, and now it is probably time to get back to work... yeah right.

Monday, October 10, 2005

"Laughter is the best medicine." (Enlish Proverb)

I LOVE TO LAUGH!!! A ha ha ha ha! (Mary poppins moment....)

anyway, moving on. so cute boy in dance class, lets call him dance boy, well i asked to him to be my testing partner for foxtrot today. i knew that he was already dancing with someone else, and i thought he had asked them to be his partner, unbeknowest to me, they had actually asked him!!! He (again unbeknowest unto me until right before class) wanted me to be his test partner!! It was great! I really like him, he is on the byu diving team, and is super cute. when i wear heels, he is just barely taller than me, which is perfect. :) so yeah, we had exchanged numbers in case we needed to practice last week, i never called him, but still, he has my number! so maybe.....sometime he will me. :) cause that would be pretty swell. that is all. i am done. moving on. time to study. see ya.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How come we don't always know when love begins, but we always know when it ends? ~ L. A. Story

This is so.....true. Is it not? Well it is. anyways i called j.a. last night. :D he's going to call me today and get email address info for me to get conference pictures, and then he's not quite sure if he can go on saturday or not. it kind of just depends on his schedule. so he's going to call me. :D guess what made my day yesterday? the fact that i saw him!!! as i was walking to ballet class i practically ran into him, it was awesome, and put me on this great high. :D anywho....uh....Dr.Teeth stopped by with music last night for our pas de deux that we are performing in february. i am very daunted by this task of doing the choreography. it will be interesting. i need to check out some movies of pas de deuxs to watch. sight. k i am done. that is it for now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

tuesday woes

i have decided that i hate my anatomy class. yeah pretty much that's it. i didn't do very well on my anatomy test, and that is mainly my own fault. i need to better, and i think i will. i also have this strange sensation to have a boy friend. Truit (my roomie K) said that's okay as long as its J.A. who needs a nym. i'll come up w/something. we are calling j.a. to go to a wedding reception for Boy that i like 8 months ago. weird that he is now getting married. i am listening to music from tonga, i should pay attention. i am done now. this picture just makes me happy. which is why it is up. enjoy.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Conference Weekend High

Wow. What a weekend. I feel like the luckiest girl ever. So my friend J.A. called me Saturday night as I was partying with the girls and asked me if I had plans for conference, well my only plans were to watch it in my apartment, so I said 'No.'
He then proceeded to ask me if I would like to go up to Temple Square with him, 'cause his mom was in town and she wanted to go again (they had gone on stand-by on Saturday). So I said sure, why not. I then woke up at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday and went to conference. For the morning session we sat where the blue dot is. For the afternoon session we sat where the red dot is. How amazing is that?! I had awesome seats and totally lvoed the spirit that was felt while there, I want to go in April too, cause that would just be so spiffy!! On a side note J.A. is a cutie, and his mom is awesome. I can tell where J.A. become such an awesome person, 'cuase she was just so cute, nice, and amazing. I am thinking that I might ask J.A. out. Only b/c I want to of course. He wore a hot pink tie on Sunday, LOVED IT! And he's just a cutie and i scratched his back during conference. Which was interesting, especially 'cause his mom was there. but i did it anyways. so now i just have to decide if i should ask him out or what. :D we'll see, and i'll see if a i can't keep you updated. hurrah for conference.

Friday, September 30, 2005

i am happy...

for many reasons. i thought i would dread today, but now all of a sudden i don't dread today. my computer has been fixed, and that makes me happy. it now can play the music listening assignments from blackboard, which is good. i have test in so said music class, that i was stressing about all week, and all of a sudden i feel a sense of calmness, and i am no longer worried about said music test.

it's a friday, that definitely goes on the what makes me happy today list.

plus it's a PAYDAY friday, which makes friday 10x better.

so then, i think what tops the list today is the fact that i am working in my fishbowl of an office watching students walk on by, when all of a sudden i see Syrup an old friend from highschool. i took syrup to sweethearts my junior year, his senior, and he was in one of my classes. we were friends, and then he left on his mission, leaving a gf who i swore was waiting for him. she got married this summer, so i am told. i see him walk by, and i got outmy office door and yell "hey syrup!!" i and he turned around, looked at me, and then he had this weird look on his face, and then he's all (my real name here)! i didn't recognize you! you're all grown up! it was GREAT!!!! and it made me happy to know that i really have changed, even though part of me doesn't think so, i know i have. so then we talked for like 15 minutes about random things, my life, his life, dance, school, and then said we should get together, he asked me what i was doing for conf. i said nothing much, and he said the same for him, and it was just good to see him! totally made my day, and now i am REALLY calm about my test.

and another thing adding to the list of things of why i am happy today.... i just got to pop package bubbles. he he he

this day is just going to be great i can i am happy. :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

world of dance

WORLD OF DANCE TOMORROW!!!!! w/ J. He he he, i am excited but, he told me last night when i called w/details, he just started dating this girl from our ward, she's okay w/him going, and i'm okay w/going w/someone who is dating someone, but it is still kinda sad that he is dating someone else. but you know what? its okay. I told god last night that my dating life is in his hands, i'm going to focus on school, and dancing. if boys come they come, if they don't, i am not going to fret about it. i don't have time for a boyfriend anyways...can you see me w/a boyfriend? i think not.

so i will have fun, we will go and support our folk friend Q. (who i kinda like....) and yeah. it will be fun. :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

school schmool

wow. already the 3rd week of school. what am i doing with my self? well...I am staying up too late, either with boys, or with my friendly anatomy book that doesn't know how to cuddle. and i'm dancing like crazy. i got new pointe shoes which makes me really happy. guess what else makes me happy? i asked J.O. ( i really need a new name for him...) to go to world of dance with me, in spanish! and he said yes!!!! :D so we are going on sept. 24th at 8pm, oh, and i bought my tickets a couple of days ago, and guess what?? eighth row back, center! sweet lovin' we have good seats! hoorah!
what else is new in my life.....oh saga of sagas, and books and books. and i'm done.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

it has been way tooooo long

so life is crazy, school is good, and i am a dancing fiend. a good thing about being a dancing fiend is the fact that some of that freshman 30 that i put on, is going away! my roommate commented on it this morning. horrah! and life is good, and i like J.O. and I'm going to ask him to world of spanish cause he speaks spanish, and yeah it may be dorky, but it will be cute, and i am really busy so i am long.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ballet Utah here i come

so i didn't make ballet showcase. which is okay. so now i've decided to go back to the co. that i was w/two years ago and perform w/them. plus i get to teach. which i start doing tomorrow. hurrah. that is it friends.

Monday, August 22, 2005


so i am extremely nervous today. yep, me, nervous. I audition for ballet showcase this afternoon, and I am nervous about the outcome. I just need to be calm and focus on the work that lies ahead of me today. but still....yikes. i will post the outcome tomorrow. but like anyone cares.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

double dutch...or not?

*warning I checked this in word, and it was two pages, and a little bit, so this isn't a short post...sorry its super long.*

So I am somewhat confused. Is it bad that I held hands and this guy kissed me on the cheek? You might be thinking, 'no, that’s normal for a BYU student to be doing, she's 19 and can do that kind of thing.' well let me explain the situation to you.

First of all, some background knowledge, for the sake of this blog we are going to call this guy Sky Captain. Sky Captain went to high school w/me. He was super good friends with two of the loves of my life: Mighty Mouse and Newbie. Sky Captain (lets shorten that to S.C.) left on his mission almost a year ago to Tokyo South Japan. I wrote him, like I do all of my high school boys. Well one day in March or so, S.C. calls me. And I’m thinking what the heck?? He had been injured and was home on medical release. Didn't know when he'd be going back, we talked and decided that sure maybe someday we'll hang out. Well....Newbie left on his mission in July. S.C. is still around. Poor S.C. has no friends b/c all of his friends are on missions, or are girls who, I don't know, just don't want to hang out w/the guy. He's a good guy, but He's in the middle of his mission ya know?

Well S.C. calls me last night and asks if we can go and hang out. I say sure. So he comes up from my small hometown to my Provo apartment. We talk and decide to go to Fazoli's for dinner. We go to fazoli's. It's double dutch. Which is perfectly fine b/c we're just hanging out, this is not a date right? Well we eat dinner, and we talk and what not. finally we are done and decide that we are going to go and pick a dollar movie (at this time its past 7:30) so we know its going to be a later showing and then we'll go and play miniature golf at Trafalga until our movie started. So we go to the dollar theater, and we each buy our ticket (this is still double dutch....) to see Cinderella Man, at 9:55. So since this is done, we then get back into the car (note here: he has an automatic door unlocker thing, so he unlocks the door, but not once has he opened it for me. which is fine, b/c this is hanging out right? moving on with the story...) so we're in the car and we get to trafalga. We go inside and go to pay for our miniature golf and what do you know suddenly he decides to pay for me. Huh. Weird. (That’s what I’m thinking...since this whole thing is double dutch I was prepared for it to be double dutch.) So we start playing one course outside, and as we're going along, we come to one hole that has a little house that the door opens and closes right?'s broken, so I hold it open so we can play the hole the way it’s supposed to go, and his ball never comes out. Not once. So then we go inside to get a ball. And by the way the kids that worked the desk there were punks but that is a side note.
We continue to play, I get one hole-in-one, which was exciting and then we decide (since we have SO much time) to play another round on the other outdoor course. So we play on the other course, this time it’s going much faster. I got another hole-in-one, and by the way S.C. is SO much better than me. He got a couple more holes-in-one then me, and was much better at being at par then I was. He kept making fun of me for not being gentle enough.

Then its movie time. We get to the theater and we are watching Cinderella Man. I start to get really into it. So does he, actually. Well, about half way through the movie, I get this kink in my neck. So I crack my neck, which went pop pop pop one way and pop pop pop the other way. But the kink didn't go away! So I’m sitting there trying to roll my neck and get the kink out, when all of a sudden I feel this hand on my neck, and there is S.C. rubbing my neck. It felt good. And the kink didn't go away, but it felt better. (here is another side note, so I am a fidgety person during movies, b/c sitting in one place for a long time makes some of my muscles hurt, so I move a lot, and my hands move a lot too, now I didn't think I gave any signs, but whatever.) So my hand is moving right? I fold my arms, I play with it, (this is the left hand by the way, and he is on the left of me.) and I rest it on my knee as I sit cross-legged. Well after S.C. massages my neck, my hand is on my knee. (Where it had been earlier in the evening.) Well S.C. moves his hand, and puts it on his right knee (his right hand...) and I barely feel his hand touch, and I’m thinking what the heck?? So I adjust, but don't really move, in fact now that I think about it, I opened my self up even more, but I wasn't doing it on purpose (or was I? I am still trying to decide this.) Well next thing I know, S.C. is holding my hand. And I’ll admit, although I thought it strange, and I’m trying to figure things out, it felt good. I like holding hands. I don't think I have ever held hands w/someone and I have not liked it. It just isn't possible. Well that's what I think anyways.

So S.C. is holding my hand right? Well...he holds my hand for the rest of the movie (a good 30-45 minutes I think) and as the movie gets more climatic I use his hand and I grip it tighter because I was getting nervous. I mean the movie is based on a true story, and I knew how I WANTED it to end, but I didn't know if it would or not.

K-so movie ends. I have to go to the bathroom sooo bad, so we make a pit stop, and then walk out to his car. Now, remember the side note above about him opening the door? Yeah...he still didn't open a door. So now I am confused, if this is hanging out, or a date (b/c of the hand holding) and if it was a date then I am confused, b/c I will not date someone who doesn't open the door for me. But he's a nice guy, in the middle of his mission. Anyways....So we get in the car, and I am talking about something, the movie I think, using my left hand and it ends up just hanging on the console where I am resting my arm, and then all of a sudden he's holding my hand again...huh.

Now it's time for the doorstep scene. *Side note once again: During the movie, and the ride home, I had the thought (b/c of how well I know S.C.) that S.C. might try to kiss me on the doorstep. The thought just ran through my mind. I decided when this thought ran through my mind though, that I wouldn't let him kiss me. It's our first whatever, didn't start on a date, but somehow kind of turned into a date or something, PLUS he's in the middle of a mission, trying to figure out when he's going back, and I know that he wants to go back. More than anything. So I wasn't going to let him kiss me.* back to the scene. We're walking to my apt. porch thingy and we're not holding hands. So we get to the door and I say "Well S.C. I would invite you in, but its past curfew (12:30 am) and I can't do that." and he says, "That's okay, I don't think my parents know where I am, so I should get home." me: "Okay" and I go in for a hug, because that is what I do after dates right? Well he hugs me too, but it's a tight squeeze, and then while in the embrace he tilts his head and kisses me on the cheek, except it’s not really the cheek, well it is, but it’s by my ear and kinda by my neck. (I so called that! props to me!) I think if I had let him, he might have kissed me on the lips.

So there you go. I went to bed at like 1:15 this morning, and I don't know what to think. Heavens. So give me your thoughts (and sorry this was so long, but when I tell my date stories, I usually find it pretty important to give most of the details.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

answers to wisdom teeth

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They are called "wisdom teeth" because they usually appear during a person's late teens or early twenties, which has been called the "age of wisdom". The normal position of wisdom teeth is behind the upper and lower second, or 12-year, molars. Many times the jaws of modern humans are not normally large enough to accommodate the four wisdom teeth. This is why wisdom teeth cause more problems than any other teeth in the mouth. In fact, for nine out of ten people at least one wisdom tooth remains underneath the gum due to lack of space in the mouth.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the wisdom of teeth

so why are wisdom teeth called wisdome teeth? that is my question for the day. i mean, what makes them so special? and do they make you wise? and if they do, then why does almsot everyone get them pulled? It doesn't make sense. really doesn't
Why might you ask has this wonderful question been pondered in my mind? well that would be because i am getting my top wisdom teeth out on thursday morning. yuk. anywho..have a great day, and week.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Zoo, an adventure, and sore muscles

The Zoo:
J. and I had a grand time at the zoo, seeing all the fun animals, although the giraffes and elephants didn't looks as tell as when i was ten, but then i was shorter then. we also got to see a baby organutan (she was so cute!) and a rhinocerous up close. we had an interesting conversation about relatiohsips on the way home and had fun hangin out. we then went to our 4-ward activity, followed by him beeing sweet enough to give me a ride home to payson. there i went to C.'s bridal shower and then hung out w/ D. at the carnival in sp. fork. i have no idea what is going to happen w/J. but things are interesting.

An Adventure:
Holy cow. Yesterday was such an adventure. But it was so much fun! So my friend Q. asked me to go to the Nutty Putty caves w/him and J. K. and M. M. (m&m are married same J. as the J. I went to the zoo w/too, Q. and J. are roomies.) So we leave provo at like 10:30, and come upon a hill that we think is the hill for the caves, but its not. (we didn't know that at the time) So we're walking up this super steep hill, for like forever, get to the top of this hill, and realize that we're on the wrong hill. So THEN, we go back down the hill, and to J.'s car and go to the right hill. (1.5 hours and 3 miles later...) so now we are at the caves. Now the caves are little, small, and there are times you have to army crawl. It was an adventure. So we get out of the caves at like 3 pm. we start driving home, when we hear this noise...yep a flat tire. we all get out and the tire gets changed by these macho men. We get home at like 4:50, and decide that we are super hungry. so we all go shower and change (we were a muddy mess.) then, i ate so much b/c i was so hungry that i was super full. after fhe i played night games on the south side of the marriott center, which was lots of fun.

Sore muscles:
all in all i had an awesome weekend, but my muscles are SO sore from the caves yesterday. but today is a good day, that's for sure! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I've decided i should update this, i guess. maybe not. well i guess.
so i went on a date last night, it was fun, but the movie i saw i dno't reccommend. monster-in-law. don't go and see it unless you really want to, and its a good thing it was at the dollar theater. my date was fun though.
and guess what?! i get to go to the zoo on saturday! w/my friend. J.O. I am very excited!!! he he he. i haven't been to the zoo in YEARs. yes!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

missionaries and muggles....

okay part 1: missionaries
My two very good friends, sn, and ef, leave this week. one to the brazil mtc since he is serving in santa maria brazil, and the other to the provo mtc to go to tulsa oklahoma. insane i know. i went to both of their farewells this weekend. they are going to be amazing missionaries. but then they are amazing people. :) going to their farewells and knowing that i won't see them in two years makes me wonder where i'll be in two years. will i be married? have kids? be single? living in provo? still in school? almost done? honestly....a million different things could happen. *sigh*

part 2: muggles....
okay so this just worked with the m&m theme i decided to have today, so my mom and sister are going to AZ in a couple of weeks to help my grandparents move up here. soooooooo they decided they want the 6th HP book for their trip, which means i get to go and get it from the bookstore, which also means i get to read it before anybody else. mwaha ha ha ha ha....i am very exctied, and thus the muggleness... ;) i think that it is all for now, until later.

Friday, July 08, 2005

what has happened in a week....

not much to be honest. sorry its been so long. i know im a loser. lets make a bullet list of what has happened since i posted a week ago and what is good about my life:
The Good and Bad of Alishka Babushka
  1. the fourth of july happened. this weekend i partied w/my family. we watched the stadium of fire fireworks from my apt. parking lot, and had a GREAT view of them. i went home, had some good home cooking, and all that jazz
  2. also went shopping this weekend. bought some new clothes, spent money i shouldn't have, but oh well. i justify the need for my jacket i bought, my office is freezing!!!
  3. went back to school/work on tuesday, which was nice to have a 3-day weekend, but at the same i almost died from the wonderful sunburn i recieved on monday. yuk yuk yuk
  4. went and sat "War of the Worlds" with my coworker DH. It was fun, we are getting teased about 'dating' even though there is nothing like that there. oh well. we're good friends, it was a good movie, but not a happy make you feel good type of movie. if you get my point.
  5. did my laundry, took ballet class, oh and checked out a few books for my pleasure. many of them are off a reading list i recieved from one of the writers (Katya) from the 100 Board. good stuff.
  6. today is finally friday. plus it is payday, halleighluiah (sp, i can never remember...)
  7. i found out that my good friend Dr. Teeth, broke up w/his gf that wanted to give it another go. don't know what that means for me yet, all i know is that i want a few more serious relationships before i get married. and if he is one of them,then great. if not, we're good friends, and i enjoy the time we spend together. he he he.
i think that is it for now...have a fun weekend y'all! (not that anyone reads this....oh well.)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

so i guess it's time for an update

B/C i haven't written in AGES!

well...i ran into an old friend while coming out of the Interpreter on Friday night, and we we exchanged phone numbers, and then he called me THE NEXT DAY!!!! then i called him on sun, but we couldn't get together, so then he calls me on monday and then comes and visits me (his name is D. by the way...) with his friend C and then gives me a ride from my office (in the HBLL) to my bike in the RB. it was hilarious. i called him on tuesday to go and get ice cream w/me, but he didn't answer, his loss.

anywho, i went and saw the Dance Trainer in the Dance Training Room today b/c i have been experincing shin splins pretty bad. he said i have some bad habits that we need to fix, and showed me what i need to do to fix those bad habits, aabout 4 different exercises, a stretch, and an 8-10 minute ice massage every day. its a lot of work, but 1) i don't want shin splins anymore, and 2) i have to make (well...maybe not have, but def. WANT to) Ballet Showcase this fall....and i need to not have bad habits anymore. so yeah, we're going to do this!!!

My Friend B.D. from HS Called today and we are going to go and do something. i am skipping ballet class, which is good and bad, good in the fact that it will give my shins a rest, and i need to strengthen them, not kill them, and bad b/c i will be out of shape, i just need to stretch like crazy tonight.

other than that, i think this is it.

Friday, June 24, 2005

pay day fridays are ALWAYS NICE!

because you get paid silly! and boy do i love pay day!!

so today is friday. yay friday. so it is not only pay day friday, but it is date friday. i am going to go and see The Interpreter hurray!!! :) and i have a date w/a coworker tomorrow night, yay!!! that is it for now!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

do i or don't i?

so here's my random thought for the day.....should i even think about applying for the board? Ever since i figured out how to do it, apply i mean, i have wondered, "do i have what it takes?" i don't even know if i have the time to do it, i guess if it was something i decided to do, sorta like ballet, then i would make the time for it, but i don't know. anyways, just some food for thought and musings on life.

so anywho last night was absolutely amazing for me, why? b/c on pbs was ABT's production of Swan Lake, w/Gillian Murphy as Odette/Odile, and WOW it was absolutely amazing!!! i loved it!!!! and was just awed out of my mind. in addition to the classic 32 fouettes, she added triples and quads on many of them, it was stunning to watch, even my roommate K was awed (she watched it w/me). anywho, it was very very good. tres bien.

and tonight, if i can figure out how to get there, i will go to ballet class, still trying to figure this one out, but i think i can do it. hopefully, i really want to go. :)

and for now, i think this is it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

a performance gone well

yep, the dance year is over. our performance was on saturday, and it went tres tres tres bien. i really enjoyed it, and my students were AWESOME!!!! none of them made any mistakes, they all remembered their dances, and i didn't have a single bunny crier. hurray!!!!
my weekend as good, i love my dad, and enjoyed spending time with him! anywho, i think that is all, ciao.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sleep deprived

so yeah....i feel a little bit tired today, but other than that i am doing well. today is hump day, which means it is wednesday. it also means that today is my last day of teaching for what could be a while. party party party! tomorrow is a dress rehearsal day...ugh...and then the jazz show on friday night, followed by the ballet show on saturday afternoon. guess what else is coolio? i get to sleep in on saturdays now! for the first time in 10 months, i will be able to sleep in on saturdays. i am so excited. i will only be able to do this until the end of august when classes start, because i will either be in rehearsal for ballet showcase early saturday mornings, or teaching in springville. either way, i will only get to sleep in for the next 2 months, and i am going to relish this as long as possible. hurray! :) that is all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

summerness is half way over, hard to believe isn't it?

i can't believe that the summer is half way over. honestly. its kind of insane. ahhhh! spring term ends this week, sumemr term stats next week, then summer term ends, two weeks after taht date, fall semester starts. its kind of crazy!!!
my last day of teaching is tomorrow, and our show is on friday and saturday. this will be a bittersweet performance b/c 1) i am not performing only my students are 2) this could be my last year of teaching for few years depending on if i make ballet showcase or not. its kinda crazy. crazy i say.
what else is going on? oh i am finally going to go and see "Hitch" tonight with my friend J.A. He was shocked to find out that i hadn't seen it yet, and is taking me, so it will be a late night b/c i have ballet until 9:45 and we are going to the 9:50 showing. stupid i know, and i will be tired tomorrow, but i really want to see it and he said he'd take me.
today is flag day and provo is doing the annual flag burning ceremony/party tonight at macey's. i think i will be going, fun stuff, yeah for patriotism. so i think that's all i want to rant and rave about for now, if i come up with something else i will let you know.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I was NICE!!!

You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?

more love

so he finally called me, and we talked. this morning. but its okay. he's giving it a go with this girl, but its okay. because i do care about it him, and i am happy that he has finally come to a decision. i know that he is going to take it slow, and he's very hesitant, but we are still friends, which shows cause he talked to me this morning. :) i am not worried about marrying him, in fact it would be okay if he didn't. i know there are other people out there for me, especially because i got a letter from my favorite missionary mighty mouse. i just don't want to him get hurt, so i hope he gets through things okay.
god be with you.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I think I love someone. Now I don't know how to describe it though. I think he's decided to do something, another relationship with another girl; however, I don't want to see him get hurt. he has his agency and can decide to go through with this if he decides to, but I care about him enough that it will hurt me (and in a way make me happy) if he gets burned b/c of this decision. I love him. I really do. We haven't really 'dated' we're just friends and cuddle buddies, but I wonder what would happen if we did date. That could prove interesting. Very interesting indeed. Hmmm....anyways just some frustrations. I am practicing a lot of restraint right now, b/c I want more than anything to text him or email him and see how he's doing, but I know that I need to wait for him to come to me, after what I am pretty sure I know what happened last night. I get butterflies thinking about it, and I’ve been worried about him for the past couple of days. We had a really good chat on Monday, 3.5 hours, we talked about some serious issues, but yet the conversation was so lighthearted and now looking back on it, it was kind of a weird conversation. Anywho....this is just a whole lot of babble, and I’m trying to distract myself, cause work is slow, and I want to contact him, oh my gosh!!! He just emailed me! Hurray! And he has stories about what happened last night, oh gosh, now I am nervous. *sigh* well at least he let me know kind of in a way that he wants to talk lol....until later. coolio.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Smelly Hair

So i permed my hair last night, and it looks super cute, but i hate the smell. weird chemical smell...yuk yuk yuk, but hey the sacrifices we make to look good. man. anywho, tonight i am going to pirates of penzance w/my good friend dr. teeth. that will be fun. i think i still have a crush on him, i keep trying to talk myself out of it, but hey i'll enjoy what i can get. what else has happened...oh yeah! my date w/joe: BIG SUCCESS!!! We had soooooo much fun, and it was a super good date. alex , mike, suzy, and nick had fun too! nick, even though he is only 17, acted a lot older, and he fit really well into our group of people, we ended up having one other blind date couple, one of joe's friends. it was super fun.
anywho...i can't think of anything else to write...

Friday, May 27, 2005

It's finally Friday!

And guess what? I have a date tonight! Yup that's right, me alishka babushka, has a date tonight. I am very excited about this date tonight. You know why? actually, you probably don't, so let me tell you. This date is with my friend joe. yup, joe. i love joe, joe is one of the coolest persons that i know! and you know the other cool part about this date? i am setting 2 people on blind dates. so its going to be a triple date, but me and joe are the only ones that know each other before hand. :) hurray for blind dates! so because i'm setting up two of my other friends, Alex and Bob, and Nick and Suzy Q. I am super excited. I haven't seen Alex in a whole year! You see, the last time i saw her was when i graduated from hs a year ago two days ago and we spent a night together at the senior all-nighter. after that fun-filled night of hanging with all my friends, alex left for colorado to live w/her dad. so yeah, i get to see her one year later! i am so excited. we have stayed in touch, but i haven't seen her. so yep, i'm super excited for this date. :) we are going to have loads of fun playing in the park, so it should be good. :)
so until next time ,enjoy your three day weekend while it lasts!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

someone made me think...

so i was reading uffish's blog today, and it made me think about birth order, and how it does always seem that younger siblings do better than the older, in a way. i think i have figured out why this is.
I think because we older children set the standard for what is acceptable, the younger ones have the opportunity to surpass that, so it always seems like the younger is better than the older. we (the older) didn't have anyone to follow, we were first, the guinea pigs to our parent's whims, we had to forge our own path in the way of life, had to figure things out first, and had to pave our own path, and it was probably just a rough dirt path. younger siblings can follow us in our paths, but make our paths better, 'casue they are re-paving them. then they have left an even better path for the next youngest, so by the time the youngest goes through, they have a super beautiful path that is hard to surpass, because it was already a dirt road, and then pavement, and then silver, and they have to make it gold. which is not easy. so that is my theory, lend me your thoughts...

Monday, May 23, 2005

hot hot hot!

and actually, it's not even THAT hot. :) life here in provo is good. im thinkin' of cutting my hair, but i haven't completely decided on yay or nay...we'll see. that is all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

cali was amazing...but now i fell like i am in seattle...what happened to utah?!?!

with all the rain utah has been having as of late it feel like im living in seattle. in fact i woke up the other morning and said to myself "Toto, i don't think we're in Utah anymore." ha. hopefully what the weather man says about today being the last of the cold storms is true. it better be, or else he just might get it coming.... so catch up on boy, we decide after a walk and talk to be friends right? well...
one week later... tuesday i drive in his car to heber to test it out, and we got shakes.
wed: we watch count of monte cristo togther, nothing happened, but good movie.
thurs: he calls me to double w/him and a blind date he got set up on, kinda weird, but it was fun. (see previous blog..i know i wrote about this, and you are getting just as many details now as then. :D )
fri: i see him, steal his truck to go shopping, get called to go on a date w/my friend teddy, jason and i talk about hiking, he invites me to go to zions on sat.
Sat: he picks me up from teaching, we go to zion's national park (my first time ever) we talk alot, i met his grandparents on the way home, cutest grandparents ever! we get home late
sun: (two weeks after our 'talk') i eat dinner w/his fam. and we watch the c.e.s fireside together good fireside. we laughed, then we watched pirates. again nothing happend, but good movie.
THEN, the following weekend i go to california for my roomamtes wedding ,so much fun! and we just had a blast.
The tuesday after i get back (one week ago) i go to say hi to him, and end up watching the day after tomorrow w/him. some how when he sits next to me he puts his hand on my knee for like 10-15 minutes, and then gets up to finish cleaning where we were watchign the movie. then he came back and got under the covers with me. so yeah. he is one confusing kid. super confusing.
so did i ever tell you about my hs love? well the girl he dated in hs (she graduates next week) is ENGAGED. so now...(even though he is on a mission) she isn't waiting for him, like i swore she would, so i never thought i'd have a chance when he got back, cause everyone knew they were meant for each other. so yeah. crazy huh? i almost feel like i kinda have a chance, although i always knew that i wouldn't wait for ANYONE. but part of me wonders what will happen if im still single when he gets back, in 20 months....agh! the agony!

AND to make life even more exciting, i have this friend, let's call him Dr. Teeth...well doc here danced with my company for a number of years, in fact that is how i met him. at the time though he was like 23 and i was 14. so 5 years later, and many dance performances, im now 19 and he 27. he's still single, and what do ya know, so am i. we've crossed the line where we can only be like bro and sister, and we hang out from time to time. he knows i like to cuddle so we have a cuddle session from time to time. i enjoy my time with him. so tomorrow night we are going to go and see Robots at the dollar theater, which should be lotsa fun.

i don't think im forgetting anything, oh excpet i had two more friends get engaged. bah humbug. no not really, they are crazy to be engaged, but im okay with it. anywho....until next time. ciao

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Yeah!!! Halleighluiah! I leave tonight for California. Wahoo. :) My roommate is getting married and I get to drive to Cali for her wedding. Wahoo! I am super duper excited! :)
Last night my roommates and I went to Macey's and Walmart for things for our trip. I get to see the ocean for the first time. I have never seen the ocean before, and I am very super excited. I bought lots of film last night, and new board shorts for my swim suit and so many other things. i am just so excited. i leave tonight. late. it will be fun! :) until later.....

Friday, April 29, 2005

yet another day..of strangeness

ya know. i wish i could read boy's mind sometimes. so we're just friends right? well he calls me last night to double with him and his blind date. so me and his roommate, an him and his blind date went out. it was fun but strange
today i am getting new furniture at my desk, which is super exciting. anywho that is all.

Monday, April 25, 2005

spring, or is it?

you know, the spring equinox came, and yet spring seems to be avoiding my current living quarters. or maybe its just good ole utah spring, 75 beautiful degrees one day, 56 rainy degrees the next. im sick of it people! just give me some sun and i'll be one happy camper! okay?!

well now that i am done complaining for the day, let me tell you that church yesterday was so extremely empty it was nuts. hoepfully fhe tonight is better. well...i'll see i guess. bye for now.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


AND THE PARTY BEGINS!! No really. the party is on. and i am going to take advantage of it like it is 1999. :) life is really good. even though i failed a final, i was able to go and take a ballet class right after, drove boy's stick truck, and didn't stall it once!! It was sweet lovin'!!!
THEN...I wake up wed. morning take my ballet final (got a b+ sweet...) came to work and found out that i have been accepted as a Dance Major here at BYU!! Rock on!!! I was very very excited. THEN...I took a New Testament final, passed i do believe, taught my dance classes, and then partied casue i got accepted and ate cookies, and cleaned the apartment for the ridiculous cleaning checks for today.
SO NOW... I am just working like mad, teaching like happiness, and eating fudge and ice cream. I get to get together with my bobs tonight, so that will be a party, i have date tomorrow night with naval seal man from N.T. class we're going to go and see the Pacifier. Sweet lovin' life is grand. until next time...Adiod amigos!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Finals week, a talk and walk, and much much more!

Holy cow. So i hate finals week. it's yucky. bleh. i still have all five of my finals, with number one happening today. yuk yuk yuk. i honestly don't like finals. they are no fun at all.
so i went on a walk with boy last night and we talked. we have decided to be just friends. which is what we were before anyways. but now i know that is where we are. i guess. itw as weird to put myself out there and tell him that i like him. but i do still like him, but not in the same way. we never would have melded right. we are just different spiritually and that is super important for me for us to be the same. and i can't change him. i don't want to, i like him just the way he is. it's what makes him who he is. anywho. we are good friends. im happy. and i know even better what i need in a relationship. not that i was just in one, but it was good to figure things out.
now for much much more....there actually isn't much much more, its just that the title sounded better that way...sorry to lead you on. :) until next time, god be with you till we meet again!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Time Flies....Like Penguins on Steroids...

So yeah, it's been quite a while since I've posted in my wonderful little blog. Hope life is treating people well, I don't even know if people read this, but I'll post anyways.
The past month has flown by to include many different and exciting things. I went on a blind date w/my best friend's little brother, followed by a date with a guy in my ward. That was fun, ended up re-living my childhood. Exciting stuff.
I auditioned for my major, but have had no news back yet, that's a lie. I have had news, but they're not sure about whether or not to accepet me, so they are going to come and watch me during my final today, monday, and wednesday. Rediculous. I'll have to wait more than a week to find out for sure. Blah.
So I found out that boy, who I've liked for quite some time might just like me back. My roomie (being the amazing person that she is) talked to him and he said the biggest thing is that I am young, and that scares me. So I have hope. He also said that he likes to hang out with me and have fun, so we'll just have to see where this all goes. We are really good friends right now and I am staying in the same apt. spring/summer and again fall/winter. He lives in a house, so no problemo about staying touch as we will still be in the same ward. Time will tell, and those penguins should still take them steroids so that time will continue to fly, in a sense.
Until next time, au revoir.

Friday, March 11, 2005

birthdays and tests, the good and the bad.

so this has been interesting this week. so on Sunday night one of my friends (Jacob) brought me cupcakes and sang to me, which was really sweet of him. then on my birthday my family called before I left for school, and actually my dad had the van that day so he came and got me and took me to work so I wouldn't have to walk. it was festive! so then I opened my
presents that morning, and I got a new shirt, some money, some dancing stamps, (for scrap booking), my roommate Monica gave me a gift card to Blockbuster that includes 2 movies, 2 drinks, and a tub of popcorn, and my other roommate made me a cake which we ate at FHE. I also got new scriptures, but they didn't come ON my birthday, but they did come in the mail yesterday. I am very excited. My ballet class sang to me, and then my friend Michael sang to me in History (before class, he brought a hostess cupcake and a candle and lit it and everything, it was cute!) so then at FHE everyone sang to me, and we ate the cake that my roommate made for me which was fun. It was a good day, and lots of ppl. told me happy birthday. I loved it. after FHE though I had to study for a test, which I took Tuesday, and I think I did all right. That night I started studying more for my humanities test, which makes me mad (I took it last night) because I studied SO hard for this test, and got the same score as last time. Kind of makes me mad, I think I might go and talk to the professor and try to figure out how to do better on the final. yuk. so now I hope my weekend is happier then yesterday, I think it will be. at least I hope it will be. last weekend I watched little mermaid with boy. that was fun and enjoyable. I think boy and I are just going to be friends, but I’m okay with that. at least for now I am. Anywho until next time, c-ya.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

he gets brownie points

boy did the cutest thing today. he gets brownie
points for this.. so i mentioned, when i saw him on sunday, that i
really really want to see the Little Mermaid. and i've asked many
people and no one seems to have it! so i asked him, and he says 'i
have it on vhs at home, i could get it for you' well vhs doesn't
really work for me i say cause we only have a dvd player. but then
he says 'well you can come watch it here then' so then he forgot it
on monday, but i get home tonight, and voila, there it is in front of
my t.v. how sweet is that? he's cute, and i invited him to come play
games w/me tomorrow night, cause me leah, brett, and a whole bunch of
ppl. from our ward (well maybe not a whole bunch) and maybe diana and
some others are going to play games tomorrow night

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ain't I cute?


i hate colds. i really do. i thought i was getting over this one, and then wham. i'm not. urgh. so i have plans for friday! yay! leah and me, and a whole bunch of friends from my ward, and tony, and brett and what not are going to come and play games with us. doesn't that sound like fun?! im so excited. brett won't be able to come until late, but that is okay with me, and will still be fun. wahoo. if i could just get over this cold, and if a boy would maybe, just maybe, call me, or even email me i would be okay with that. urgh. anywho....maybe this day (my longest day ever...) will go quickly. i could only hope.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This is me! Posted by Hello

the amazingness of ballet west...

wow. that is the first word that pops in to my head to describe how awesome saturday was. amazing, awesome, wow, outstanding, all of those words apply. It was oh so good. *sigh* I have never been to ballet west, so this was my first time, and even though i thought my seats were yucky, they actually were half decent. plus they were free, and we can't argue free seats now can we? boy enjoyed ballet. he was worried about the whole men in tights issue, but the danseurs were just sooo good that you could forget that they were wearing tights. :) oh my gosh, the guy who played the prince, and did a single prep that produced an 8 turn around pirouette. it was amazing. i wish i could do 8 turns in one prep.
wow. after the ballet boy took me to the parking lot and taught me how to drive his manual truck. in heels. he said i was a quick learner, and it was lots of fun. so now i can drive stick. sort of. i need more practice. :)
boy didn't come to fhe last night, but then that would be because he was doing his calling and informing fhe group leaders of the fact that they need pictures of ward members when we were little and one of us now. its for a slideshow they are having during the activity on saturday. lots of fun. i have cute ones for him, the one of me when i was little is one of me in this cute dress in front of some marigolds, and the other is one i had taken in september. :) all in all saturday was a good day.
we had fun, oh my gosh i almost forgot to mention what boy did. holy cow. so i told him that it was a suit and tie affair right? and he asked if he could wear a nice shirt and tie and i said yes. so he shows up on saturday in break away (the snappy pants) pants and a hoodie, and red hair. (he has dark hair...) the hair i was okay with, it didn't look bad, but the outfit, oh my goodness. i was wearing a black velvet dress and heels and had a nice updo, and so i was like what is this guy thinking??
so i tell him, 'you're going to change right?'
he said ' oh i think im fine and dressed for the ballet...'

oh my gosh i gave him the evil eye all during dinner, when finally the brownies came out of the oven and i came up with a bribe.
i told him, ' you go and change and you can have a brownie when you get back'
he says, 'if i change faster do i get brownies faster?'

and i said 'that's the whole point to this.'
so then he proceeds to get out of his chair and starts stripping ,takes off his hoodie and rips off the pants, and what do i see? a nice black button down shirt w/silver tie and slacks. he looked way nice, but man he had me worried. he asked if the hair was okay and i said yes. but it was so funny. he really got me.
but anywho, i'm going to give him until the end of the semester and if he doesn't make any other moves then i'll talk to him, if i still like boy, and then go from there. but i don't think he wants a girlfriend, he just likes the attention. at least that is what i think. but we'll see. who knows. only he knows, and he isn't talking. meh.

Friday, February 18, 2005

it's finally the weekend...well almost.

You know, i am very excited for this weekend to come upon me. I am almost done here at work, and then i don't work again until tuesday due to president's day. i am so grateful for a day in which we celebrate the frist president's birth. yeah for no school, but that only means i'll spend the day studying instead. but i'll get to sleep in. ;)
after classes today i get to go home and do some studying while i eat and then i get to relax! YAY!! tomorrow is going to be a busy day however. i have to go teach ballet, go to the MOA and do my stupid humanities assignment, then come home shower, get ready, cook dinner, and then voila, my date with boy begins. i was at boy's house yesterday studying with his roommate and another girl in our ward for our history exam on tuesday, and he came home and i saw him, and we talked a little bit. *sigh* i hope tomorrow goes well.
I've had a lot of compliments today due to the fact that i look very 'professional' today. I got a new suit jacket and decided to wear it today, and i look hot, if i do say so myself. :) well i best be off, the day is just beginning, and i have lots to do, i relish the time when i can sink into my bed and go to sleep. :) ciao

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

crazy boy...

you know, just when i think i might have him figured out, he throws me a cruve ball. fhe was good, but not anything out of the ordinary happened. what i did find out from his roommate is that they talked last week, well after they had talked and boy's roommate said that from some of the things that boy said, boy's roommate was surprised to hear that boy took me to family dinner. so then i'm thinking well if he didn't like me or what not during the week and told you that, then why did he take me to family dinner? the only explanation is that he changed his mind and wanted to spend time with me. so last night im studying in my living room thinking whatever, i'll go to ballet w/boy and look stunning in my dress that i am wearing and we'll see what happens, when all of a sudden there is someone at our window knocking on it! totally freaked me out, so that person comes down and knocks on the door, and what do you know, its Boy. craziness. so boy visited for 1/2 an hour, which must mean he was thinking of me, and just wanted to stop by and talk to me. kinda crazy i know. anywho, now i don't know what to read about this boy, but i'll just go with the flow and maybe we'll get a chance to talk about it, but i don't know HOW to go about doing that. :)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Single's Awareness Day.... YEAH!!!!

You know, I have never had an amazing Valentine's Day, and i am not saying that this one is going to be any different but you never know what is going to happen in love and games.
so quick update on Boy. I went to church and Boy was there, sat next to him in Sunday school, didn't really pay attention, but i tried hard, and that's what counts right?
so then, i took cookies over to Boy's house for v-day (not just for him, but his roomies too) and hung out with them for a while. Well, i have tickets to see Ballet West's Cinderella on Saturday, and asked him to go with me (you have to understand we've been on 2 dates already, and he came to my show 2 weeks ago) and he said sure. so he is coming over at like 4:30, i'm going to feed him dinner, and then we are going to SLC to see Ballet West.
Well as i am getting ready to leave Boy's house i say good-bye and he says, "hey are you hungry?" and i said "Yeah, i was just trying to decide what to cook for dinner since my apt. isn't having apt. dinner tonight" and he says, "Well lets go get some food" so he took me to his house in orem and we ate dinner w/his older brother, mom, dad, and his little brother (who is on a mission)'s girlfriend. it was entertaining, after which we went to my apt. and hung out for a while. which was cool. so we'll see what happens tonight, cause tonight happens to be fhe, and he is my fhe brother. but Boy is doing pretty good, and i think he might like me especially since he took me to family dinner. wow. anywho, happy single's awareness day y'all. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


You know i've never used this before, something new, something crazy, but looks entertaining. love is a silly thing, and they way boys play games is stupid. why won't boy just call me? urgh, i'll never know, but in the meantime i have a date tonight, and one possibly on saturday, not with boy, but that's his problem, not mine. ciao