Friday, December 16, 2005

friday, finals, and kissing

its friday, and finals are done. hurray hurray hurray! my teddybear came down to hang out with me last night, and the funny thing is our date that was going to be tonight is going to be tomorrow night. but that's not really the funny thing. the funny thing is that he kissed me last night. more times then i have ever been kissed by one person, in one night. you see, i am not vl, but when i kissed my last bf i only kissed him after dating him for 1.5 months, and i kissed him 5x or less. in a course of 3 weeks and then i dumped him a week after that! see teddybear and i are just big flirts who cuddle and hang out together. and well...he's asked if he could kiss me even if it is just for fun, and i said yes. and well he kissed me. a couple times in a row, more than i have ever been kissed at once. and you know what? i enjoyed it. now tell me if there is something wrong with that, cause me, i like it. and i am going to continue liking it. merry christmas all. :)