Thursday, April 21, 2005


AND THE PARTY BEGINS!! No really. the party is on. and i am going to take advantage of it like it is 1999. :) life is really good. even though i failed a final, i was able to go and take a ballet class right after, drove boy's stick truck, and didn't stall it once!! It was sweet lovin'!!!
THEN...I wake up wed. morning take my ballet final (got a b+ sweet...) came to work and found out that i have been accepted as a Dance Major here at BYU!! Rock on!!! I was very very excited. THEN...I took a New Testament final, passed i do believe, taught my dance classes, and then partied casue i got accepted and ate cookies, and cleaned the apartment for the ridiculous cleaning checks for today.
SO NOW... I am just working like mad, teaching like happiness, and eating fudge and ice cream. I get to get together with my bobs tonight, so that will be a party, i have date tomorrow night with naval seal man from N.T. class we're going to go and see the Pacifier. Sweet lovin' life is grand. until next time...Adiod amigos!


Kelsey said...

Congrats on getting accepted into the dance major.