Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Things and Bad Things

Hi Guys. Guess what? It's almost the weekend!!! Huzzah for that! Anyways, I'm full of all sorts of things today so here goes..

  • Good thing: Sister B found shoes for her wedding. HUZZAH!
  • Bad thing: I have not found shoes for the wedding. :( granted, i have 7 more weeks to figure that out.
  • Good thing: we talked LOTS of wedding things and are sort of getting somewhere?
  • Bad thing: there is still SO MUCH to do and only 7 WEEKS until the big day! (FROM TODAY!)
  • Good thing: rehearsal got changed on Saturday so my whole day won't be spent at the studio
  • Bad thing: I have no plans for this weekend. I want plans. 
  • Good thing: because I have no plans I MIGHT be able to get my house clean! It was so clean a month ago after I did my Spring Cleaning needs some help again.
  • Good thing: I haven't eaten any sweets (yay no sugar diet!) since Monday. I'm awesome.
  • Bad thing: work is stressing me out (new system is going to KILL me!) and I REALLY wish I could eat my weight in chocolate right now.
  • Good thing: I look cute today.
As you can see, the good things definitely outweigh the bad...and in the meantime I am trying to live by this motto: