Monday, March 07, 2011

On this day....

....TWENTY-FIVE years ago today, a cute 5lb 14oz baby girl was born into this world.

That cute baby girl was me folks! Today I turn 1/4 of a century old. I can't believe I made it to this point in my life! I remember as a 8-year old thinking that being a teenager - 17 or so - would be the coolest thing ever. I hate to disappoint my childhood self, but 25? Definitely the coolest thing ever.

I had a wonderful party on Saturday. My superhero themed party was a huge hit. We played pin the cape on the super hero, broke a piñata, and ate cake! Some of my favorite people came to celebrate with me and it was just wonderfulness in one night!

blowing out my bazillion candles on my cake
Sister B playing pin the cape on the superhero
getting ready to whack the piñata!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!