Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteren's Day

So yeah...update on me and the dating world. FHE Dad asked me out, and we are going on a date tonight. he picked me up from my ballet class last night and a couple of my buddies were all, 'he's so hot!' to which i responded, 'i know.' lol. so yeah, he stayed over until 10:20ish and he had to work at 4 this morning, and we talked and it was good. i like him. he's cute. and nice. and an awesome guy.
i have dancesport tomorrow. i am way way way excited for it!! Diver (my dance partner) and i practiced on wed. night and things were good. he's a cute kid too. but i am not sure if he has served a mission yet or not. i think he has, but i don't know. ugh. but its all good. he's a fun kid, and i thnk we might be able to make it to the quater-finals tomorrow, at least we hope we can! :)

Anywho, life is grand right now, i am loving it all, and i think that is have fun! :D i know i will!!!!!!