Thursday, June 30, 2005

so i guess it's time for an update

B/C i haven't written in AGES!

well...i ran into an old friend while coming out of the Interpreter on Friday night, and we we exchanged phone numbers, and then he called me THE NEXT DAY!!!! then i called him on sun, but we couldn't get together, so then he calls me on monday and then comes and visits me (his name is D. by the way...) with his friend C and then gives me a ride from my office (in the HBLL) to my bike in the RB. it was hilarious. i called him on tuesday to go and get ice cream w/me, but he didn't answer, his loss.

anywho, i went and saw the Dance Trainer in the Dance Training Room today b/c i have been experincing shin splins pretty bad. he said i have some bad habits that we need to fix, and showed me what i need to do to fix those bad habits, aabout 4 different exercises, a stretch, and an 8-10 minute ice massage every day. its a lot of work, but 1) i don't want shin splins anymore, and 2) i have to make (well...maybe not have, but def. WANT to) Ballet Showcase this fall....and i need to not have bad habits anymore. so yeah, we're going to do this!!!

My Friend B.D. from HS Called today and we are going to go and do something. i am skipping ballet class, which is good and bad, good in the fact that it will give my shins a rest, and i need to strengthen them, not kill them, and bad b/c i will be out of shape, i just need to stretch like crazy tonight.

other than that, i think this is it.

Friday, June 24, 2005

pay day fridays are ALWAYS NICE!

because you get paid silly! and boy do i love pay day!!

so today is friday. yay friday. so it is not only pay day friday, but it is date friday. i am going to go and see The Interpreter hurray!!! :) and i have a date w/a coworker tomorrow night, yay!!! that is it for now!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

do i or don't i?

so here's my random thought for the day.....should i even think about applying for the board? Ever since i figured out how to do it, apply i mean, i have wondered, "do i have what it takes?" i don't even know if i have the time to do it, i guess if it was something i decided to do, sorta like ballet, then i would make the time for it, but i don't know. anyways, just some food for thought and musings on life.

so anywho last night was absolutely amazing for me, why? b/c on pbs was ABT's production of Swan Lake, w/Gillian Murphy as Odette/Odile, and WOW it was absolutely amazing!!! i loved it!!!! and was just awed out of my mind. in addition to the classic 32 fouettes, she added triples and quads on many of them, it was stunning to watch, even my roommate K was awed (she watched it w/me). anywho, it was very very good. tres bien.

and tonight, if i can figure out how to get there, i will go to ballet class, still trying to figure this one out, but i think i can do it. hopefully, i really want to go. :)

and for now, i think this is it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

a performance gone well

yep, the dance year is over. our performance was on saturday, and it went tres tres tres bien. i really enjoyed it, and my students were AWESOME!!!! none of them made any mistakes, they all remembered their dances, and i didn't have a single bunny crier. hurray!!!!
my weekend as good, i love my dad, and enjoyed spending time with him! anywho, i think that is all, ciao.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sleep deprived

so yeah....i feel a little bit tired today, but other than that i am doing well. today is hump day, which means it is wednesday. it also means that today is my last day of teaching for what could be a while. party party party! tomorrow is a dress rehearsal day...ugh...and then the jazz show on friday night, followed by the ballet show on saturday afternoon. guess what else is coolio? i get to sleep in on saturdays now! for the first time in 10 months, i will be able to sleep in on saturdays. i am so excited. i will only be able to do this until the end of august when classes start, because i will either be in rehearsal for ballet showcase early saturday mornings, or teaching in springville. either way, i will only get to sleep in for the next 2 months, and i am going to relish this as long as possible. hurray! :) that is all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

summerness is half way over, hard to believe isn't it?

i can't believe that the summer is half way over. honestly. its kind of insane. ahhhh! spring term ends this week, sumemr term stats next week, then summer term ends, two weeks after taht date, fall semester starts. its kind of crazy!!!
my last day of teaching is tomorrow, and our show is on friday and saturday. this will be a bittersweet performance b/c 1) i am not performing only my students are 2) this could be my last year of teaching for few years depending on if i make ballet showcase or not. its kinda crazy. crazy i say.
what else is going on? oh i am finally going to go and see "Hitch" tonight with my friend J.A. He was shocked to find out that i hadn't seen it yet, and is taking me, so it will be a late night b/c i have ballet until 9:45 and we are going to the 9:50 showing. stupid i know, and i will be tired tomorrow, but i really want to see it and he said he'd take me.
today is flag day and provo is doing the annual flag burning ceremony/party tonight at macey's. i think i will be going, fun stuff, yeah for patriotism. so i think that's all i want to rant and rave about for now, if i come up with something else i will let you know.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I was NICE!!!

You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?

more love

so he finally called me, and we talked. this morning. but its okay. he's giving it a go with this girl, but its okay. because i do care about it him, and i am happy that he has finally come to a decision. i know that he is going to take it slow, and he's very hesitant, but we are still friends, which shows cause he talked to me this morning. :) i am not worried about marrying him, in fact it would be okay if he didn't. i know there are other people out there for me, especially because i got a letter from my favorite missionary mighty mouse. i just don't want to him get hurt, so i hope he gets through things okay.
god be with you.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I think I love someone. Now I don't know how to describe it though. I think he's decided to do something, another relationship with another girl; however, I don't want to see him get hurt. he has his agency and can decide to go through with this if he decides to, but I care about him enough that it will hurt me (and in a way make me happy) if he gets burned b/c of this decision. I love him. I really do. We haven't really 'dated' we're just friends and cuddle buddies, but I wonder what would happen if we did date. That could prove interesting. Very interesting indeed. Hmmm....anyways just some frustrations. I am practicing a lot of restraint right now, b/c I want more than anything to text him or email him and see how he's doing, but I know that I need to wait for him to come to me, after what I am pretty sure I know what happened last night. I get butterflies thinking about it, and I’ve been worried about him for the past couple of days. We had a really good chat on Monday, 3.5 hours, we talked about some serious issues, but yet the conversation was so lighthearted and now looking back on it, it was kind of a weird conversation. Anywho....this is just a whole lot of babble, and I’m trying to distract myself, cause work is slow, and I want to contact him, oh my gosh!!! He just emailed me! Hurray! And he has stories about what happened last night, oh gosh, now I am nervous. *sigh* well at least he let me know kind of in a way that he wants to talk lol....until later. coolio.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Smelly Hair

So i permed my hair last night, and it looks super cute, but i hate the smell. weird chemical smell...yuk yuk yuk, but hey the sacrifices we make to look good. man. anywho, tonight i am going to pirates of penzance w/my good friend dr. teeth. that will be fun. i think i still have a crush on him, i keep trying to talk myself out of it, but hey i'll enjoy what i can get. what else has happened...oh yeah! my date w/joe: BIG SUCCESS!!! We had soooooo much fun, and it was a super good date. alex , mike, suzy, and nick had fun too! nick, even though he is only 17, acted a lot older, and he fit really well into our group of people, we ended up having one other blind date couple, one of joe's friends. it was super fun.
anywho...i can't think of anything else to write...