Sunday, November 27, 2005


I have a job!!! I applied, had an interview, and they hired me all on Nov. 22. It was awesome! I know the Graduate Applications Secretary in the Linguistics and English Language department. I am so excited. and the cool thing is that i am getting paid only 5 cents less than what i was getting at CID. and that's after my raise at cid!!! hurrah!!

I had a happy thanksgiving full of good food and fun family togetherness. Rehearsal for my piece is going well, and its going to look good i'm excited. salad came and hung out with me and the fam yesterday night, we had dinner and taught him how to play settlers of cataan. which is a fun game, and we all had fun. his comment to me when we said good night, was 'you're a good friend, a cool girl, you have a cool family. but i'm still dating around trying to figure things out.' and you know what? i'm okay with that!! I have no idea who i am going to take to christmas around the world, but somehow it will work itself out in the end. my mom likes him, which is good. so yeah, we'll see. anywho....until i find time again to write, see ya!