Sunday, November 13, 2005

Date night...with FHE Dad PLUS the awesomeness of the DanceSport

So I had the funnest time EVER on friday night. it was totally wicked!!! :0 So he picked me up at 7 at my apartment, but we ended up staying at my apt. cause it was so rainy outside (we were doubling with my roomie, who happens to be FHE Mom, and her date BL) ANYWHO...we had pizza, that took us like 45 min. to eat cause we were having such a good time talking. THEN we played this game called moods. It is an awsome game. You should play it. Anyways its this awesome game where you say a phrase but in different moods. well at one point in the game i got the mood romantic. and my pharse, no joke, was 'i find you very attractive' so....i decide to set the 'mood' by turning on the table lamp in the lv room ,turn off the main light and turn on our cd player, which happened to be set to some nice romantic music. then i scooted close to my date put my arm around him and said, "i find you very attractive" it was awesome ,and everyone got it. it was great. so after playing this game we sculpted ice cream. yes. ice cream. it was the coolest thing ever my date and i made a st. george temple while the other couple did a lady liberty bust. it was pretty much awesome. after eating our ice cream creation we played outburst and then we played some more, talked some more, did some really goofy, loopy things as it got later in the evening and we got tired. we were on our date for about 6 hours. He left at 1:15 in the morning. :) it was a good date too, cause we never got bored.

This was on sat. morning. me and diverm, who was my partner, did an awesome job. we had so much fun dancing, we made it all the way to the 6th round, where we were cut. so we didn't make it to the quater-finals, but we came close. to make it to the final 36 couples out over 200 couples is just amazing. and we had fun. found out that he is very much a premie....which is okay, but means that i prolly won't ever date him. but that's okay cause then instead i can flirt and be his friend. he's a nice guy too so its all good. we was very much a gentleman and guided me with his hand on my back and cool stuff like that. and i gave him lots of hugs as we found out when had made each cut. so that was coolio. we took some pics, so that was fun, but they weren't digital so i can't post them, and when i develop them , i prolly won't remember to scan them in and post them. but oh well. FHE Dad came and watched me on sat. morning compete, which means that he sat there from 9 am-12 pm which is AMAZING!!! then he went back with me later to watch the amateur and other competitions. that was way cool too. i had lots of fun and i think he did too. we'll see what happens in that regard. he has told me that he is overwhelmed here cause there are so many wonderful girls here. we'll see what happens. i'll just let it roll. we'll see. :) anyways....its almost dinner time so i am out of here! :)