Tuesday, June 14, 2005

summerness is half way over, hard to believe isn't it?

i can't believe that the summer is half way over. honestly. its kind of insane. ahhhh! spring term ends this week, sumemr term stats next week, then summer term ends, two weeks after taht date, fall semester starts. its kind of crazy!!!
my last day of teaching is tomorrow, and our show is on friday and saturday. this will be a bittersweet performance b/c 1) i am not performing only my students are 2) this could be my last year of teaching for few years depending on if i make ballet showcase or not. its kinda crazy. crazy i say.
what else is going on? oh i am finally going to go and see "Hitch" tonight with my friend J.A. He was shocked to find out that i hadn't seen it yet, and is taking me, so it will be a late night b/c i have ballet until 9:45 and we are going to the 9:50 showing. stupid i know, and i will be tired tomorrow, but i really want to see it and he said he'd take me.
today is flag day and provo is doing the annual flag burning ceremony/party tonight at macey's. i think i will be going, fun stuff, yeah for patriotism. so i think that's all i want to rant and rave about for now, if i come up with something else i will let you know.