Monday, October 03, 2005

Conference Weekend High

Wow. What a weekend. I feel like the luckiest girl ever. So my friend J.A. called me Saturday night as I was partying with the girls and asked me if I had plans for conference, well my only plans were to watch it in my apartment, so I said 'No.'
He then proceeded to ask me if I would like to go up to Temple Square with him, 'cause his mom was in town and she wanted to go again (they had gone on stand-by on Saturday). So I said sure, why not. I then woke up at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday and went to conference. For the morning session we sat where the blue dot is. For the afternoon session we sat where the red dot is. How amazing is that?! I had awesome seats and totally lvoed the spirit that was felt while there, I want to go in April too, cause that would just be so spiffy!! On a side note J.A. is a cutie, and his mom is awesome. I can tell where J.A. become such an awesome person, 'cuase she was just so cute, nice, and amazing. I am thinking that I might ask J.A. out. Only b/c I want to of course. He wore a hot pink tie on Sunday, LOVED IT! And he's just a cutie and i scratched his back during conference. Which was interesting, especially 'cause his mom was there. but i did it anyways. so now i just have to decide if i should ask him out or what. :D we'll see, and i'll see if a i can't keep you updated. hurrah for conference.