Thursday, February 24, 2005

he gets brownie points

boy did the cutest thing today. he gets brownie
points for this.. so i mentioned, when i saw him on sunday, that i
really really want to see the Little Mermaid. and i've asked many
people and no one seems to have it! so i asked him, and he says 'i
have it on vhs at home, i could get it for you' well vhs doesn't
really work for me i say cause we only have a dvd player. but then
he says 'well you can come watch it here then' so then he forgot it
on monday, but i get home tonight, and voila, there it is in front of
my t.v. how sweet is that? he's cute, and i invited him to come play
games w/me tomorrow night, cause me leah, brett, and a whole bunch of
ppl. from our ward (well maybe not a whole bunch) and maybe diana and
some others are going to play games tomorrow night