Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 24th Edition

Hello there!

Today's tender mercy is simple (aren't those the best ones?) and that is the fact that I got asked to give the spiritual thought last night in our Family Home Evening activity. I love getting in front of people and I was excited when I was asked to present the thought. I planned out a thought from the talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson "Face the Future with Faith." I didn't realize how much I needed to really read and study that talk until after I had given the thought and I was overwhelmed with peace and the knowledge that what I had shared was TRUE. It was a good moment for me. :o)

P.S. Percy called me last night and we actually connected on the phone - a lunch date had been set for tomorrow at 1pm. However, he called me today and had to reschedule because of a rescheduling of surgery for his dad. (a totally legit reason!) So the lunch date is now on Friday.... I'm rather excited about it!!! :o) I'll be sure to post and tell you all about it since I'm sure you're just dying to find out.