Tuesday, December 06, 2005

life in a nutshell

so my life is grand, minus the crazyness of finals, but let me give you an update on salad, he did come and play w/me and my family duirng thanksgiving, but i was a little worried that things got to much for him and he was scared, but here is what happend this weekend.

we had the bishop's ball and it was amazing. my black dress looked awesome, and i danced w/salad and it was great

we went to Christmas Around the World, which was stellar!!!! afterwards we played a game and that was fun, and we ended up sitting close on the couch, which was fun. :)

After sunday school had ended and we're on our way to sacrament meeting, here is the dialogue:
Me: "Are you excited for sacrament meeting?"
Salad:" Yeah! Are you sitting somewhere special?"
Me:" No."
Salad: "Are you sitting next to someone?"
Me:" Well, probably my roommates"
Salad: "But nobody else?"
Me: "Uh...not that I know of."
Salad: "Well can I sit next to you?"
Me: "Yeah! Of course!"
It was super cute and so then he sat next to me. Which was awesome!

Later Sunday I was talking to my mom, and she asked me if I wanted to hang up my ornaments on our tree. Well I said of course! but she asked me when i was coming home to do it, and that prolly won't be until the 23rd, even though i live 30 min from home...so she said she might do it and i said fine.

Well after the christmas devotional salad and i were talking about my day and what had happened and he asked if she had put them up or not, well i didn't know, but he told me to go and call my mom RIGHT then and if she hadn't he told me we should go down there and do it! so i called my mom, and she hadn't done it, so he and i drove down to my hometown and put my christmas ornaments. but how cute is that? HE suggested that we go and do it, and then he was sweet enough to go through with it.

after all of that we are still just good friends, but i am hoping that it goes somewhere, but it might take a while. but i can wait. i know i can.