Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursdays are my fave...

I LOVE Thursdays. Seriously. I especially love Thursdays when I don't work on Friday because THEN it turns into Frusday! (Friday+Thursday)

anywho. Because it's Thursday that can only mean one thing around here in Alishka Babushka land.....

  • first off, it's the 4th of July weekend! Wahoo! Fireworks! Barbecues! Friends! Picnics! YAY!!!! 
  • I have a 4-day weekend! Since it's my Friday off and I have Monday off for the holiday....I can party! almost!
  • I have rehearsal almost every night these days. The next two weeks there are a couple of days where I don't have rehearsal, but mostly it's every night. I don't mind, I'm having a blast!
  • I'm making new friends with the cast of AIDA. The people in the cast are all so nice. It's a grand ol' time!
  • I might have a date with Grizzly Bear tomorrow night. If, and only if, he gets his act together and calls me up to ask me out like I told him he should. We'll see how that goes down. IF it goes down.
  • I got tickets to the Stadium of Fire from a I called up Percy to see if he wanted to go with me.
  • He said YES!
  • I am really excited about the Stadium of Fire for three reasons.
    • Reason #1 - Brad Paisley. I hear he's amazing in concert.
    • Reason #2 - my friend Sweetums (remember him?!) is in a band that is in the FINAL 3 for the talent search competition being featured in this year's Stadium of Fire!
    • Reason #3 - Percy is my date! And we get to watch fireworks! It's going to be sooooo romantic! ;)
  • I haven't really had a "romantic" evening date with Percy as of yet. I'm excited to spend more time with him...not during lunch. ha ha ha.
  • I have a BBQ with Truit + husband. I'm stoked for that! It's going to be a blast! I love her AND her husband!
  • My boss took me to lunch today. We went to a Thai restaurant. I love, love, love Thai food SO MUCH.
  • I ate dinner with a former roommate yesterday. She's the best. I love her a lot and I am so glad that we got to sit and chat.
  • We then took advantage of the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works. I got a new scent that I'm excited to wear on a regular basis. :o)
I think that's about it. I'm pretty happy today. :o) I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. It will be nice to have some time off. :o)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” - Henry David Thoreau

I have done a lot of research on the subject of water drinking. I even did a presentation on it in my Dance Conditioning and Injury Prevention class I took at the Y.

Lots of people say different things - one of the most common is the 8 glasses of 8 oz of water a day. this is a good general rule of thumb for those not wanting to do lots of math. I hate math, so this is the "formula" that I use to get enough water. I obviously drink more when I'm working out and what not.


Sometimes it is VERY hard to get 64-oz of water into your body. It can be boring to drink that much water, you finish your water bottle and you forget to fill it up so you fail...etc. Well, I am here to share with you the trick that I have found for getting the most water into my body as easily as possible.

First - I have three water bottles. One 20-oz metal water bottle (bright pink! I LOVE it!) and then two-smart water water bottles. (approx 23-oz each) Each morning I fill up each water bottle with water. In one smart water I add fresh lemons every few days (I LOVE lemon water. It is my favorite thing ever). In the other smart water I add a crystal light on the go pack (my favorite flavors are the Energy wild strawberry and antioxidant natural pomegranate cherry). Finally, the third water bottle - the bright pink one stays just plain ice water.

By doing this, I have variety in my water drinking all day long. All three water bottle sit on my desk at work and when I want to drink something I just grab the closest one to me. This has been a fabulous thing and I've been doing it for almost two weeks now! :o) I always go home having drank all three water bottles fully and sometimes started on a fourth one. My body definitely is enjoying the extra water benefits, including many from this article. The one downside: always having to go to the bathroom. :( that stinks. But, I know it's healthy and so I'm happy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 27th edition

I remember when I first started this meme. I was blown away by all the major tender mercies being given to me. Today I don't feel like I've had anything earth shattering - or even minor for that matter. I do feel like I'm being blessed every day with love from all wakes of life. That in and of itself is a great tender mercy - to be feeling loved by those around me and by my Heavenly Father. I KNOW that he loves me.  Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but that's okay because some amazing things can happen in the middle of a storm.

I am loving life.  I am very busy with it these days, but that's how I roll - by being a busy bee!!!

What are your tender mercies today?

Monday, June 27, 2011

a dream is a wish your heart makes...

I have had some crazy dreams the past few days. Seriously, these dreams are whacked. I've been using this Dream Moods Dictionary to see what my dreams might possibly mean and let me tell you, sometimes it's pretty close to the truth.

For example, the other day I had a dream about toast. Yes, toast. Like, put bread in the toaster, watch it pop and then eat it. :o)

In my dream about toast I had put my favorite kind of bread into the toaster for breakfast. It popped up, I buttered it and began eating it. Before I had even come close to finishing my first piece I put more bread in the toaster for more toast! Before I knew it I had about 6 pieces of toast, it was still coming out of the toaster, but I really couldn't eat it all! It was so bizarre.

At first I thought it might have just been that I was hungry and wanted toast for breakfast. However, after looking up "toast" in the dream dictionary this is what I found:

To see or eat toast in your dream, signifies your appreciation for the simple things in life. If the toast is burnt, then it suggests that your passion may consume you.
Well, my toast definitely wasn't burnt and I guess I have been appreciating the simple things in life. How weird is that though? Who dreams about TOAST? lol.

Anywho. I highly recommend using the aforementioned dream dictionary to decipher your dreams, or your own personal dream interpreter, you know, whatever works for you. ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Musings

Guys, I didn't think it was possible but I am MORE sore today compared to yesterday. Day two of AIDA rehearsals was FABULOUS. They split us up into two groups - guys and girls. The guys went off to learn their dance and the girls stayed and learned a different dance. If you're familiar with the music - we were learning the choreography for "My Strongest Suit." This dance is saucy, flirty, and FUN. It also features more "real" dancing compared to musical dancing. There are real-live fouettés en tournant in this piece! (see an amazing video HERE to see what I'm talking about!) I definitely worked REALLY hard and was uber tired by the end, but it felt oh so fabulous. I spent a lot of time last night stretching before going to bed, but I'm still sore today. Lucky for me we don't have choreography rehearsal again for a few days. :o)

So, I've been thinking. (A dangerous past time...I know. [name the movie!]) What have I been thinking about you ask? Astrology. I know, odd topic, right? Well..I don't take a TON of stock into horoscopes and astrological sign compatibility, but I do think it is a TON of fun to see what might happen if astrology is real at all. So, here I am sharing a few fun facts with you.

Fact one: sometimes horoscopes just WORK. Ya know? Like my one for the other day:
 Romance and marriage are very much on your mind today, Alishka. A special encounter with a possible love partner could have you hankering toward "living happily ever after." Books on attracting and maintaining relationships might be especially appealing as well as useful. Take care not to put too much stock in detailed analyses, however. Remember that such books are of necessity based on generalities, and you are a unique individual.
Doesn't that just sound lovely? The fun thing is that romance and marriage HAVE been on my mind. In fact, I even dreamed about marriage last night. It was a very odd dream.

Fact two: compatibility tests are fun! After Percy added me as a friend on Facebook, I took the opportunity to look at his birthday and then look up his astrological sign to see how we might be compatible. It just so happens that he is a Virgo while I am a Pisces. One of the best combinations ever. Don't believe me...ask the dishes! (again- name the movie!) or you can read THIS. fabulous no?

and Finally....

Fact three: on the dating site that Percy and I met on there is a compatibility test that you take to see how you match up with others on the dating site. It has a few levels of match ability that narrow in possibility. For example there is Very Good (which is a huge chunk of the scale) followed by High (a smaller chunk), Very High (an even smaller chunk/possibility) and then Extremely High (which is so minuscule it almost doesn't exist.) Most people that I see on this site match me in the Very Good area. I have seen several in the High section, a couple in the Very High, but never a person in the Extremely High area of compatibility. Can you guess which one Percy falls under?  If you guessed Very High, then you would be correct! While this isn't the sole reason why I said hello that very first did play a part in it. So far, that little compatibility test has been spot on. We seem to be REALLY compatible. (that could change, and I do realize that. I don't put all my stock in that little 20 minute test I took)

So there you go. A little insight to the world of compatibility, horoscopes and ME. I find it highly entertaining on a daily basis. :o) What about you? Do you take stock in what the stars say will happen to YOU on any given day?? Does a person's sign make a difference to you? Would you believe a compatibility test if it told you that a certain someone and you were highly compatible? I'm curious!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a few Thursday Things

good morning dear friends. I am a little sore and achey this morning after my first AIDA rehearsal last night. However, let me just say this: This show is going to be INCREDIBLE. I am so excited to be a part of it!

anywho. moving on.

  • miraculously my body isn't in THAT much pain. Just my arms. Which seems a tad odd to me seeing as how we don't do a TON with our arms...but that's where the most soreness lies. My arms.
  • work has been insanely busy. my desk is still a disaster.
  • I really sort of like Percy.
  • I am really excited about my date this weekend with Percy. It should be SO MUCH fun.
  • Remember how I sang a solo in church on Sunday? went pretty well. Everyone says it sounded good. Which is good.
  • I saw this poster the other day on someone else's blog and now it has me all worried about dying. I sit at a desk for 9 hours people. Death is imminent.
  • I have a friend who's blog I stalk (she's FABULOUS) and she posted the other day on unexpected blessings. I feel like she perfectly articulates what I've been feeling as of late after SwingKid broke up with me. 
  • Another dear friend of mine posted a HUGE list of everything awesome to do in Utah this summer. I know I'll definitely be doing some of the things off this list.
  • I love that I get to be in a show. It's definitely going to be a different experience...but I'm really excited about it.
  • I am all twitterpated.
So there you go. a few  random things. I love things. I also love that is almost the weekend. The End.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

woah. information overload?

Are you ready for an INFORMATION OVERLOAD? good. because there is a TON of stuff that I have to tell you.

First off - THE WEDDING.

It was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved every minute of the day of her wedding. And really, the days leading up to her wedding weren't that stressful, so that was good. Seeing my family was so fabulous. I love my family. I loved having them here in Utah. It was great times. I still can't believe my sister is married, but it is very happy so I'm okay with that.

NEXT: the show.

It was chaos. Like always. My students did fabulous, but the back stage managing was all over the place and insanely crazy busy. I was on my feet basically all day - until I took over calling the show at one point. Seriously, the day was VERY long and I almost died. But then I didn't.

Another THING:

Remember how I was auditioning for AIDA? Well...The audition went fairly well. I know that I wasn't the best singer, but man alive I danced my heart out. My good friend auditioned too which was excited! Well...I got an email an I MADE THE ENSEMBLE!!! I am SUPER DUPER excited about it all. In fact, I have my first rehearsal in just a short while. (Also, my friend who auditioned? She made it too!!!)

A BOY thing -

So....Grizzly Bear is still kind of in the same place.  He texts me...but we've been on like one date. sigh. some boys.

PERCY on the other hand....he is INCREDIBLE.  He called me on Sunday, but we got interrupted by my sister and her husband. I called him back, but he didn't answer. He texted me Monday morning to apologize and see if I was available for lunch - which I totally was! However, I realized that i was wearing the SAME outfit I had worn on our first date! I totally came home and changed (just don't tell him that...). We went out to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant right across the street from where I work. We had the most pleasant time.  Also, we set aside time for our THIRD date. I am excited for our third date. The last time I had one of those well...we all remember the Fryman situation.. Anyways, we communicated via text message late Monday evening and it was suggested that we'll go Canoeing and on a picnic. I am rather STOKED by is suggestion, we'll see if that's what we really do or not. Regardless I really like Percy and I'm very excited to spend more time with him.

BASICALLY, this "summer" (aka the tie when I don't teach ballet) seems to be going EXTREMELY well and it just might be one of my favorite summers yet. I'm not counting any chicks yet, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

Hopefully none of your brains fried with all that info. I hope I didn't forget anything. Any Questions??  ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 26th edition

Today I am so eternally grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the gospel so much! I really feel super blessed to have this light in my life and to hae it be a guiding influence for me each and every day.

As many of you know, my little sister got married last week. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that couples who are married in temples are sealed together not only for life, but for eternity. Only those who are worthy to enter the temple can witness the ceremony in a special room in the temple.

My sister and brother-in-law were married in a room just like the one above. I had the very special opportunity to be at my sister's sealing ceremony. It was a special experience - one that I won't forget anytime soon. I am so happy for my sister and her now husband. They definitely are going to be very happy for a very long time.

That is my tender mercy today. The blessing of the gospel in my life and being able to witness that special moment between my sister and her husband is definitely something to be grateful for today.

p.s. awesome stories and updates on Percy, Grizzlybear, the wedding shenanigans and the show are all coming. I promise.

Friday, June 17, 2011

and just when i thought i could take a break.....

first off, i'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath on an update on the wedding. well. you're going to have to wait. my weekend is just as crazy as the past 5 days have been and i barely have time to breathe, let a lone blog. :P I promise to update you. For now, know that it was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony, a WONDERFUL reception, and overall a glorious time.

second off, I'm still running around with my head cut off. I auditioned tonight for Aida - I'm not sure they loved my voice, but they saw all my dance experience and told me to definitely be at the dance audition tomorrow morning. I figure this - even if I don't get a singing role, now they know my face so I'm one step ahead all of the other dancers that they have never seen before. Here's hoping I really can dance!! ha ha ha hah.

third off, immediately from the audition tomorrow morning I'm off to spend the ENTIRE day at the Covey Center. Yay for four ballet shows in one day!! yeah right. My poor girls have to be there at 9 am - the same time as my audition. Luckily I have a co-director that can be there at the beginning and I'll get there later. joys.

Finally just so you know....Grizzly Bear and I are still friends and flirting, but I had to tell him that we had to not kiss anymore while I figure out my emotions. He said he's okay with this. I hope he really the meantime I can't stop thinking about Percy. Percy texted me Monday. I haven't heard from him since, but he's supposed to call me on Sunday. I am VERY excited about that phone call. I just have to get through tomorrow + my solo in church on Sunday. Here goes...hopefully I'm still alive by Monday!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is the Day!

Bountiful LDS Temple
Today is the day! Sister B is getting married! I can't believe this day is here. It seems like just yesterday she was telling me she was engaged. I am so happy for her and this new beginning in her life. :o)

Happy Wedding Day sister!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Things

Well, it's the day before the wedding. I'm probably going crazy right now with everything that needs to get done...but I thought I would share a little gem of a moment with you from this past weekend.

(p.s. I do have permission to be blogging this from sister B, in case you were wondering.)

Sister B and I were out and about buying new things for her and her fiance's new apartment when she mentioned there was something that she needed for the honeymoon that we needed to get. Condoms. we went to that isle in Walmart and stared at all the many many choices before us. Did you knoww that there are like a bazillion different kinds of condoms? Well, I didn't. So there we are two virgins standing in front of a bunch of condoms wondering which ones would be best. We giggled and Sister B finally just grabbed three random boxes and threw them in the cart. I laughed hysterically and at that moment claimed this to be blog fodder and Sister B agreed. Ha. The one thing I never thought I'd find myself doing with my little sister: shopping for condoms. Who would've guessed?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 25th Edition

Today is the best Tuesday. Today I am in the temple with my little sister, her fiance and my parents. What a happy and glorious time! I love going to the temple and this opportunity to be in the temple with 2/3rds of my family is a great blessing. I can't wait for the day when my whole family gets to be in the temple together. What a great and glorious day that will be!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

smart microwave

You guys, I discovered something this weekend!! I discovered that I have a very smart microwave!  See, i knew microwaves were pretty smart because of their ability to sense if popcorn is done or not, but I discovered the most amazing this Sunday evening.

I went to heat up some leftover pizza that had been frozen. Normally I just nuke it on high until it is hot and stuff but that always makes the crust rubbery and sad. So this time, I tried something different. I pushed the button that said frozen entrée and then I pushed numbers until I found one programmed for pizza. (awesome right?) It asked me how many slices and then it just started. When the microwave beeped I pulled out pizza that had been reheated to PERFECTION. I was so shocked and surprised!!

Basically, i have the coolest microwave ever.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the weekend before....

Guys, I might explode. I have a LOT going on next week. Granted, it's all fun stuff and I'm really excited about EVERYTHING that is gonig to happen, but there is a LOT on my plate. :o) I am trying to keep breathing and not worry about anything. I have faith that it's all going to go just swimmingly. Here's hoping!

In the mean time, I have a story for you! And guess what? It's a Dating Battle Story!!

My date with Percy was yesterday. It was the most fantastic time. He's VERY nice. Looks EXACTLY like his picture and his personality makes him all that much cuter. He was very sweet, we had WONDERFUL conversation during lunch and we just enjoyed each other. He told me that my pictures didn't do me justice and I told him he was too kind. ;) We decided that going out again is a must and he told me he'd call me next Sunday after all the craziness had happened and we'd plan something at that point. He sent me a text message a bit later telling me he loved meeting me and had so much fun that he stayed later than he should have and was late to his meeting. oops! HA! It was just great times. He also mentioned (in a text message) that I looked "incredibly beautiful." It was just a very nice thing for him to say and I've got to admit he's earned some major brownie points.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

things for a Thursday

I have always really, really liked Thursdays. There is something about a Thursday and knowing that your weekend is JUST about here that makes my heart happy. :o) Anyways, my mind is overwhelmed with several here we go! things for a Thursday!
  • There is exactly one week until Sister B's wedding. Hard to believe it's finally upon us!
  • There are 9 days until the show. GAH! I need to finish rat costumes!!
  • I got my hairs did last night. I'm very happy with how they turned out!
  • I also got super cute green glitter toes! Makes my heart happy!
  • I only have the work day today + the work day tomorrow and 2.5 ballet classes between me and what is probably going to be the BUSIEST week of 2011.
  • I am singing a solo in church in 10 days. I'm a tad nervous.
  • I changed my audition song for Aida....I'm a much happier person with the new audition song.
  • oh yeah, I'm auditioning for Aida. Yes, it's the same week as EVERYTHING else in my life, but I REALLY want to be in Aida!
  • I get to see my family in 4 days!! WOO HOO!!!
  • I have a lunch date with Percy tomorrow. :o) I'm excited for that!!
  • Have you seen the Google homepage today? It is awesome-sauce. Love it.
I feel like there are about 100 other things that I've been meaning to tell you...but I just can't think of any of them right now. sigh. oh well! Have a great Thursday peeps!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 24th Edition

Hello there!

Today's tender mercy is simple (aren't those the best ones?) and that is the fact that I got asked to give the spiritual thought last night in our Family Home Evening activity. I love getting in front of people and I was excited when I was asked to present the thought. I planned out a thought from the talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson "Face the Future with Faith." I didn't realize how much I needed to really read and study that talk until after I had given the thought and I was overwhelmed with peace and the knowledge that what I had shared was TRUE. It was a good moment for me. :o)

P.S. Percy called me last night and we actually connected on the phone - a lunch date had been set for tomorrow at 1pm. However, he called me today and had to reschedule because of a rescheduling of surgery for his dad. (a totally legit reason!) So the lunch date is now on Friday.... I'm rather excited about it!!! :o) I'll be sure to post and tell you all about it since I'm sure you're just dying to find out.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sixth of June

So...I sort of haven't blogged in five days. I apologize. I really do. See...Thursday was just very, very busy at work and then I was busy all night and what not...and then I just didn't get a chance to blog this weekend. :o) I was having too much fun! So...let's kind of do a little bit of a recap of what happened. I have more boy updates for you. I'm sure you're excited about that. ;)

So...Percy. Percy called me Thursday to reschedule our lunch date. See...he had a meeting come up and couldn't get out of it no matter how hard he tried. Unfortunately he called while I was at work and so we ended up playing phone tag all night, and we haven't connected yet. So, the date is on hold which makes me really sad because I do want to go out with him, so I'm hoping it happens sometime soon.

Grizzly Bear and I hung out Wednesday night and watched Beauty and the Beast and chatted. He also kissed me. Now, I have this set of rules for kissing. The main one being that I kiss someone when there's going to be a commitment involved. Well. I sort of kissed Grizzly Bear without having been on a date (ha. done THAT before!) and it was really nice. He's a really good kisser and I do enjoy it......but honestly? I'm sort of freaking out. A LOT. Now, we've been on a date since he kissed me. (I told him he had to) We went to a movie Saturday afternoon/evening. It was enjoyable. However, I don't think I'm ready to make some kind of commitment to him at this point in time. He's in my ward and while I don't mind dating in the ward I am not ready to tell the ward that I'm dating him (like by holding his hand or something). Anyways....I realize that it having been only a week, that I shouldn't worry about it defining what we are and what not right now. I think part of it is from dating SwingKid for so long and I want to be in the same place I was with him with someone else - but I don't want to go through the process. I sort of forget that SwingKid and I went through a process to get to the point of seeing each other every day, always kissing hello/goodbye, to understanding each others get the idea. I want that same kind of thing (who doesn't! It's a wonderful thing to have!) but I forget that it CAN'T happen immediately and that's why I am freaking out. Part of me feels like I need to have it immediately although to be honest I'm not ready for that emotionally. I just like to have it. It makes me feel safe and so here I am sort of pseudo-dating this boy that I'm not sure is going to go anywhere. I realize that you have to take risk and move forward and TRY things...but I hate leading boys on. I feel like I should feel more for him (maybe?) then I am and I just have NO IDEA what I'm doing! To be honest, I really REALLY want the date (when it happens) with Percy to go well and have it lead to more dates quickly. Is it bad that I'm still wanting to date other people? A lot? And take The Australian....I still like him. I'm not sure anything we've got is EVER going to lead anywhere....but he's just so awesome and what not. Sigh. I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't think I've really been in this predicament before.

Anyways, now that I've rambled on about that for forever....let's move on.

The wedding is in 10 days. EEK! Although really, everything is done for it and I think I'm good to go. :o) I finished the guest book last night and it is adorable!! I'm excited for my plans for my wedding gift to Sister B and her soon-to-be husband. :o) It will turn out super cute.  I found the most ADORABLE white shirt for the wedding. I'm very happy with it. I also got 2 other new shirts (all at JC Penny's) for a STEAL. I also went to the ModBod outlet store in Springville and got cute new shirt/jacket that is kelly green, a bright pink belt and a new swimsuit - all for $33. I am AWESOME.

Anywho, life is pretty good. I'm getting my hair done this week and I have a few other pampering things that are going to happen that I'm pretty excited about. :o) Hopefully I can just keep calm and carry on these next two weeks. I'm trying to enjoy the time as much as possible because I know it's going to FLY by me. :o) until next time my dear friends...ciao!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

First of June

Can you believe that it is already the first of June? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it! Since SO MANY things are happening in the month of June and I feel like I haven't given you a really good, meaty boy update, this post is going to be a hodgepodge of everything awesome that has happened, will happen and should happen in the next short while.


First! Some countdowns!
  • There are 15 days until Sister B's wedding. I finished the centerpieces this weekend. Shoes have been procured. All that's left is to find a cuter white shirt, finish the guest book and finalize/purchase food for the reception. I can't believe the wedding is here. 
  • There are 17 days until the end-year recital: Sleeping Beauty by AofB. I am so excited for my students to perform! They have been working SO HARD and they look so extremely polished. Makes my heart happy and proud.
  • In 12 days my family will be here! The whole family hasn't been in Utah since they moved to Virginia. I'm excited to have them be here, even if it's just for a short little while.
  • In one week I'm getting my hairs did. Have to look all cutes and stuff for the wedding. ha!
  • In 18 days I'm singing a solo in church. I'm just a tad bit nervous about it. I practiced w/the choir for the first time on Sunday and it was a little scary. Here's hoping I don't croak or something. 
  • I only have 7 work days until I start my week long "vacation." (Is it really going to be a vacation? Probably not.)
Second! Some updates on boys!
  • Leviticus: We are still friends! We ended up at a mutual friend's BBQ on Monday and it was fun to see him and chat and such. We haven't been out in a few weeks, but he's so nice and helpful and such. A great friend truly.
  • The Australian: After him telling me we couldn't "date" right now and just with life and what not he and I hadn't hung out in a long time. We decided to hang out this past weekend - and it sort of was like a date. He took me to P.F. Chang's and convinced me to try shrimp. It was a weird texture, but pretty good otherwise. Anywho, after that we watched Willow on my couch and enjoyed cuddling. That boy sure knows how to cuddle. I'm not sure if this means anything. Knowing him it doesn't. Pretty much I'm just enjoying him and our friendship. :-)
  • Percy: He's the boy I mentioned here as a new "interest." After playing 2 rounds of phone tag we finally connected on the phone on Monday afternoon. He talks just as cute as he writes. He seems very genuine and that makes me happy.  We're going out to lunch on Friday (which is perfect since it's my day off!) and I'm rather stoked to see him in person. Now I just need to decide what to wear....
  • Grizzly Bear: So named because we clicked while at FHE last week at the Bean Museum while next to the bears. Ha! Also, he reminds me of a teddy bear. :o) Grizzly Bear and I texted most of the weekend, I said hi to him at church and have basically been my flirty, cute self. We watched Gnomeo & Juliet last night and snuggled on his couch. He walked me to my car, kissed me on the cheek and sent me on my way. He's already determined that we should hang out again and I agreed. No plans yet, but it will be fun regardless I'm sure. :-)
Third! A cute little something that I am liking this sunny, Wednesday afternoon. Loves!

click to enlarge {source}