Tuesday, November 15, 2005


so i was fired today. who knows why. actually boss said it was all cause my performance wasn't what she wanted any more, i had made some mistakes, a couple of big ones, so today was my last day at work. it was crazy insane! but oh well. i totally broke down as i left the office, but my friend helped me, and then i went to the most amazing devotional ever and sat next to fhe dad, i think we will call him salad from now on. :) anyways salad saved me a seat at the devotional and it was really really good. he and i had a very long talk last night and he basically said he is interested in taking things somewhere, but he needs to be cautious and life is overwhelming right now so he wants to go slow. which is okay by me. all in all i think life is okay. i just hit a rough spot, but that's okay. Heavenly Father still loves me, and he will never stop, so I will be just fine.