Thursday, April 07, 2011

once there was a snowman....

Even though it hasn't started snowing...yet...I am still singing this little song from my childhood. Sigh. I am very much ready for spring. Although I know I shouldn't be surprised by the snow. I find it funny how many of my friends on Facebook claim that all the snow we've had in late March/early April is soooo unusual and that it must be the Apocolypse or something because OH MY GOSH it's SNOWING. Hate to break it to ya guys, but snow in late March/early April is VERY normal. It snowed 8 inches a week before my college graduation in April of 2009. It HAPPENS. ALL THE TIME.

ANYWHO. Let's get on with the more exciting things okay?

  • so first off, work has been insanely busy this week. Seriously. I am haivng a hard time believeing that it is already Thursday! Oh how time has flied!
  • My copy of Tangled finally arrived the other day. I'm pretty sure Roommate A and I are going to watch it tonight.
  • I am going to a concert/dance party tonight. I'm rather excited to attend!
  • I've won 2 free books this week! TWO! one from Emily and the other from Goodreads. I can hardly believe my good luck
  • My mom gave me a grow your own grass kit for my birthday. I planted the grass on Saturday afternoon and it has already started to sprout! yay! I love grass!
  • I know really awesome people. This makes me happy.
  • I had THE best dream last night. I dreamed that I was with a boy (not sure who) and the next thing I know he has tenderly taken his hands and put them on my face (sort of like this [also, doesn't that picture just make you swoon? I just love me some Richard Armitage) and kisses me. It was the best kiss ever. I only wish I knew who it was kissing me. I want to find them and try it in real life.
  • I am such a girl.
  • I am okay with the above statement.
  • Tomorrow is my day off. I love days off. I have a few fun things planned tomorrow including sleeping in, going to this temple and taking a ballet class.
  • I have 3 dates planned in the next 10 days. A fourth one is in the works. 
  • Can I just tell you how happy it makes me that I have so many dates planned? I am not going to lie, I am loving dating right now.
  • I definitely feel blessed. In so many ways am I grateful to be living in such a time as this.
There you. A bunch of randomness for your Thursday afternoon. Have a great one guys!


    Brooke said...

    Ah Tangled!!! I LOVE IT! I can't afford it right now, but I have been listening to the music on Youtube constantly. It's so good. And yes that picture makes me swoon and I hope you find your dream man. :)

    Brooke said...

    And by can't afford, I mean can't afford to buy it, rather than the possible meaning of can't afford to listen to it but I am anyway. Yeah.