Thursday, March 31, 2011

BUSY Thursday things!

Well, as all hell starts to break loose all around me (things are INSANE at work right now!) I have just a few things on my mind:
  • Spring Cleaning. I am so excited to do this. I am hoping I don't get burned out, because I REALLY REALLY want a clean house after Saturday. 
  • Work is crazy busy. The phones won't stop ringing. I have to work tomorrow. I don't want to work tomorrow.
  • Why don't I want to work tomorrow? Well, the weather is supposed to be the NICEST so far this year tomorrow. I want to play outside all day. :(
  • I am going to the temple tomorrow night. Want to join me?
  • I am really excited about General Conference. It is going to be awesome!
  • I am getting excited for summer. I can't wait for nice evenings.
  • I had a date last night with a guy I met online. He will remain nameless until I decide on a name for him...or something. It was fun, but the jury is still out on how I feel.
  • My poor roommate has to work ALL weekend - including Sunday afternoon. I am going to be all alone. Anyone want to come watch conference with me??
I think that's it for now...there's lots going on around here, and I'm okay with that. :o)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Guys. Spring is slowly coming! I always feel like a yo-yo during Springtime in Utah. Gorgeous 60+ degrees one day, snow the next. It can be kind of infuriating, but at the same time I'm used to it so I just shrug my shoulders and say, "C'est la vie!"

Anywho, there have a few different posts by people I know and people I don't know on Spring Cleaning. dun dun duuuun....

My house is in dire need of some good old fashioned spring cleaning. With neither me nor my roommate moving out in the past two years - nor in the foreseeable future, the general areas of our house plus my bedroom are in serious need of a nice DEEP CLEANING. After seeing all of my friends/non-friends and their lists and before/after pictures I've decided that this weekend I am going to do my own Spring Cleaning. I've divided up my house into 5 areas: My Bedroom, the Bathroom, the Laundry room/Hallway, the Living Room/Storage/Balcony area, and the Kitchen. I'm planning on doing my bathroom over the course of today/tomorrow, my bedroom and the laundry room/hallway areas on Friday night and then the rest of the areas (aka the front of the house) on Saturday while watching General Conference. I'm not going to post my detailed list of what I'm doing in each area here but let's just say it is going to be a thorough TOP to BOTTOM spring cleaning. If you want my list of cleaning tasks for each area I'd be happy to share - just leave a comment with your email address (or email me first!) and I'll send you the Excel spreadsheets I've created. he he he. I'm such a crazy, organized cleaner. I love having things checked off on paper! I started doing this on sticky notes - but I needed more room for some of my areas. :o)

ANYWHO....I'm telling you all of this becasue 1) I think it's interesting and 2) I like being able to return and report. Keeps me responsible or something. That's all....let the cleaning commence!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 16th Edition

Well here we are my dear internet friends. Another Tuesday. This past week has been chock-full of crazy, happiness and of course, my surprises.

The 3rd and final surprise was a bridal shower for my little sister. It was a fun, simple party that was enjoyed by all.

Also, it was GREAT fun to have my Mom here. I think that is one of my favorite tender mercies from the past week - seeing my mom! Getting to spend time with her and do fun things was so wonderful. I had 2.5 days off of work and it was nice to have a little mini-vacay even if I didn't go anywhere. I'll get another one of those in the June when I have both my sister's wedding AND the big, huge June recital happening. :o) It will be fun times.

Anyways, I have one other Tender Mercy that I want to share. It relates to my post from Friday. I got to go the temple on Friday and do my own temple work. It was an amazing experience receiving the blessings and making covenants associated with the endowment. I will always remember that day. My best friend, Truit, and her husband came and then my mom was there. I am excited to go again and again doing the temple work for my and others' ancestors. All in all, I have been astounded by the amount of love I have felt in the past several days. My eyes have been opened in so many ways and I know that I made the right choice in going when I did. :o) I am happy.

Now I am just getting ready for the 181st Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is going to be a good one, I can feel it. Not that there has ever been a bad one, but I know that this one is going to be just full of awesome. Hopefully spring will start coming, it's supposed to be REALLY nice on Friday but then snow on Saturday/Sunday. :o)

Monday, March 28, 2011

it will come

so. i have stories and updates and wonderful things. BUT work is very busy and I just don't have time right now. so instead, i'm going to leave you with this awesome comic I saw today and call it good. I'll be back with everything wonderful for you....another day. ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Foto

I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday today. To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray. For the temple is a house of God, A place of love and beauty. I’ll prepare myself while I am young; This is my sacred duty.

I love to see the temple. I’ll go inside someday today. I’ll cov’nant with my Father; I’ll promise to obey. For the temple is a holy place Where we are sealed together. As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth: A fam’ly is forever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surprise #2!!

Today was surprise #2!

This surprise was for my mommy. I contacted all her friends and we threw her a surprise 50th birthday party. It was so much fun and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a grand ol' time and I love my mommy so much! She's the best ever. :o) I 'm so glad I've gotten to be raised by her and such. She's amazing.

There's only one more surprise and then we're all done with surprises for a VERY long time. My head was about to burst with all these secrets in my head.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Surprise number one was revealed to my sister last night. There are two more surprises on their way this week (not people, but events) and I am OH SO EXCITED about them.

But, I digress.

I arranged with my mom to fly out here almost 2 months ago. She came out for a special event that is happening on Friday (I'll tell you more on Friday) and we decided she should be here and that we should surprise my Sister B! So, I spun a web of lies for Sister B, the best being that I forgot mom's birthday is SUNDAY and that we need to send out her gift ASAP. We arranged to meet at a local frozen yogurt place and she could sign the card. Sister B is super stressed with school and stuff, but she decided she could make time to see me. I told her I would call her when she should leave to meet me. Well, I ran much later than anticipated, but I told another white lie about ballet students' moms being late and stuff and she bought it.

So my mom and I walk into the yogurt place - i see Sister B across the way and I say, "I pulled some riff raff off the street..." and in walks our mom. Sister B shrieked, ran and attacked our mom and then burst into tears. It was THE BEST surprise I have ever pulled off (well, Thursdays will rival it a little bit) and Sister B was so happy. It's going to be a fun week with my mom here. :o)

Tomorrow I'm working a half day, I'm giving my mom a tour of the office and then she's getting her hair done. After that it's off to the endodontist for me where I'll get my root canal. :P Sigh. Then we play all weekend long!! WOO HOO! I am so happy she is finally here and everything has fallen into place.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 15th Edition

It's really hard to find something to be grateful for and to see the tender mercies in life when life is getting you down. However, I did have one just yesterday that is perfect considering the situation my poor mouth has put me in.

I haven't been sleeping well, even with the loretab I haven't been able to sleep through the night. However, last night I only woke up once before my alarm clock and it wasn't because of pain but rather because I had to go to the bathroom! I even fell back to sleep quick enough that I got more sleep. I was so happy! I just have to make it through today on limited loretab (I'm at work and work+loretab aren't the best combination - I'm taking half a pill if  any at all) and then half a work day tomorrow before my root canal appointment at the endodontist that I have.

Anyways, I am doing okay even though I'm in pain a lot. I will be so happy to have this taken care of and not giving me any more grief. In other news, stay tuned for reveal of surprise #1 tomorrow morning. I'm rather excited about it. :o)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

death is imminent

so, in case you were wondering, my mouth has not gotten any better.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it's worse off right now then it was Friday.

I did, however, finally get a hold of my dentist. I am now on loretab and an antibiotic. here's hoping i can make it until tomorrow morning's dentist appointment.

Also, I hate sitting at home sick all day. it sucks. As much as I love eating jello and pudding and using a straw (although let's face it, I use straws weekly. ;) ), there gets to be a point where I hate eating "sick" food. I am at that point right now. The hard part is that I can't really chew anything. So eating? Yeah, it sucks. But I have to take my drugs with food otherwise I get really sick. :P

Anyways, here's hoping I don't die in the next few days. ugh.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well dear internet friends, we've made it to Friday!  Thank goodness! Although, I just really want the weekend to be over and it to be next week. Part of me doesn't really feel like I'll have much of a weekend - I'm going to be working most of tomorrow. Next week is my Friday off and with the fun plans I have I am very much looking forward to it being next week. huzzah!!

Also, I hardly slept at all last night. My mouth is killing me. I really hope I don't die before Monday. Here's hoping the excedrin I took does better things then the ibuprofin. sigh. Someone have some good drugs you want to share? :o)

Anyways, here's a little Friday Fill-in happiness for you followed by this week's Friday Foto! loves to all! Hopefully your weekend is more stellar than mine!

1. I love to go to the park because it always makes me feel carefree and happy.

2. Sometimes it's not the quantity but rather, it’s the quality!

3. The last thing I had to eat was a granola bar with my smoothie.

4. Having a land line these days is no longer essential.

5. Please take a moment to pray for Japan.

6. All of your hopes and dreams have brought you this far.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cleaning my house, tomorrow my plans include rehearsing for several hours and then playing stage manager for the other studio's performance and Sunday, I want to enjoy church and maybe take a nap!

isn't this kids the cutest you've ever seen? love this. {source}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top o'the Mornin' to ya lads and lassies! I hope you're having a lucky day! I also hope you're wearing green! Wouldn't want to get pinched now would we?? :o) Anyways, let's get this party started shall we?

  • I love Thursdays. Even when I have to work on Friday, my Thursdays are always fabulous. :o)
  • I love the color green. I wear A LOT of green. My problem with St. Patrick's Day isn't "where's some green to wear?" it's more along the lines of "WHAT green-filled outfit shall I wear this year?" This year I went with green socks, a green striped shirt w/green under shirt, a green headband, earrings, and fingernail polish. Nobody's going to be pinching me!! :o)
  • I flirty texted Tron yesterday and he called me to tell me he has a girlfriend. I wish I was joking, but I'm not . I'm happy he found somebody to date, but I'm sad that we'll have no more dates. I really liked spending time with him! This is like the FOURTH person that I've gone out on a date or two or hung out with several times that has then ended up in a relationship not with me. Sigh, I must be the perfect springboard for relationships or something. 
  • This weekend is going to be busy. Next week is going to be busy. Being busy helps keep my mind off of sad things like Tron getting a girlfriend. :P 
  • My mouth hurts after getting my permanent crown a week ago. I think it's time to call to the dentist and complain. I am not looking forward to dealing with this more. I hate going to the dentist.
  • I keep thinking I'm getting caught up on my sleep after Daylight Savings and then I stay up late. I'm so stupid sometimes. sigh.
  • I really want to eat the peeps my mom got me for my birthday. I should have brought them to work today.
Hopefully your Thursday will go fantastically! Keep the luck of the Irish w/ya!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ramblings from a secretive soul

Hi friends! It's Wednesday! The middle of my very busy week! I did take some time to just watch a movie with friends last night and I'll do the same thing tomorrow night. ;) I have completed about 90% of what I've wanted to complete each day so far, today I'll play catch up with the few things that have slipped through the cracks and hopefully by the weekend I'll be feeling prepared for the planned adventures next week.

I wish I could tell you more about what is happening next week, but I have things secretive from certain people this long that I know I can make it 10 more days!! :o)

In other news I am craving a donut. specifically a donut that looks like this:

Also, I love cake. If you didn't know this already then you either must be new or oblivious to my proclamations of love. I found this cake and I REALLY want it. It looks AMAZING.

Finally, I have been weak sauce when it comes to working out and such. I need to rededicate myself and be solid in my workouts and stretching. My knee is struggling these days from both the weather and then just from being sore and stuff. So starting today I am going to be better about doing strength training and cardio. Perhaps I'll add some yoga or Pilates to my life. That would be good, right? Right. Anyways. Have a good Wednesday all y'all!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 14th Edition

I was sitting in church on Sunday and some of my favorite teachers were teaching the classes I attended that morning. These teachers gave my soul exactly what it needed. The replenishing of my spiritual well/oil lamp was very needed and the words that were spoken touched my heart to it's very core. I had a special spiritual experience and those are always the best - especially when you're not necessarily looking for them.

I feel like I have said this a lot lately - but I really, truly am so blessed. I have had an outpouring of love and strength come to me from my Heavenly Father and Savior. I'm not sure I fully deserve all of this love, but I know that I am very grateful for it.

Thanks for sticking with me through the hard times my dear internet friends, you're the best.

Monday, March 14, 2011

* yawn*

good morning peeps. I am super  tired today. The time change has definitely thrown off my inner clock and I'm dying at work. I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the day, but I have so much to do so I am going to try my best to survive. I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime I have three quote images that I want to share with you.  All three of these hit home today and I'm hoping they bring some hope and happiness into your life. Have a great day y'all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were big things." - Kurt Vonnegut

Good lovely morning my dear internet friends! Hopefully is happy in whatever part of the world you are in RIGHT NOW.

it's Thursday - and you know what that means, it's time for (bum de bum!)
Hurray Thursday Things!!! So without further we go!
  • I have one goal for this weekend and that is to live the quote above - enjoy the small things. I am a firm believer that small things effect our lives a lot more than the big things. I've learned this lesson the hard way so this weekend - it's all about the small things baby.
  • I asked Tron to go to a ballet in Bountiful that Dr. Teeth is performing in; however, Tron is going to be out of town and can't go. :( I did however ask a guy in my ward that is totally awesome and it should be fun times!
  • I don't work tomorrow and I am just SO EXCITED I just CAN'T WAIT! woo hoo! It will be a fun day filled with a temple trip with Sister B, an elementary school performance for my students, a night of RPG playing with my friends and hopefully me taking a ballet class. :o)
  • I finally got myself back to the gym this week after a week and a half hiatus. That hiatus was bad news bears guys. It has been SO HARD getting myself back to the gym. I need to never not go again.
  • The next two weeks are going to be SUPER busy but TONS of fun. I can't go into great detail here because some of the things happening are SURPRISES and peeps who read this blog are on the receiving end of the surprises. all can just be surprised together after stuff happens! woot!
  • Longer days are upon us and springy weather is coming! What is also coming is the start of Daylight Savings Time and I hate this with all my heart and I am not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. bah humbug.
What things are you thinking about today?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - Birthday Edition

Hello dear friends. I love Tuesdays. For me they have been such a great time for reflection and review of the past week. Sundays are also a good day for that, but after the craziness of a Monday it's always nice to take some time on Tuesday to look back and see what wonderful things have blessed my life in the past week.

I have had several small and tender blessings this week, but the one that stands out the most is one that happened on Saturday. I was getting ready for my birthday party when I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine, former RS President and former visiting teacher. She wanted to stop by and visit! I was so excited to see her. :o) She came bearing a wonderful birthday present (which was just SO thoughtful of her!) and apologies for not being able to come and celebrate with me. I didn't mind and I thought she was just the most wonderful thing in the world for stopping by to visit with me on her own time earlier in the day.

I have been so very blessed with the best friends in the world. I realized this weekend as I saw all the people who turned up to support me and celebrate my special day with me that I need to be a better friend. I need to return the favor of sending people little notes, dropping off a special something, or calling just to say hello. It's not that hard to be a good friend - I just need to do it. :o)

What has blessed your life in the past week?

Monday, March 07, 2011

On this day....

....TWENTY-FIVE years ago today, a cute 5lb 14oz baby girl was born into this world.

That cute baby girl was me folks! Today I turn 1/4 of a century old. I can't believe I made it to this point in my life! I remember as a 8-year old thinking that being a teenager - 17 or so - would be the coolest thing ever. I hate to disappoint my childhood self, but 25? Definitely the coolest thing ever.

I had a wonderful party on Saturday. My superhero themed party was a huge hit. We played pin the cape on the super hero, broke a piñata, and ate cake! Some of my favorite people came to celebrate with me and it was just wonderfulness in one night!

blowing out my bazillion candles on my cake
Sister B playing pin the cape on the superhero
getting ready to whack the piñata!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Birthday Friday Fun!

Hey y'all! guess what? My birthday is on Monday! I'm spending the weekend celebrating with friends and stuff and I'm rather excited about it! In years past I've managed to get my birthday to last a week or so, I think it will last about 3 days this year. :o) Regardless, it should be a fun milestone birthday and I'm looking forward to eating cake. I love cake.

In other news Tron is NOT coming to my birthday party. :( stupid soccer game. He is, however, stopping by my place tonight to 1)bring me my mug and 2)see me. heee. Can you tell I'm just a little bit twitterpated over him?

Also, birds are chirping outside my office window this morning. Love the chirping birds! Even though it is supposed to snow on my birthday (that is not a happy birthday gift mother nature!) I can definitely tell that spring is coming. :o)

Finally, A little friday-fill ins for you followed by my favorite Friday Foto of the week! weee!!!! Enjoy your weekend y'all!!!

1. Bring your favorite Disney movie and we'll have a movie marathon!

2. I love it when batteries are included.

3. My birthday is exactly THREE days away!

4. Well, you see, I love cake, balloons, parties, friends and pinatas! Why wouldn't I love birthdays?

5. I'll be able to rent a car soon!

6. But what if snows? Then I'll make a snowman! I still have yet to play in the snow this year...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a visit from Tron and birthday party preparations, tomorrow my plans include ballet, my birthday party and stake conference and Sunday, I want to enjoy stake conference and my dinner party with Truit and husband!

 I just love this image...this perfectly depicts what spring is like in Utah. Love it. Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday Things!

Good morning all y'all! Did you have a good hump day? Did you get through with everything intact? I most certainly did although some of my tasks I wanted to complete fell by the wayside, but hey c'est la vie right?

Anywho, I am full of random things so let's get this show on the road shall we?

  • first off, yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday. I didn't do anything to celebrate, but seeing my cute little Thursday things logo makes me happy.
  • I got my hairs did yesterday. I love going to the salon! It's so relaxing. I didn't do anythign drastic (although I considered it) and I decided last night that I'm not going to drastically cut my hair until after my 26th birthday. a year. It's taken me a long time to get my hair long and I want to enjoy it! So...just a trim and color updates for me for the next year! woo hoo! (by telling you this, you're going to hold me to it right internets? can you handle that for me?)
  • My birthday in in FOUR days! I am so excited to turn 25. I really am! It's going to be the best year ever!
  • Speaking of birthdays, I'm having an awesome birthday party this weekend. I'll try to remember to take pictures and stuff. :o) Should be fun times!
  • I hate the yo-yo-ness of Utah weather between Winter and Spring. The  beginning of this week was just simply gorgeous and today....not so much. While I don't think O-town will see any snow, there will be plenty of rain and cold winds. :(
  • March is shaping up to be absolutely wonderful. I'm loving it!!
  • I haven't gotten much sleep this week - I've tried to get to bed I really have! However, things keep popping up that are either a) more fun, b) more important or c) more fun. What can I say? I'm a flirt.
  • Also, moments ago Tron texted me to just say hi and apologize for being too busy to talk to me. Honestly? I've been so busy myself that I haven't minded, but I definitely noticed. I'm so excited that this guy is thoughtful!
I hope all y'all have a wonderful Thursday. This weekend is going to be busy, but I most definitely like it that way. :o)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dating Battle Stories: Tron Date #2

Hello folks. So, if you recall, I was rather excited to go on date #2 with Tron this past Saturday. Saturday ended up being a jam-packed day with teaching, shopping, errands, the SNOW, and getting ready for my date. I wore a cute button up cotton shirt with comfy jeans and my brown flats. I wore my hair half-up, half-down and tied a cute little bow in my hair. :o)

At 7pm sharp Tron showed up at my door and my roommate let him in. He took me to Macaroni Grill for dinner and let me tell you, that was the best Italian food I've had in a LONG time. I had the Roasted Chicken Cannelloni which is "hand-rolled pasta filled with roasted chicken baked with creamy arugula pesto and zesty tomato sauce."  Oh my goodness. That dish was heaven. I loved the creamy arugula pesto inside the cannelloni. mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was delicious!

After dinner we headed over to Color Me Mine. I had never been there and was very excited to try it out. We each picked out a mug and got painting. It was fun to be all creative like while talking and enjoying each others company.

After waxing creative we came back to my apartment and talked for a short while before Tron left to go home. We texted back and forth a bit later on that night and again on Sunday evening. I might get to see him on Friday if he does indeed pick up our mugs and bring mine by to my apartment. If all else fails there is a possibility he'll be at my birthday party on Saturday, but it depends on his soccer game that he has that evening.

Needless to say, I believe our second date was just as good as the first one. I'd love a third date, but we'll see whether or not that happens. In the mean time, I have only 500 bazillion things to get done between today and my birthday party on Saturday. I love being busy though! Keeps me happy. :o)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 13th Edition

Hello dearies. Can you believe it is already Tuesday this week? I certainly can't. I enjoyed yesterday immensely (love me the start of a new week!) and I'm looking forward to tonight as well. Basically, this whole week is going to ROCK. Just in case you needed a reminder, my birthday is in SIX days! I am so stoked!! I'm having a party with some of my friends on Saturday and I am very much looking forward to THAT.

In the meantime, let's get to the real part of this post today - the tender mercy part.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a convert baptism for a new member of my ward on Sunday evening. It was a wonderful experience and as I sat there reflecting on my own baptism and life in the gospel I had the wandering thought of "What would my life be like if I hadn't been raised in the Church?"  I thought about this for a long time and while I don't like to think what if's all too often I was reminded of the many, MANY blessings I have had because I HAVE been a member my entire life. I am so blessed to know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and who looks out for me. He has a plan for me and I am so glad that SOMEONE knows where I am going. It is very comforting.

Anyways, it was a nice time of reflection and my testimony was strengthened by attending the baptism that night.

I hope all y'all have a grandios Tuesdsay - I know I will. ;)

P.S. A Dating Battle Stories post will hopefully be coming tomorrow. :o) Be excited!