Friday, September 15, 2006

Drum Roll Please.....

As of today, I, Alishka Babushka, am now a full-fledged member of Ballet Showcase Performing Company on BYU campus. :)

Now you're probably wondering how this all came to be, well...I got pulled aside during class today, and J* the co-director of BSC (ballet showcase company) asked if i could come to rehearsal tomorrow morning. I said yes, and asked why. She said, "because I want you in my peice, and we would like to put you on the company" I said yes of course, and then after technique class, S*the other co-director of BSC pulled me aside and told me that she really appreciated my attitude after the auditions (which were almost 3 weeks ago) and that she said she noticed that I had been working very hard, and as long as I keep working on those things that she and I talked about after the audition, then I could come up after class and sign the contract. So that's how it came to be. I am on the company!!!!!! I am SO stoked! You have no idea!!!!!!!! : D that's all. ciao!


erin said...

That's really cool. Congrats!