Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the latest and greatest

of alishka babushka..... :)
where to begin is the about where i left you...friday morning.
so after work i ran a couple of errands and went home. Roommate B and i decide to go on a random date and she and i went to see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit which was absolutely hilarioius and worth the $1 we paid, we brought along J.O. and A.Z. and had a blast. Truit roomie checked out, her dad came and got her, and she left, and i shall not see her again until april if not later as she is going to paris next semester. sad day...

Saturday morning was an interesting one. very interesting. so it was parent week at the studio where i teach, and i was going to wake up and look cute for this special day (said w/much sarcasm) parent day is not my fav. but i have to look cute. yeah right. my ride knocks on my apt. door at 7:50 and i roll out of bed to answer it. yuck yuck yuck. so i grab everything i need, minus my purse that has my lucnh money in it and my bus pass. luckily someone was nice enough to share some food with me to get me through the 3.5 hours of rehearsal, and then my ride to the studio was willing enough to wait for me to get done teaching to bring me home. that was super nice of them. after that wonderful morning of teaching and rehearsal, i went to d.i. with Roommate B. bought 2 new sweaters and a pair of jeans that actually fits miracles of all miracles. she and i had a good talk, and then Roommate C walked in with her BF who is now her fiance because they got engaged!! i am way excited for her and the wedding is in february.

Later that night i went ice skating with my teddy bear, but about 9ish we felt sick so he took me home and went home himself. felt better later in the evening and when Roommate C and Fiance came in to watch What's Up Doc? i called my anatomy study friend and he came over and watched it with me. that was pretty much exciting. and a funny movie to boot.

had a stake sacrament meeting that was very well done and the spirit was felt by all. afterwords did lunch with apt 1 and Roommate B and me. that was fun! :) then watched a christmas movie and then i took a nap. that was nice. a 3-hour nap. then it was dinner, goodie making, and then off to watch the Polar Express with TL #3. that was fun. came home went to bed and woke up refreshed on monday morning

woke up went to work and worked my first 8 hour day since august. hurrah. fhe was fun, Roommate B scared the crap out of me when she was still in the apt in stead of in her hometown where she should have been, but roads were bad so she stayed. we made mini-cupcakes, that were bite-sized. lots of fun she is. stayed up late watching Toy Story in spanish with her translating since i don't know a word of spanish, and J.O. joined us. that was enjoyable.

another full day of work, but combined with the 5.5 hours of sleep it was even longer. Dad picked me up and we went home so i could go to Sister B's orchestra concert. she did very well, best i have ever heard, she had improved greatly. slept on a mattress instead of the floor, but it was still in the lv room. rumor has it that i will get to sleep in the train room which will at least give me privacy. oh joy.

yet another long day at work. but i am getting used to it. i am teaching a pointe class tonight for L* friend and then who knows what i will do, but we will enjoy everything i can. :D
i have read some good books lately and that's fun. :D i need to finish my dance for the show in feb. but i don't want to, i do, but i don't if that makes sense. sent off 11 missionary christmas cards yesterday. that was cool. i hope they write back...they better or else. so yeah. until i get bored again, ciao.

Friday, December 16, 2005

friday, finals, and kissing

its friday, and finals are done. hurray hurray hurray! my teddybear came down to hang out with me last night, and the funny thing is our date that was going to be tonight is going to be tomorrow night. but that's not really the funny thing. the funny thing is that he kissed me last night. more times then i have ever been kissed by one person, in one night. you see, i am not vl, but when i kissed my last bf i only kissed him after dating him for 1.5 months, and i kissed him 5x or less. in a course of 3 weeks and then i dumped him a week after that! see teddybear and i are just big flirts who cuddle and hang out together. and well...he's asked if he could kiss me even if it is just for fun, and i said yes. and well he kissed me. a couple times in a row, more than i have ever been kissed at once. and you know what? i enjoyed it. now tell me if there is something wrong with that, cause me, i like it. and i am going to continue liking it. merry christmas all. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the death of finals

i hate 'em. and who doesn't? i mean really. is there really some one out there that ENJOYS finals week? i like the end of finals, but definitely not the midst of finals. yuck. i failed my anatomy lab final, but i still have a c- in the class so as long as i can do really well on the lecture final (yeah right) then i can get like a c+/b- in the class. i would be content with a c. my music final is today. i am praying that i can do well enough to pass the class. i really don't want to take that class again. never again. so i hope to do well. salad and i had an awesome time up at my work party in aspen grove, but we are still just friends. he's cute and all, but i think i would have to grow alot, and he would have to grow in different ways if we are to ever end up together. i don't know if he's the one i am supposed to marry. he's definitely supposed to be my friend, that is for certain. i have a date with my teddybear friday night. he asked if he could kiss me and i gave him permission, this is b/c salad told me to go on dates with other ppl, and with teddybear we're just really good friends that both happen to be the biggest flirts in the world. so yeah. we shall see what happens on friday night. i might actually see him tomorrow night, but again it all depends. :D so here i am at work, just working away, its all good, life is good. and i am thoroughly enjoying myself. i think. :) anyways, i'm out, until the end of finals, so long.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

life in a nutshell

so my life is grand, minus the crazyness of finals, but let me give you an update on salad, he did come and play w/me and my family duirng thanksgiving, but i was a little worried that things got to much for him and he was scared, but here is what happend this weekend.

we had the bishop's ball and it was amazing. my black dress looked awesome, and i danced w/salad and it was great

we went to Christmas Around the World, which was stellar!!!! afterwards we played a game and that was fun, and we ended up sitting close on the couch, which was fun. :)

After sunday school had ended and we're on our way to sacrament meeting, here is the dialogue:
Me: "Are you excited for sacrament meeting?"
Salad:" Yeah! Are you sitting somewhere special?"
Me:" No."
Salad: "Are you sitting next to someone?"
Me:" Well, probably my roommates"
Salad: "But nobody else?"
Me: "Uh...not that I know of."
Salad: "Well can I sit next to you?"
Me: "Yeah! Of course!"
It was super cute and so then he sat next to me. Which was awesome!

Later Sunday I was talking to my mom, and she asked me if I wanted to hang up my ornaments on our tree. Well I said of course! but she asked me when i was coming home to do it, and that prolly won't be until the 23rd, even though i live 30 min from she said she might do it and i said fine.

Well after the christmas devotional salad and i were talking about my day and what had happened and he asked if she had put them up or not, well i didn't know, but he told me to go and call my mom RIGHT then and if she hadn't he told me we should go down there and do it! so i called my mom, and she hadn't done it, so he and i drove down to my hometown and put my christmas ornaments. but how cute is that? HE suggested that we go and do it, and then he was sweet enough to go through with it.

after all of that we are still just good friends, but i am hoping that it goes somewhere, but it might take a while. but i can wait. i know i can.