Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Things

Well, it's the day before the wedding. I'm probably going crazy right now with everything that needs to get done...but I thought I would share a little gem of a moment with you from this past weekend.

(p.s. I do have permission to be blogging this from sister B, in case you were wondering.)

Sister B and I were out and about buying new things for her and her fiance's new apartment when she mentioned there was something that she needed for the honeymoon that we needed to get. Condoms. we went to that isle in Walmart and stared at all the many many choices before us. Did you knoww that there are like a bazillion different kinds of condoms? Well, I didn't. So there we are two virgins standing in front of a bunch of condoms wondering which ones would be best. We giggled and Sister B finally just grabbed three random boxes and threw them in the cart. I laughed hysterically and at that moment claimed this to be blog fodder and Sister B agreed. Ha. The one thing I never thought I'd find myself doing with my little sister: shopping for condoms. Who would've guessed?