Friday, April 29, 2005

yet another day..of strangeness

ya know. i wish i could read boy's mind sometimes. so we're just friends right? well he calls me last night to double with him and his blind date. so me and his roommate, an him and his blind date went out. it was fun but strange
today i am getting new furniture at my desk, which is super exciting. anywho that is all.

Monday, April 25, 2005

spring, or is it?

you know, the spring equinox came, and yet spring seems to be avoiding my current living quarters. or maybe its just good ole utah spring, 75 beautiful degrees one day, 56 rainy degrees the next. im sick of it people! just give me some sun and i'll be one happy camper! okay?!

well now that i am done complaining for the day, let me tell you that church yesterday was so extremely empty it was nuts. hoepfully fhe tonight is better. well...i'll see i guess. bye for now.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


AND THE PARTY BEGINS!! No really. the party is on. and i am going to take advantage of it like it is 1999. :) life is really good. even though i failed a final, i was able to go and take a ballet class right after, drove boy's stick truck, and didn't stall it once!! It was sweet lovin'!!!
THEN...I wake up wed. morning take my ballet final (got a b+ sweet...) came to work and found out that i have been accepted as a Dance Major here at BYU!! Rock on!!! I was very very excited. THEN...I took a New Testament final, passed i do believe, taught my dance classes, and then partied casue i got accepted and ate cookies, and cleaned the apartment for the ridiculous cleaning checks for today.
SO NOW... I am just working like mad, teaching like happiness, and eating fudge and ice cream. I get to get together with my bobs tonight, so that will be a party, i have date tomorrow night with naval seal man from N.T. class we're going to go and see the Pacifier. Sweet lovin' life is grand. until next time...Adiod amigos!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Finals week, a talk and walk, and much much more!

Holy cow. So i hate finals week. it's yucky. bleh. i still have all five of my finals, with number one happening today. yuk yuk yuk. i honestly don't like finals. they are no fun at all.
so i went on a walk with boy last night and we talked. we have decided to be just friends. which is what we were before anyways. but now i know that is where we are. i guess. itw as weird to put myself out there and tell him that i like him. but i do still like him, but not in the same way. we never would have melded right. we are just different spiritually and that is super important for me for us to be the same. and i can't change him. i don't want to, i like him just the way he is. it's what makes him who he is. anywho. we are good friends. im happy. and i know even better what i need in a relationship. not that i was just in one, but it was good to figure things out.
now for much much more....there actually isn't much much more, its just that the title sounded better that way...sorry to lead you on. :) until next time, god be with you till we meet again!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Time Flies....Like Penguins on Steroids...

So yeah, it's been quite a while since I've posted in my wonderful little blog. Hope life is treating people well, I don't even know if people read this, but I'll post anyways.
The past month has flown by to include many different and exciting things. I went on a blind date w/my best friend's little brother, followed by a date with a guy in my ward. That was fun, ended up re-living my childhood. Exciting stuff.
I auditioned for my major, but have had no news back yet, that's a lie. I have had news, but they're not sure about whether or not to accepet me, so they are going to come and watch me during my final today, monday, and wednesday. Rediculous. I'll have to wait more than a week to find out for sure. Blah.
So I found out that boy, who I've liked for quite some time might just like me back. My roomie (being the amazing person that she is) talked to him and he said the biggest thing is that I am young, and that scares me. So I have hope. He also said that he likes to hang out with me and have fun, so we'll just have to see where this all goes. We are really good friends right now and I am staying in the same apt. spring/summer and again fall/winter. He lives in a house, so no problemo about staying touch as we will still be in the same ward. Time will tell, and those penguins should still take them steroids so that time will continue to fly, in a sense.
Until next time, au revoir.