Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sleep deprived

so yeah....i feel a little bit tired today, but other than that i am doing well. today is hump day, which means it is wednesday. it also means that today is my last day of teaching for what could be a while. party party party! tomorrow is a dress rehearsal day...ugh...and then the jazz show on friday night, followed by the ballet show on saturday afternoon. guess what else is coolio? i get to sleep in on saturdays now! for the first time in 10 months, i will be able to sleep in on saturdays. i am so excited. i will only be able to do this until the end of august when classes start, because i will either be in rehearsal for ballet showcase early saturday mornings, or teaching in springville. either way, i will only get to sleep in for the next 2 months, and i am going to relish this as long as possible. hurray! :) that is all.