Tuesday, June 21, 2005

do i or don't i?

so here's my random thought for the day.....should i even think about applying for the board? Ever since i figured out how to do it, apply i mean, i have wondered, "do i have what it takes?" i don't even know if i have the time to do it, i guess if it was something i decided to do, sorta like ballet, then i would make the time for it, but i don't know. anyways, just some food for thought and musings on life.

so anywho last night was absolutely amazing for me, why? b/c on pbs was ABT's production of Swan Lake, w/Gillian Murphy as Odette/Odile, and WOW it was absolutely amazing!!! i loved it!!!! and was just awed out of my mind. in addition to the classic 32 fouettes, she added triples and quads on many of them, it was stunning to watch, even my roommate K was awed (she watched it w/me). anywho, it was very very good. tres bien.

and tonight, if i can figure out how to get there, i will go to ballet class, still trying to figure this one out, but i think i can do it. hopefully, i really want to go. :)

and for now, i think this is it.