Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Surprise number one was revealed to my sister last night. There are two more surprises on their way this week (not people, but events) and I am OH SO EXCITED about them.

But, I digress.

I arranged with my mom to fly out here almost 2 months ago. She came out for a special event that is happening on Friday (I'll tell you more on Friday) and we decided she should be here and that we should surprise my Sister B! So, I spun a web of lies for Sister B, the best being that I forgot mom's birthday is SUNDAY and that we need to send out her gift ASAP. We arranged to meet at a local frozen yogurt place and she could sign the card. Sister B is super stressed with school and stuff, but she decided she could make time to see me. I told her I would call her when she should leave to meet me. Well, I ran much later than anticipated, but I told another white lie about ballet students' moms being late and stuff and she bought it.

So my mom and I walk into the yogurt place - i see Sister B across the way and I say, "I pulled some riff raff off the street..." and in walks our mom. Sister B shrieked, ran and attacked our mom and then burst into tears. It was THE BEST surprise I have ever pulled off (well, Thursdays will rival it a little bit) and Sister B was so happy. It's going to be a fun week with my mom here. :o)

Tomorrow I'm working a half day, I'm giving my mom a tour of the office and then she's getting her hair done. After that it's off to the endodontist for me where I'll get my root canal. :P Sigh. Then we play all weekend long!! WOO HOO! I am so happy she is finally here and everything has fallen into place.