Friday, April 01, 2011

Quarterly Review

Hello again my dear readers. I know I didn't mention that I was going to do this, in fact I just decided a few weeks ago that I should do this - but I am conducting my own personal Quarterly Review on my Word of the Year progress.

I hope you've noticed the ever present reminder of my word of the year to the right -----> I have programed that nifty little button to take you to any post that I have labeled as one where I am flourishing. I just took some time earlier this month to go through and see what I have done and remind myself of my goals.

I already know that there are changes to my goals. I didn't make it to Disneyland for my birthday - and I know I WANT to go, I'm just not sure when yet. Also, I'm thinking I won't be attending the Dance Teacher's Summit. I really want to, but with my sister getting married in June and all the time I'm taking off then, I'm not sure I'll want to take that much time off this summer. We'll see. I'm still keeping it as a possibility. for sure. :o)

I had the wonderful experience of attending the temple for the first time and doing my own temple work. I wrote about what I felt like I could share here.

In other news - I have found SO MUCH HAPPINESS within myself. I feel as if my heart has healed. I've been dating like crazy and taking risks right and left. I feel more whole than I have in a long time and for this I am so grateful.

Honest to goodness, life is GOOD right now. While there are certainly things that I wish I had in my life - I know that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am doing RIGHT NOW. This is THE BEST feeling a girl can have, in my opinion anyways.


Stacylyn said...

I love you darlin.