Friday, March 04, 2011

Birthday Friday Fun!

Hey y'all! guess what? My birthday is on Monday! I'm spending the weekend celebrating with friends and stuff and I'm rather excited about it! In years past I've managed to get my birthday to last a week or so, I think it will last about 3 days this year. :o) Regardless, it should be a fun milestone birthday and I'm looking forward to eating cake. I love cake.

In other news Tron is NOT coming to my birthday party. :( stupid soccer game. He is, however, stopping by my place tonight to 1)bring me my mug and 2)see me. heee. Can you tell I'm just a little bit twitterpated over him?

Also, birds are chirping outside my office window this morning. Love the chirping birds! Even though it is supposed to snow on my birthday (that is not a happy birthday gift mother nature!) I can definitely tell that spring is coming. :o)

Finally, A little friday-fill ins for you followed by my favorite Friday Foto of the week! weee!!!! Enjoy your weekend y'all!!!

1. Bring your favorite Disney movie and we'll have a movie marathon!

2. I love it when batteries are included.

3. My birthday is exactly THREE days away!

4. Well, you see, I love cake, balloons, parties, friends and pinatas! Why wouldn't I love birthdays?

5. I'll be able to rent a car soon!

6. But what if snows? Then I'll make a snowman! I still have yet to play in the snow this year...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a visit from Tron and birthday party preparations, tomorrow my plans include ballet, my birthday party and stake conference and Sunday, I want to enjoy stake conference and my dinner party with Truit and husband!

 I just love this image...this perfectly depicts what spring is like in Utah. Love it. Have a great weekend y'all!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday on Monday! I also celebrate my birthday all week long. :)