Monday, April 18, 2005

Finals week, a talk and walk, and much much more!

Holy cow. So i hate finals week. it's yucky. bleh. i still have all five of my finals, with number one happening today. yuk yuk yuk. i honestly don't like finals. they are no fun at all.
so i went on a walk with boy last night and we talked. we have decided to be just friends. which is what we were before anyways. but now i know that is where we are. i guess. itw as weird to put myself out there and tell him that i like him. but i do still like him, but not in the same way. we never would have melded right. we are just different spiritually and that is super important for me for us to be the same. and i can't change him. i don't want to, i like him just the way he is. it's what makes him who he is. anywho. we are good friends. im happy. and i know even better what i need in a relationship. not that i was just in one, but it was good to figure things out.
now for much much more....there actually isn't much much more, its just that the title sounded better that way...sorry to lead you on. :) until next time, god be with you till we meet again!