Sunday, November 27, 2005


I have a job!!! I applied, had an interview, and they hired me all on Nov. 22. It was awesome! I know the Graduate Applications Secretary in the Linguistics and English Language department. I am so excited. and the cool thing is that i am getting paid only 5 cents less than what i was getting at CID. and that's after my raise at cid!!! hurrah!!

I had a happy thanksgiving full of good food and fun family togetherness. Rehearsal for my piece is going well, and its going to look good i'm excited. salad came and hung out with me and the fam yesterday night, we had dinner and taught him how to play settlers of cataan. which is a fun game, and we all had fun. his comment to me when we said good night, was 'you're a good friend, a cool girl, you have a cool family. but i'm still dating around trying to figure things out.' and you know what? i'm okay with that!! I have no idea who i am going to take to christmas around the world, but somehow it will work itself out in the end. my mom likes him, which is good. so yeah, we'll see. anywho....until i find time again to write, see ya!

Friday, November 18, 2005

la de la la!

so it has been a good week since tuesday.

salad update: i really like him. he's cute, sweet, and we have awesome conversations. he took me to lunch yesterday, picked me up from my ballet class, and took me grocery shopping. it was awesome! and we really do have the best conversations. i like where things are going. we have a date tonight to ballet showcase, and i am making dinner for it, so it should be lots and lots of fun! :D

the job search: still looking, but i have a resume almost done and i will finish applying this weekend into monday and tuesday, hopefully someone will hire me. we shall see.

that is all....for now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


so i was fired today. who knows why. actually boss said it was all cause my performance wasn't what she wanted any more, i had made some mistakes, a couple of big ones, so today was my last day at work. it was crazy insane! but oh well. i totally broke down as i left the office, but my friend helped me, and then i went to the most amazing devotional ever and sat next to fhe dad, i think we will call him salad from now on. :) anyways salad saved me a seat at the devotional and it was really really good. he and i had a very long talk last night and he basically said he is interested in taking things somewhere, but he needs to be cautious and life is overwhelming right now so he wants to go slow. which is okay by me. all in all i think life is okay. i just hit a rough spot, but that's okay. Heavenly Father still loves me, and he will never stop, so I will be just fine.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Date night...with FHE Dad PLUS the awesomeness of the DanceSport

So I had the funnest time EVER on friday night. it was totally wicked!!! :0 So he picked me up at 7 at my apartment, but we ended up staying at my apt. cause it was so rainy outside (we were doubling with my roomie, who happens to be FHE Mom, and her date BL) ANYWHO...we had pizza, that took us like 45 min. to eat cause we were having such a good time talking. THEN we played this game called moods. It is an awsome game. You should play it. Anyways its this awesome game where you say a phrase but in different moods. well at one point in the game i got the mood romantic. and my pharse, no joke, was 'i find you very attractive' so....i decide to set the 'mood' by turning on the table lamp in the lv room ,turn off the main light and turn on our cd player, which happened to be set to some nice romantic music. then i scooted close to my date put my arm around him and said, "i find you very attractive" it was awesome ,and everyone got it. it was great. so after playing this game we sculpted ice cream. yes. ice cream. it was the coolest thing ever my date and i made a st. george temple while the other couple did a lady liberty bust. it was pretty much awesome. after eating our ice cream creation we played outburst and then we played some more, talked some more, did some really goofy, loopy things as it got later in the evening and we got tired. we were on our date for about 6 hours. He left at 1:15 in the morning. :) it was a good date too, cause we never got bored.

This was on sat. morning. me and diverm, who was my partner, did an awesome job. we had so much fun dancing, we made it all the way to the 6th round, where we were cut. so we didn't make it to the quater-finals, but we came close. to make it to the final 36 couples out over 200 couples is just amazing. and we had fun. found out that he is very much a premie....which is okay, but means that i prolly won't ever date him. but that's okay cause then instead i can flirt and be his friend. he's a nice guy too so its all good. we was very much a gentleman and guided me with his hand on my back and cool stuff like that. and i gave him lots of hugs as we found out when had made each cut. so that was coolio. we took some pics, so that was fun, but they weren't digital so i can't post them, and when i develop them , i prolly won't remember to scan them in and post them. but oh well. FHE Dad came and watched me on sat. morning compete, which means that he sat there from 9 am-12 pm which is AMAZING!!! then he went back with me later to watch the amateur and other competitions. that was way cool too. i had lots of fun and i think he did too. we'll see what happens in that regard. he has told me that he is overwhelmed here cause there are so many wonderful girls here. we'll see what happens. i'll just let it roll. we'll see. :) anyways....its almost dinner time so i am out of here! :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteren's Day

So yeah...update on me and the dating world. FHE Dad asked me out, and we are going on a date tonight. he picked me up from my ballet class last night and a couple of my buddies were all, 'he's so hot!' to which i responded, 'i know.' lol. so yeah, he stayed over until 10:20ish and he had to work at 4 this morning, and we talked and it was good. i like him. he's cute. and nice. and an awesome guy.
i have dancesport tomorrow. i am way way way excited for it!! Diver (my dance partner) and i practiced on wed. night and things were good. he's a cute kid too. but i am not sure if he has served a mission yet or not. i think he has, but i don't know. ugh. but its all good. he's a fun kid, and i thnk we might be able to make it to the quater-finals tomorrow, at least we hope we can! :)

Anywho, life is grand right now, i am loving it all, and i think that is have fun! :D i know i will!!!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

She who works the dating scene....

So yeah... went to Divine Comedy with JA. It was lots of fun. I love Divine comedy, it wash hilarious. Then we went and got food and played a card game at my apartment. but he was really quiet, and tired, especially b/c he wored a 12 hour day. so yeah...but you know what? i ended up not talking to him about me wanting him, and actually i think i am over him. kind of. like i still like him and think he is cool and all, but honestly there are so many good guys rightn now, why should i choose just one? i mean really. i have a cute dance partner for dancesport, and fhe dad asked me out for friday night. plus there are a couple other guys that i like and all, ja is still one of them, but honestly....i want him to make the next move. and if he doesn't want to, then that's okay by me. i am moving on, and yet if it is supposed to happen, then he will ask me out. :) so that is my story, i'm stickin' to it, and am going to have fun dancing away......

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my love and war, and right now i don't think its fair...

bah. i don't know how to approach j.a. i like him but...i don't want to scare him away. at first i was thinking that i could say ' let's just hook up j*.' but then i decided that doesn't work, so then i was thinking this could work too: 'Why are you so hesitant J*?' and he'll say ' about what?' and i'll say 'about dating me? why not just give it a go? or are you not interested and just want to be friends?' kind of like the song by Brad Paisley 'Make a Mistake with Me' It's perfect really. so now I am at he point that i think this is what i will say: i want to be honest with you, but i don't want to scare you away, i like you, but i can't keep putting in a lot with out getting anything back. so i am going to back off. know that i still like you, but i am not going to make any more moves, i am going to wait for you. if you come after me, i will follow, cause i like you. but i don't know. i really wish someone could tell me what to do, but everyone is so different, no one really knows him or what he will do, including me. well i know him, but i don't know what he'll do. and mabye i just need to tell him that last one. but who knows. i am going to the temple on friday to think about it. i really just need some guidance from someone who knows us both so well, and who better than my Heavenly Father? This is driving me nuts, it really is. I don't knwo what to do anymore about it and i think i am going insane.