Thursday, June 02, 2005

Smelly Hair

So i permed my hair last night, and it looks super cute, but i hate the smell. weird chemical smell...yuk yuk yuk, but hey the sacrifices we make to look good. man. anywho, tonight i am going to pirates of penzance w/my good friend dr. teeth. that will be fun. i think i still have a crush on him, i keep trying to talk myself out of it, but hey i'll enjoy what i can get. what else has happened...oh yeah! my date w/joe: BIG SUCCESS!!! We had soooooo much fun, and it was a super good date. alex , mike, suzy, and nick had fun too! nick, even though he is only 17, acted a lot older, and he fit really well into our group of people, we ended up having one other blind date couple, one of joe's friends. it was super fun.
anywho...i can't think of anything else to write...