Friday, August 31, 2007

Are you...

FULLY INVESTED?????? I sure hope so! Game Day: TOMORROW!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

bruised, battered, and happy

rehearsal was so good last night. i am going to LOVE working with the BSC director. She's amazing. I love her. and her new contemporary piece that we started working on last night is really cool. although, i already have my first couple of bruises. :S yucky bruises. oh well...they'll be good stories to tell to my boy. he thought it crazy that i already had a bruise. things with the SS Prez are good. We're not official yet, as in we're not exclusive yet, but he said that he really liked me, and he's working towards an exclusive relationship because that is what he wants next in his life. So yeah...we're honest people and I feel good about things with him. anywho. that's about all i have right now. work is starting to get busy, and I love it. :D

Monday, August 27, 2007


I, Alishka Babushka, am a member of BALLET SHOWCASE for another YEAR!!!! OH MY GOSH! i am SO excited about it!!! It's going to be an amazing year! Holy cow!!!!! :-D and SS Prez was so cute when I called to tell him, and he's so happy for me, and I think I get to see him tomorrow night, so life is good. :) WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm in serious like here....

seriously? life is AMAZING!!! i'm not going to go into all the details. if you really want to know more, email me and i'll let you in on my life more than i'm putting here.

- SS Prez is amazing. our date, wonderful. we held hands and cuddled on saturday night and last night when we hung out he kissed me. and he kissed me good night. and i really like him. a lot. so there you go. the reader's digest version of SS Prez. sigh.

- Auditions are tonight. Remember last year? And what happened 3 weeks later? And the year before that? Well...this year feels different. I really don't care what happens. I am happy knowing that whatever happens it's in the Lord's hands and that whatever I do in the next school year will be because that is what Heavenly Father wants for me. :-D So really, I'm just going to go to the audition, have fun, and enjoy myself doing what I love to do. It will feel good, I know.

-I'm all moved into my new apartment. I love it. I have felt at home since the moment I walked in. It's a wonderful, beautiful thing. I have one roommate right now. Her 'nym will be forever known as Roommie W. :) she's very nice, and I have enjoyed getting to know her the past two days.

- Overall, I'm in a VERY good mood today. I'm extremely happy with the way life is going. It's a great day to be alive...and i'm in Serious Like. :D

Thursday, August 23, 2007


ABC quiz-courtesy of my younger sister.

A- AVAILABLE: Yes. No questions asked, I’m definitely available…

B - BIRTHDAY: Mar. 7



Mom, BC, Nikki, BT

Right now I really like If That Were Me by Melanie C



Minimal piano and flute

I have done it…but I’m not amazing and I haven’t practiced.


12 hours or more



I can only have one???

My Mom.

Loud. Although I can be quiet if I need to be.

“What’s this? The everything’s dirty drawer?” - BC

current track: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel

7 am. J


I LOVE black beans. Corn on the cob is another favorite.


ones at the dentist….

too many to name.


when in the world?

will SOMEONE from my new place of resident PLEASE let me know if I can move in on Saturday???? URGH!!!! This is killing me! why oh why, oh why?!?!?!?!?!?!? URGH!!!!!


FINALLY!!! I get a hold of the person I need to speak with, and they tell me from 11am-2pm I can check in early.

Halleluiah. That totally makes my day. :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

stupidity, dates, and miracles all in one fun-filled night...

There are a thousand thoughts running through my head. So many thoughts and things to blog about, that I don’t even KNOW where to start!!! Everything that I’m about to tell you happened yesterday. All of it. I’m not even lying. So here we go:

Work was fairly engaging, and the devotional by Elder Richard G. Scott was amazing. I got home excited to heat up some leftovers and enjoy some chill time on my couch in the living room. Well, I stick my dinner in the microwave and then I decide to get the mail out of the mailbox. Something simple no? wrong! I ended up locking myself! How might you ask? Well….I don’t really know. Our front door has a screen door, and somehow I ended up locking it. I pulled it, jerked it, kicked it…you name it I pretty much did everything except break the glass. Well at that very moment two very nice boys from my ward walked by and saw me trying to do who knows what to my door…and they came to help. Just in case you’re wondering, a credit card will not work to open your screen door…however, since the screen door has the hinges on the outside (unusual….) they took the pins out rather easily and after another ten minutes of pulling and prying, we were able to get me into my lovely home. Whew. I thought it a fun adventure and figured it would be all the adventure I would have. Boy was I wrong.

As I sat on my couch watching The Sting (good movie by the way), my phone rang! It was SS Prez confirming for the weekend. We set up plans for Saturday night at 6pm. I am ecstatic. J While I’m on the phone with SS Prez, JB (a boy I met at a party a long time ago, went country dancing with him on Saturday, we’re friends) calls me to invite me to a BBQ thing at his place…that’s tonight. I’m excited. :D THEN the miracle happens.

I’m still enjoying my movie when BT (my FHE brother) calls me and asks, “Hey Alishka, I have a weird question for you.”
“Okay,” I said, “Shoot.”
“Do you know where your ballerina shoes are?”
“Um, I think I do,” I say as I get up off the couch to come and check out my bedroom.
“What kind of bag are they in?”
“A blue mesh one…”
“Is there a tennis ball and knee brace looking thing in with them?”
“Actually it’s my theraband, but yes, BT why do you have my dance shoe bag?
“Well…funny story. They’re in a storage shed in Orem.”

So yeah….my roommate AF helped this girl move her stuff into a storage shed on Saturday, and I guess when they dropped me off after my ballet class I left them in her van and they put them in the storage shed. Accidentally of course. Well this girl whose storage shed this was, needed to find her camera and asked BT to help her. And they miraculously found my shoes, and I didn’t even know they were missing. Can you imagine me going to take class later this week, or even going to get ready for auditions on Monday and not having my shoes?? I’m not going to lie, I would have been a wreck! I have been thinking about the possibility of not auditioning this year and getting other classes done instead, and it would have been really easy for me to say I’m not auditioning if I didn’t have my shoes. I guess Heavenly Father wants me to audition for some reason. Who knows why, but I will not miss that audition for anything in the world at this point in time. Crazy yes? It was truly an entertaining night for me. :D

And now I need to get cute for a BBQ…. He he

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fhe with my real family

so i haven't been home for a real fhe with my real family in a long time, but last night i went home so that i could get the traditional father's blessing before school starts. It was a lot of fun, and it was fun to see my family having fhe. It's a definitely a different feeling compared to that of a singles ward fhe. lol. but it was good.

in other news i still don't know when i'm moving. ugh. i hate not knowing! sigh. oh well.

what else can i tell much. i just play all day. and i love it. :D

Saturday, August 18, 2007

moving sucks

i think that speaks for itself. it truly stinks to move. i hate it. what i hate even more right now is the fact that i don't know when i am moving. my current landlord is out of the country. my new manager hasn't called me back. granted i still have a roof over my head. but who knows how long that will last. wish me luck!

Friday, August 17, 2007

the end!!!

summer term has finally ended. everything is done. it's all wrapped up. i just have to make one stop by my professor's office later today/tomorrow morning, and then everything really will be finished!! it's a great feeling to be done. :) i'm a fan. i apologize that i haven't blogged in a week...but with finals and just wasn't meant to be. however, it does mean that i have a wicked store of stories to tell all y'all that i don't even know where to begin! let's see if i can do my stories justice...let me just get comfortable......ah yes. here we go...

so one back story: on july 31st i went classic skating. a cute boy: aka sunday school president (ss prez) asked me to do the couple skate with him. it was fun. he's cute.

okay. so this past weekend i finished all my dance history project stuff early saturday afternoon hanging out with my FHE bros (include fhe bro #1 the fhe bro i have a crush on) after my show (which he came to) we went to an outdoor store he needed to go to and then back to his apartment where we watched "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" which is a hilarious movie. THEN we went to wally world to do some shopping, and after that we went out to mona with FHE bro #2 and BD a girl in the ward and watched the meteor shower. It was sweet. I went to bed at 4:30 am. ha ha ha!

Sunday (okay this is where it gets good), minus the part that i was late to church b/c of my roommate, but other than that it was a good day. so we walk in late and i end up sitting next to ss prez. he whacks my leg and says, "hey, how are you?" I respond, and then its back to the church meetings. :) after sacrament meeting he asks me which ss class i'm going to, and i tell him the upstairs one, and then he asks, "will you save me a seat?" of course i said yes! so then i save him a seat, and he brings his stuff in, and says he has to run an errand, and he'll be back. except he never came back!!! ugh!! so when he finally gets back, after the closing prayer, he tells me that he had an appointment with the bishop, and thus why he didn't make it to ss. so then he walks me down to relief society and asks me if i'll be going to ward prayer, and i say yes. then after church he ended up giving me a ride home. i made dinner with fhe bro #1 and then JW helped me with my narration for dance history. spent a lot of time at fhe bros' house. loved it. went to ward prayer. saw ss prez sitting my himself, so i go sit by him. then he asks me if i want to go on a walk, and i say yes. so we go on a very long walk. i liked it. at the end of said walk he asks me out. we're going out next weekend b/c he's in cali this weekend.

so then finals went splendidly, i'm so going to pass my accounting class, i'm stoked.

then tonight it rained. hard. for like an hour. OF COURSE i danced in it, how could i not? well mr. ss prez drove by and i tried to convince him to come out, but he had to pack for his trip, but then he did stop by later for a few minutes and we got to talk a bit. he thought i was crazy, but he liked it, i know he did.

anyways, i'm sure i'm forgetting something, but i'm in a good mood and i'm going to go and watch bourne identity. wahoo!!! :D

Friday, August 10, 2007

i wonder...

do stress balls really do anything? because if they do, then i need one really bad. My life is super stressful right now. school is ending and i have all of my projects to finish off. yikes!! work is starting to pick up, which is nice because that means it's busy, but at the same time it makes things stressful.

in other news: the missionary from iowa is home. we've emailed a little bit. broken the ice a bit i think. we'll definitely stay friends. i don't know what will happen. i think i'll have to wait to see him before i'll know anything, and even then it will take some time. but that's okay. i can take all the time in the world. :D

tonight's show went really well. my family and roommate and some friends came. my roommate got me flowers and a book, it was really cute. it was a fun show and i enjoyed having the opportunity to work with mentally disabled people. they have always scared me, and now, not so much. in fact, those girls are some of my new best friends. :D

and now i must be off to get some sleep so i can get everything done tomorrow that i need to get done. :S

Saturday, August 04, 2007

When one gets in a fight

with a paper cutter, the paper cutter usually wins. unfortunately for me, this statement is very true. i was at work yesterday morning using the paper cutter. i had the blade up to adjust the paper i was cutting and i was bringing my right hand up to grab the handle when i didn't look where i was lifting my hand and i lifted my hand right into the blade, thus slicing my right index finger. i ended up going to the student health center and had to get 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. it hurts still, and its really hard to type. i have to leave the stitches in for 10 days, but other than that my poor finger isn't supposed to bend too much. :S oh the adventures i have...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this too shall pass

so after a horrible day last week and a scripture popping out and making SO much sense to me I was starting to feel better about myself. today's horoscope shed some light:
If your confidence has taken a beating lately,(how did you know??) today's energy will go far in turning this around, Alishka. Even if you feel like you've made too many mistakes, it's time to forgive yourself and to move forward. If you feel like you're a failure, this actually has a chance of becoming a reality. By allowing yourself to err and to keep on trying, there's no room for such self-fulfilled prophecies to come true. Believe in yourself and keep going. Resist drowning in self-pity.

So then I got a direct email from "my" missionary, which was exactly what i needed to hear, even if it was only 3 sentences. sigh. I can't believe how well he knows me. :) anywho...i'm doing much better than i was last week, that's for sure, and today has contributed so much to that. :D