Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Things and such

*yawn* Hi friends. I am a little on the sleepy side. That seems to be the story of my life these days. I keep attempting to get myself to go to bed early...but alas, it just doesn't seem to happen like ever. Oh well. I must be living life right? or maybe I'm just crazy. ;)

Let's see what awesome things are on my brain today shall we?

  • I am so glad that it is a holiday weekend. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. :o)
  • Also, because of my awesome work schedule I have a 3-day weekend, a 3-day work week, followed by another 3-day weekend. What follows then is a 5-day work week and then a whole week off (my "vacation") for my sister's wedding/the end-year show. I can't believe it's coming up that fast. Gah.
  • I feel like I have 500 things to do. I really don't have that much to do, but it feels like I do. le sigh.
  • My iPod touch came in the mail this week! It is so fancy and shiny. I am in love with it.
Doesn't it look shiny? sigh. I think it is going to make my life way easier. We shall see!
  •  Also! I bought shoes for my the wedding. Finally. It only took me ages to find something I liked and that went with the outfits we are wearing. :o)
see?! aren't they super cute? I'm rather excited to wear them and stuff.
  • Sister B has her bridal session tomorrow. It should be fun times! I'm rather excited to see how they turn out and what not. 
  • I am not happy that it is supposed to rain this weekend. I just want sunshine and happiness! Is that too much to ask?
  • I'm singing a solo in church here in a few weeks. EEK! It's part of a choral number...but still. Me. A Solo. :P
  • I am making new friends in my ward. I love friends. People to do things with! Hurrah!
Basically...that's my life. The end-year recital + the wedding are slowly taking over - but everything will be said and done in 3 weeks + 2 days. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself at that point - but I'll probably play!! A lot!! :o)

Have a great Thursday friends!