Thursday, March 31, 2011

BUSY Thursday things!

Well, as all hell starts to break loose all around me (things are INSANE at work right now!) I have just a few things on my mind:
  • Spring Cleaning. I am so excited to do this. I am hoping I don't get burned out, because I REALLY REALLY want a clean house after Saturday. 
  • Work is crazy busy. The phones won't stop ringing. I have to work tomorrow. I don't want to work tomorrow.
  • Why don't I want to work tomorrow? Well, the weather is supposed to be the NICEST so far this year tomorrow. I want to play outside all day. :(
  • I am going to the temple tomorrow night. Want to join me?
  • I am really excited about General Conference. It is going to be awesome!
  • I am getting excited for summer. I can't wait for nice evenings.
  • I had a date last night with a guy I met online. He will remain nameless until I decide on a name for him...or something. It was fun, but the jury is still out on how I feel.
  • My poor roommate has to work ALL weekend - including Sunday afternoon. I am going to be all alone. Anyone want to come watch conference with me??
I think that's it for now...there's lots going on around here, and I'm okay with that. :o)


Courtney said...

There is the picture of the cool pizza cutter I wanted to see! That thing is pretty darn awesome looking. LoL Approval.

I love yo face Alicia!

Coach Mike said...

AWESOME pizza cutter! I am envious and just might have to repent of my covetous ways. LOL Love ya, Dad!