Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 23rd Edition

Hi friends! I am having a hard time believing that it has already been a week since my last tender mercy post! It's incredible to me how quickly time is passing me by.

I feel like my life has been so blessed and back when I started this meme my tender mercies were big and frequent. Granted, I needed that in my life at that time. Lately I feel like the tender mercies in my life, while present, are smaller and fewer in number and I have to look harder for them. This isn't a bad thing, if anything it makes me more grateful for the times when I am blessed by some tender mercy. Today i think the one that I've noticed the most in the past week is that of really good friends. I have made lots of new friends in my ward and I have people to do things with and people to hang out with on a regular basis and this makes me so happy. I feel very blessed that I've been able to so easily rediscover who I am inside and who I want to be when I'm with others. Not everyone gets the chance I do to find one's self so easily. I really am blessed.

in other news...I have some crazy updates and countdowns for you. Look for that lovely post coming tomorrow...and in the meantime, keep smiling. I know I am!  :-)

p.s. isn't this door AWESOME? I totally want a green door!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Friday

It's finally Friday my friends! I honestly thought today would never come. I feel like this week was one of the longest weeks EVER! However, the weekend is just moments away and it's a 3-day weekend at that! huzzah!!

I am hoping that today is less crazy than yesterday (it was a crazy mess here yesterday!) since it IS a holiday weekend, I'm hoping people have taken off early. :-)

Speaking of taking off early, I get to do that today! Mostly because I get to go and do Sister B's hair for her bridals today. :o) I can't believe she is getting married in less than 3 weeks. That's a little crazy to think about.

In other news I have a new "interest" in my life. We've been chatting for a couple of weeks and he finally got the gumption to ask to meet in "real life." He's really nice and I think we got along (as much as one can tell via emails) really well. He's cute and asked for my number so that he can call and ask me out properly. I think that's a good a sign! He called me last night, but I was at the gym. I called him back, but  right now we're in a game of phone tag. I'll keep you posted. This boy doesn't have a 'nym yet, but I will get you one when I decide to blog more about him.

Speaking of the gym, I finally got my butt in gear and got myself back there after being MIA for more than 2 weeks. Sigh. I pushed myself and walked/ran for 30 minutes which ended up equaling 2.6 miles. go me! It felt good and I'm nice and sore today. woo hoo!

Finally, I saw this from a blog I stalk  this morning and I've decided that it is going to be my answer to every person that asks me why I am not married yet while at my younger sister's wedding. :o)

I can just change the "you're" with "someone" and it works perfectly! ha! Have a lovely 3-day weekend my lovelies. muah!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Things and such

*yawn* Hi friends. I am a little on the sleepy side. That seems to be the story of my life these days. I keep attempting to get myself to go to bed early...but alas, it just doesn't seem to happen like ever. Oh well. I must be living life right? or maybe I'm just crazy. ;)

Let's see what awesome things are on my brain today shall we?

  • I am so glad that it is a holiday weekend. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. :o)
  • Also, because of my awesome work schedule I have a 3-day weekend, a 3-day work week, followed by another 3-day weekend. What follows then is a 5-day work week and then a whole week off (my "vacation") for my sister's wedding/the end-year show. I can't believe it's coming up that fast. Gah.
  • I feel like I have 500 things to do. I really don't have that much to do, but it feels like I do. le sigh.
  • My iPod touch came in the mail this week! It is so fancy and shiny. I am in love with it.
Doesn't it look shiny? sigh. I think it is going to make my life way easier. We shall see!
  •  Also! I bought shoes for my the wedding. Finally. It only took me ages to find something I liked and that went with the outfits we are wearing. :o)
see?! aren't they super cute? I'm rather excited to wear them and stuff.
  • Sister B has her bridal session tomorrow. It should be fun times! I'm rather excited to see how they turn out and what not. 
  • I am not happy that it is supposed to rain this weekend. I just want sunshine and happiness! Is that too much to ask?
  • I'm singing a solo in church here in a few weeks. EEK! It's part of a choral number...but still. Me. A Solo. :P
  • I am making new friends in my ward. I love friends. People to do things with! Hurrah!
Basically...that's my life. The end-year recital + the wedding are slowly taking over - but everything will be said and done in 3 weeks + 2 days. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself at that point - but I'll probably play!! A lot!! :o)

Have a great Thursday friends!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 23rd Edition

Here we are friends. Another Tuesday.

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I had thoughts to make a post, but I just wasn't feeling it. Today I am grateful for the prompting I had to get myself out of my house and to my ward's FHE activity. I had a lot of other things I could have done last night - things for the show and the wedding that really have to get done very soon, but I put them aside and went to the Monte L. Bean Museum with my ward. It was great fun!! I made new friends and just had a blast. I have new friends and people to hang out with and this makes me really excited. Not that I have time to hang out right now, my life is so super busy!!! However, I'm excited to be getting to know people in the ward and what not. Makes my heart happy.

I'm not so happy that it is raining again - we had what feels like just a brief moment of sunshine. One moment in which I got VERY sunburned. I'm still in pain and it is no fun at all. I believe we're supposed to turn sunny again tomorrow but with more rain destined to arrive this weekend. I keep wondering if we'll ever see the sun for more than a few days at a time!!! sigh. Hope your week is peachy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

drip drip drip

I'm pretty sure it has been raining non-stop since Tuesday.

Okay, maybe not non-stop - but it has been raining more than normal! We have so much water everywhere and the ground is sopping wet! The road by my house just has sheets of water rolling down hill. It's crazy-sauce. To top it all off I'm not sure there is an end in sight to all this rain. KSL Weather claims in the forecast that it should clear out this weekend - but it won't be anything like last weekend. sigh. I was so hoping for sunshine this weekend.

The good thing with all the rain? It makes everything SUPER green. I do love me the color green.

anywho...moving on to...

I love that it is Thursday. On Tuesday I felt like the week was NEVER going to end. I have tomorrow off, and even though it's probably still going to raining, I'm very excited to not have to come in to work. :-)
  • I bought one of THESE yesterday from eBay. I am SO excited for it to come in the mail! It will be like Christmas! Or my Birthday! But Not!
  • There are exactly 4 weeks until my sisters wedding. eek!! 
  • The centerpieces are only partially done. I'm hoping to work on them more this weekend.
  • Especially because the wax got here yesterday.
  • I got my bangs trimmed yesterday. 
  • Good thing too, they were so long and I really couldn't see because they'd get in the way!
  • I'm going to the temple tomorrow with my best friend from high school. I'm stoked.
  • I have a camping trip planned for the end of July. I am VERY excited for that.
  • The end-year recital is in 4 weeks and two days. Yes. the same week as the wedding. It will be an INSANE week. :P
  • Because of memorial day I have three 3-day weekends in a row. This is a very good thing.
  • Leviticus randomly showed up last night. I was watching Megamind at the time and he stuck around to finish watching the movie with me. 
  • I'm going dancing tonight and I am SO EXCITED.
  • I am trying this recipe for dinner tonight and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to it.
 I feel like there is something I am forgetting to tell you...but alas nothing is coming to mind. Have a most splendid Thursday y'all! LOVES


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Mottos

So. I have plans to have the BEST summer ever guys. Seriously, I'm going to go hiking , camping, visit random sites around Utah, attend the Tuachan and see the Little Mermaid and so much more!

Anyways, to remind myself to not get all uptight and to let loose and have fun and continue living up to my word of the year, I have found a few prints that are the driving force behind my summer plans. I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 22nd Edition

Good Morning dear friends. We had quite the storm around here last night - it even woke me up in the middle of the night. (And that NEVER happens! I'm quite the sound sleeper.) It has made things beautiful and green around here this morning.

This week has been full of tender mercies. After having the craziest day on Thursday - I was blessed to have Friday be very quiet for me at work. And this weekend? While I didn't really have any plans and I didn't go on any dates or anything it was quite nice to just be at home. I also went to the temple and can I just say how much I LOVE being there? It is so peaceful, beautiful and quiet. I complained a lot this week - to myself, to my roommate, my coworkers, Facebook basically everyone and really? Life wasn't that awful last week. I was being a drama queen and just in a complainy type mood. However, I realized Saturday that life is okay. That really, once a day is over - it's over. It is in the past and there's no point in dwelling on it.

Anywho, this week has been much better - especially after my paradigm shift. :o)

In other news: I want to live here. Right now. The End.

Monday, May 16, 2011

getting started...

well. Here we are: Monday Morning. I actually feel refreshed and ready to go today - something I didn't feel last Monday. I'm hoping this is a good sign. I really want it to be a good week. So I'm keeping the following in mind as my motto for the week:

Do you have a motto for the week?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Seriously guys. It has been a rough week. I haven't gotten much sleep (purely my fault) and work has been absolutely nuts and I've been going crazy!!!

My plans this weekend are low key, but I'm excited for them.

Ugh. I'm having a hard time wanting to blog today. Like I said, it's been a rough week.

How about some Friday Fill-ins? ok? Ok!

1. I know that this week was just a fluke. Next week will be better.

2. I want to get lots of sleep tonight, if at all possible.

3. This weather has been great for picnics in the park..

4. I still need shoes for my sister's wedding. This could be a problem.

5. I'm really happy I have the ability to dance. Makes me happy to just let loose sometimes.

6. I'm wishing for a remote for life so I can fast forward the crappy parts, or something to that effect.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cleaning, laundry, and Disney movies, tomorrow my plans include rehearsal and former-Roommate E's wedding reception and Sunday, I want to read a book on a blanket outside!

in the meantime...I wish I had someplace like this to runaway to....have a good weekend loves!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 21st Edition

Here are dear friends. Another Tuesday. Yesterday was a not so fun Monday at work. I was swamped with purchase orders and going crazy with everything else being piled onto my desk. sigh. It's never ending around here, ya know?

Anyhow, I had the most splendid weekend. I went hiking and got sunburned. I had adventures in Salt Lake and losing my purse (it was found, but not after lots of deep breaths and holding back tears). There was an awkward first date from a guy from the internet, hair practice for the wedding and ballet rehearsal. I painted my nails bright pink, wore shoes to match on Sunday and made cheesecake and hung out with Leviticus on more than one occasion. Speaking of Leviticus he is a great friend. I've decided to not stress about it going anywhere, because honestly, it does not matter right now. I just want to have fun and play. The end.

Anyways, my tender mercy comes from losing my purse. I freaked out, but not too bad...Leviticus was very calm about the whole thing and helped me think about where it could have been left. Too bad the chick at Panda Express really didn't look where we told her it could possibly have been....it was found with no repercussions and I am SO blessed. :o)

Last night I went to FHE up the canyon. We had a bonfire and roasted the normal bonfire types of things. I had so much fun meeting people, talking and....I ended up giving my number to two different boys. I can't remember the last time I gave my number to a guy in such a situation. It was definitely a confidence booster. :o)

Here's hoping the rest of the week goes swimmingly...I have fun plans with different friends all week long and I'm very excited to play!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sunshiney Adventures!!

Hi guys! It's Friday AND it's my day off! ALSO it is SUNSHINEY and supposed to be absolutely GORGEOUS today. :o) The plan is to clean my house a little bit (the kitchen and bathroom especially) and then go on a sunshiney adventure. Maybe a picnic in the park? A hike up a local canyon that is not too intense? Regardless of the adventure it will be fun; especially because Leviticus offered to join me when we were talking last night. So...there you go.
Speaking of last night, I went to Blue Tango like I do sometimes on Thursday nights and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I loved it. I came home exhausted, sweaty and tired, but I can think of no better way to fall asleep then after having danced the night away.

Anywho, I'm here to leave you with just a little thought for the weekend. I hope all y'all have a most splendid one!!


Thursday, May 05, 2011

once upon a Thursday

Good morning my dear internet friends! I hope you're having a lovely day. So far mine has been just splendid. I have just this work day + a one hour ballet class and it will be my weekend. Hurrah!! It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and THANK GOODNESS. I haven't had a beautiful weekend (weather wise) in SO LONG. I plan on spending lots of time outside and in the sunshine. :o)

Anyways...it's time for some Thursday things!! dun de de de dun!!!

  • I went to the SLC Temple with HiccupMel last night. It was such a fabulous time. I love going to the temple. Going with a friend was the most marvelous thing.
  • Speaking of HiccupMel, today is her Birthday!!! Make sure to visit her and wish her a happy birthday.  I will be forever grateful to Chillygator for introducing me to HiccupMel. I'd be without a very good friend if it wasn't for Chillygator. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HiccupMel!
  • I'm getting my car washed this weekend and vacuumed. It needs it so desperately. 
  • It's pay day.
  • I love pay day.
  • I'm going to Blue Tango tonight. I'm rather excited. I love Blue Tango.
  • There are 6 weeks FROM TODAY until Sister B's wedding. There is so much to do and I might die between now and then. 
  • I don't want to die.
  • I still need shoes.
  • Hiccupmel suggested I look for nude colored shoes instead of white ones to match my outfit. I think she might be a genius.
  • Work has been crazy this week. My brain has been used SO MUCH. I'm ready to have a day off and not have to think too hard.
  • I need to go grocery shopping.
  • Today is Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate!
  • I wore my brand new hot pink peep-toe heels yesterday. I feel so sexy wearing them that I wish I could handle wearing them all the time. They are just that AWESOME.
  • Speaking of awesome, I apparantly really like that word because in my post yesterday I managed to say "It was awesome" no less than 6 times. Man, I think I need a thesaurus. ha! 
  • We now have a disco ball hanging in my office. This makes me all sorts of giddy.
    • Did I mention that tomorrow is my day off? Because it is, and I am very much excited for it.
    Finally, an awesome picture that my mom sent me:

    Well folks, I hope you have the most marvelous day!

    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    Dating Battle Stories: a boy named Leviticus


    Last Sunday, the 24th of April was our 2nd Sunday as a "new"-ish ward. (this is the Sunday after Fryman kissed me) I was standing in the hall after church talking to my friend Rocky (who was new to the ward, but we grew up together) and there were a few guys standing there too. Some from the ward from before and some new peeps. One of the guys, Leviticus, was there (he's new) and he was a friend of Rocky's. Anyways, we got to know each other a little bit and as I left the group (because i was SO hungry and i needed lunch) Leviticus shakes my hand and says, "Alishka, you have the cutest personality, it was great to meet you have a great Sunday." I thanked him and went home. Then the whole Fryman thing went down.


    Saturday, April 30th. I had no plans that evening. In fact, I had just gotten home from visiting a friend and her newborn in the hospital and was cleaning my kitchen. I decided I wanted to do fun things so I texted some of my guy friends asking if anyone wanted to go out and do something exciting. Well, no one wanted to, in fact I got ignored and rejected. It was sad times. So then, fast forward like 20 minutes and I'm sitting on my couch checking facebook when I get a message from Leviticus - and it says "Hi!"

    I respond in kind and then proceeds the FUNNIEST conversation ever. There was mention of secret training, secret bowling alleys, and covert signals for seeing each other. It was awesome.

    So yeah, THAT happened. We went bowling and I had the best time ever. It was a blast. :o) THEN we were just sitting in the bowling alley talking and we somehow got talking about moose and elk and which was bigger and why and we decided that we should go find out...without the internet. So off on adventures we went...we ended up at the BYU HBLL (the ONLY library still open at 9pm at night on a Saturday...ha ha UVU was closed because they just had graduation) So we decide to try not to use the computers to look anything up. We make our way to the science section and find some encyclopedias and look up stuff on moose and elk. It was hilarious. Then Leviticus decided we should do yoga in between the shelves. So...we did yoga in the HBLL. Then he gave me an assignment to find a book on a subject to learn something, and I did the same to him. We both ended up with books, sat in a collaborative area in the HBLL and learned new things together. It was awesome. After that we went and got taco bell and sat in the parking lot talking until 2 am. It was awesome.


    Sunday, May 1st. It was so hard for me to get up that morning. We have church at 9 am...and I had a meeting before church...so I only got like 5 hours of sleep. I got ready and went to church. Now, because we're still transitioning, I've been doing my calling AND leading the music in sacrament meeting (I volunteered to help them out). SoI'm sitting up on the stand and while leading the music I don't see Leviticus. Well, after church I’m out in the hall and Leviticus is there! He slept in, but he was there to catch the tail end of our meetings and then was going to a different ward that afternoon. So we’re standing there talking and he asks how I had slept. I hadn't slept extremely well, about 30 minutes before my alarm went off that morning my smoke detector’s battery started to die and started beeping every 2 minutes. I have 12ft ceilings in my apt and could BARELY reach the smoke detector while standing on a chair and books to get the battery out. So I tell him this and how I don't have a battery and he's all, "Alishka! What if your house catches on fire and your smoke alarm doesn't work!? You need a battery! And a ladder!" So then he proceeds to tell me he thinks he has a battery.

    Later that afternoon I wake up from a really deep sleep of a nap and look at facebook (trying to wake up) and I see this facebook message from Leviticus: "I have a battery that may or may not have power. Do you want a battery change service?" I respond in the affirmative and he comes over after saying "we'll send a technician right over." He came over, changed the battery effortlessly and then stayed to chat. Then he left because he had something else to do that evening, but he accidentally left his phone (it escaped his pocket) so I sent him a message and 30 minutes later he comes back and STAYS until 11p or so. We had the best time chatting and such. Also, on Saturday I told him about how I'm working on family history and on Sunday he asked me to show him what I have and what I'm looking for right now. So we spent a couple of hours together, on the couch just looking up stuff on my laptop for family history. Amazing.


    Monday night for FHE we had a ward BBQ. It was awesome. Leviticus sat at our table, along with a whole slew of other guys. It was awesome. I floated around, met new people, talked, played volleyball and ended up back at the table Leviticus was then sitting at.

    It was decided to go to my place to watch a movie (my roommate, a good friend and major flirt of mine and I decided this) I convinced Leviticus to come.

    We hung out and colored in coloring books. It was awesome.

    My flirty friend left about after the movie. I was a zombie at this point because of my fried brain from work. Leviticus stayed until 11:30 or so...and at one point played with my hair (he did that Saturday too now that I think about it). We just hung out and talked and stuff. It was very nice.
    So there you go. My very long story about a boy named Leviticus. I think we shall have many an adventure this summer. :o)

    Tuesday, May 03, 2011

    Tender Mercy Tuesday - 20th Edition

    Hi Guys.

    It's been a crazy few days. My weekend was amazing and I promise to tell you the stories...soon. However, work is taking over my life (lots of overtime) and I'm still working on the stories for you. Just get excited okay?

    In the meantime, let me share my small tender mercy with you. This past week was crazy and intense and full of all sorts of emotions. However, I was once again blessed with a reaffirmation of my Heavenly Father's love for me. It's amazing how easy it is to forget that God DOES know what you're going through and He WANTS you to be happy. He sent some amazing people my way last week that just stopped to say hi, or sent me a text message or a note on Facebook. These people make me so happy and I am so grateful that there is something out there bigger than myself to help me get over the hard times.

    Anyways, I hope you all are having a good week. Mine has been long already, but luckily I don't work on Friday. :o) Stay tuned for awesome stories in the very near future!