Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Things etc etc

Hey guys. It's Thursday. I've always loved Thursdays. If you've followed me for any length of time then you know this truth about me. Anyways, I'm full of thoughts today (especially ones on dating) so all comments will be welcome on today's post.
  • First off, one of my internet buddies, Gretchen, is hosting a giveaway. I have always wanted a Shabby Apple dress and I'm really hoping to own one someday.
  • I have been on a lot of dates recently. I am going on a lot of dates in the near future. I like dating.
  • This leads me to ask though - at what point do you draw the line with physical affection? Do you hold hands before being a couple? Cuddle? Kiss? I have some rules for the aforementioned items, but I'm wondering what all of you think.
  • I really am wondering because cuddling with The Australian is going very well and it seems that he likes me a lot and that there is a possibilty for more. I've toyed with the idea of kissing him, but it goes against my rule of kissing someone w/out a commitment factor being there...thougths? 
  • Also, I want to go on a REAL date with The Australian. How do I make this happen?
  • I met the guy from this blog a week ago. I can't stop thinking about him (he made a really good first impression) and I really want to go on a date with him...but I'm not sure how to go about initiating that. Thoughts?
  • Next on my mind with dating I connected with this guy on Twitter who I think seems really cool and I'd like to get to know him more. suggestions? thoughts?
  • is it weird that I want to connect with so many people I meet through the internet?
  • Maybe it's not?
  • I really do enjoy where I am in the dating scene....liking so many boys is fun!
  • However, one boy told me the other day that he would be scared away by a forward girl. Is this true guys? Is being forward awkward? weird? Does it turn you off?
  • Does this mean I shouldn't do anything about the aforementioned boys?
  •  I really need your suggestions
  • Easter candy is my downfall right now.
  • My abs and glutes class is kicking my trash.
  • I'm wondering if I need to try to go to the gym early in the morning seeing as how I'm skipping the gym a lot of days to go on dates.
  • But dates are good right?
  • And waking up to get to the gym at like 5am? not sure that can ever happen realistically...
sigh. too many thoughts guys. too many thoughts.


Brooke said...

Alishka, you're so fun. I can't speak for all guys, but I know some have told me they would much rather the girl be forward because then it's way easier and they don't have to wonder if she's interested or just nice. I'm with you on the don't kiss till committed thing. And I'm glad you are having sooo much fun!

Becky said...

The line of physical affection is a tough one to draw. Some people are very touchy and others shy away from anything until there is a certain understanding. My opinion? Sometimes a littl epush is needed. Guys are dense. If you need to plant one on the guy to get him to realize you want more, then do it. Cuddling and holding hands are intimate, but not necessarily confined to a relationship. My personal rule is cuddle after understanding, but I'm a bit of a prude. Shocking, I know. If you are cuddling with this Australian, whose name I love, and you like it, but want more, then you had best kiss the boy and wake him up. Then you can get into the commitment with all your cards on the table. And yes, go on a date with him. How? Set up the coolest, most fantastic thing dinner anda long walk where you hold hands and go get ice cream after...and ask him to go. Nuff said.
Let's see, what else....oh, the guy fr om the blog. Well, I would say find his email and ask if he'd like to do a specific something with you on a specific date. Don't leave too much space, or he'll take it. Be forward and specific. Which answers the question below about being forward. It does depend on the guy, yes, but most guys are just delighted they don't have to think, and they'll think up a good idea next time. And knowing you, Alishka, they're so jazzed you asked them since they've been trying to go out with you for, like, ever, that it won't make a difference.
Is it weird you want to connect with so many people from online? Nope. In today's world, that's how it goes.
Anywho...that's my 45 cents. Enjoy the Easter candy, go to the gym when you feel like it, read a good book....hahahaha....and keep going on dates. It's good for you, love.
And do forgive me for the length of this massive comment. I tend to wax rather prosey you well know...

Emily said...

I have kissed without being in a commitment. Sometimes it worked out well, sometimes it didn't. The only time it got me in trouble was when I thought that there wasn't a commitment but the other party did.