Thursday, February 24, 2005

he gets brownie points

boy did the cutest thing today. he gets brownie
points for this.. so i mentioned, when i saw him on sunday, that i
really really want to see the Little Mermaid. and i've asked many
people and no one seems to have it! so i asked him, and he says 'i
have it on vhs at home, i could get it for you' well vhs doesn't
really work for me i say cause we only have a dvd player. but then
he says 'well you can come watch it here then' so then he forgot it
on monday, but i get home tonight, and voila, there it is in front of
my t.v. how sweet is that? he's cute, and i invited him to come play
games w/me tomorrow night, cause me leah, brett, and a whole bunch of
ppl. from our ward (well maybe not a whole bunch) and maybe diana and
some others are going to play games tomorrow night

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ain't I cute?


i hate colds. i really do. i thought i was getting over this one, and then wham. i'm not. urgh. so i have plans for friday! yay! leah and me, and a whole bunch of friends from my ward, and tony, and brett and what not are going to come and play games with us. doesn't that sound like fun?! im so excited. brett won't be able to come until late, but that is okay with me, and will still be fun. wahoo. if i could just get over this cold, and if a boy would maybe, just maybe, call me, or even email me i would be okay with that. urgh. anywho....maybe this day (my longest day ever...) will go quickly. i could only hope.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This is me! Posted by Hello

the amazingness of ballet west...

wow. that is the first word that pops in to my head to describe how awesome saturday was. amazing, awesome, wow, outstanding, all of those words apply. It was oh so good. *sigh* I have never been to ballet west, so this was my first time, and even though i thought my seats were yucky, they actually were half decent. plus they were free, and we can't argue free seats now can we? boy enjoyed ballet. he was worried about the whole men in tights issue, but the danseurs were just sooo good that you could forget that they were wearing tights. :) oh my gosh, the guy who played the prince, and did a single prep that produced an 8 turn around pirouette. it was amazing. i wish i could do 8 turns in one prep.
wow. after the ballet boy took me to the parking lot and taught me how to drive his manual truck. in heels. he said i was a quick learner, and it was lots of fun. so now i can drive stick. sort of. i need more practice. :)
boy didn't come to fhe last night, but then that would be because he was doing his calling and informing fhe group leaders of the fact that they need pictures of ward members when we were little and one of us now. its for a slideshow they are having during the activity on saturday. lots of fun. i have cute ones for him, the one of me when i was little is one of me in this cute dress in front of some marigolds, and the other is one i had taken in september. :) all in all saturday was a good day.
we had fun, oh my gosh i almost forgot to mention what boy did. holy cow. so i told him that it was a suit and tie affair right? and he asked if he could wear a nice shirt and tie and i said yes. so he shows up on saturday in break away (the snappy pants) pants and a hoodie, and red hair. (he has dark hair...) the hair i was okay with, it didn't look bad, but the outfit, oh my goodness. i was wearing a black velvet dress and heels and had a nice updo, and so i was like what is this guy thinking??
so i tell him, 'you're going to change right?'
he said ' oh i think im fine and dressed for the ballet...'

oh my gosh i gave him the evil eye all during dinner, when finally the brownies came out of the oven and i came up with a bribe.
i told him, ' you go and change and you can have a brownie when you get back'
he says, 'if i change faster do i get brownies faster?'

and i said 'that's the whole point to this.'
so then he proceeds to get out of his chair and starts stripping ,takes off his hoodie and rips off the pants, and what do i see? a nice black button down shirt w/silver tie and slacks. he looked way nice, but man he had me worried. he asked if the hair was okay and i said yes. but it was so funny. he really got me.
but anywho, i'm going to give him until the end of the semester and if he doesn't make any other moves then i'll talk to him, if i still like boy, and then go from there. but i don't think he wants a girlfriend, he just likes the attention. at least that is what i think. but we'll see. who knows. only he knows, and he isn't talking. meh.

Friday, February 18, 2005

it's finally the weekend...well almost.

You know, i am very excited for this weekend to come upon me. I am almost done here at work, and then i don't work again until tuesday due to president's day. i am so grateful for a day in which we celebrate the frist president's birth. yeah for no school, but that only means i'll spend the day studying instead. but i'll get to sleep in. ;)
after classes today i get to go home and do some studying while i eat and then i get to relax! YAY!! tomorrow is going to be a busy day however. i have to go teach ballet, go to the MOA and do my stupid humanities assignment, then come home shower, get ready, cook dinner, and then voila, my date with boy begins. i was at boy's house yesterday studying with his roommate and another girl in our ward for our history exam on tuesday, and he came home and i saw him, and we talked a little bit. *sigh* i hope tomorrow goes well.
I've had a lot of compliments today due to the fact that i look very 'professional' today. I got a new suit jacket and decided to wear it today, and i look hot, if i do say so myself. :) well i best be off, the day is just beginning, and i have lots to do, i relish the time when i can sink into my bed and go to sleep. :) ciao

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

crazy boy...

you know, just when i think i might have him figured out, he throws me a cruve ball. fhe was good, but not anything out of the ordinary happened. what i did find out from his roommate is that they talked last week, well after they had talked and boy's roommate said that from some of the things that boy said, boy's roommate was surprised to hear that boy took me to family dinner. so then i'm thinking well if he didn't like me or what not during the week and told you that, then why did he take me to family dinner? the only explanation is that he changed his mind and wanted to spend time with me. so last night im studying in my living room thinking whatever, i'll go to ballet w/boy and look stunning in my dress that i am wearing and we'll see what happens, when all of a sudden there is someone at our window knocking on it! totally freaked me out, so that person comes down and knocks on the door, and what do you know, its Boy. craziness. so boy visited for 1/2 an hour, which must mean he was thinking of me, and just wanted to stop by and talk to me. kinda crazy i know. anywho, now i don't know what to read about this boy, but i'll just go with the flow and maybe we'll get a chance to talk about it, but i don't know HOW to go about doing that. :)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Single's Awareness Day.... YEAH!!!!

You know, I have never had an amazing Valentine's Day, and i am not saying that this one is going to be any different but you never know what is going to happen in love and games.
so quick update on Boy. I went to church and Boy was there, sat next to him in Sunday school, didn't really pay attention, but i tried hard, and that's what counts right?
so then, i took cookies over to Boy's house for v-day (not just for him, but his roomies too) and hung out with them for a while. Well, i have tickets to see Ballet West's Cinderella on Saturday, and asked him to go with me (you have to understand we've been on 2 dates already, and he came to my show 2 weeks ago) and he said sure. so he is coming over at like 4:30, i'm going to feed him dinner, and then we are going to SLC to see Ballet West.
Well as i am getting ready to leave Boy's house i say good-bye and he says, "hey are you hungry?" and i said "Yeah, i was just trying to decide what to cook for dinner since my apt. isn't having apt. dinner tonight" and he says, "Well lets go get some food" so he took me to his house in orem and we ate dinner w/his older brother, mom, dad, and his little brother (who is on a mission)'s girlfriend. it was entertaining, after which we went to my apt. and hung out for a while. which was cool. so we'll see what happens tonight, cause tonight happens to be fhe, and he is my fhe brother. but Boy is doing pretty good, and i think he might like me especially since he took me to family dinner. wow. anywho, happy single's awareness day y'all. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


You know i've never used this before, something new, something crazy, but looks entertaining. love is a silly thing, and they way boys play games is stupid. why won't boy just call me? urgh, i'll never know, but in the meantime i have a date tonight, and one possibly on saturday, not with boy, but that's his problem, not mine. ciao