Friday, May 27, 2005

It's finally Friday!

And guess what? I have a date tonight! Yup that's right, me alishka babushka, has a date tonight. I am very excited about this date tonight. You know why? actually, you probably don't, so let me tell you. This date is with my friend joe. yup, joe. i love joe, joe is one of the coolest persons that i know! and you know the other cool part about this date? i am setting 2 people on blind dates. so its going to be a triple date, but me and joe are the only ones that know each other before hand. :) hurray for blind dates! so because i'm setting up two of my other friends, Alex and Bob, and Nick and Suzy Q. I am super excited. I haven't seen Alex in a whole year! You see, the last time i saw her was when i graduated from hs a year ago two days ago and we spent a night together at the senior all-nighter. after that fun-filled night of hanging with all my friends, alex left for colorado to live w/her dad. so yeah, i get to see her one year later! i am so excited. we have stayed in touch, but i haven't seen her. so yep, i'm super excited for this date. :) we are going to have loads of fun playing in the park, so it should be good. :)
so until next time ,enjoy your three day weekend while it lasts!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

someone made me think...

so i was reading uffish's blog today, and it made me think about birth order, and how it does always seem that younger siblings do better than the older, in a way. i think i have figured out why this is.
I think because we older children set the standard for what is acceptable, the younger ones have the opportunity to surpass that, so it always seems like the younger is better than the older. we (the older) didn't have anyone to follow, we were first, the guinea pigs to our parent's whims, we had to forge our own path in the way of life, had to figure things out first, and had to pave our own path, and it was probably just a rough dirt path. younger siblings can follow us in our paths, but make our paths better, 'casue they are re-paving them. then they have left an even better path for the next youngest, so by the time the youngest goes through, they have a super beautiful path that is hard to surpass, because it was already a dirt road, and then pavement, and then silver, and they have to make it gold. which is not easy. so that is my theory, lend me your thoughts...

Monday, May 23, 2005

hot hot hot!

and actually, it's not even THAT hot. :) life here in provo is good. im thinkin' of cutting my hair, but i haven't completely decided on yay or nay...we'll see. that is all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

cali was amazing...but now i fell like i am in seattle...what happened to utah?!?!

with all the rain utah has been having as of late it feel like im living in seattle. in fact i woke up the other morning and said to myself "Toto, i don't think we're in Utah anymore." ha. hopefully what the weather man says about today being the last of the cold storms is true. it better be, or else he just might get it coming.... so catch up on boy, we decide after a walk and talk to be friends right? well...
one week later... tuesday i drive in his car to heber to test it out, and we got shakes.
wed: we watch count of monte cristo togther, nothing happened, but good movie.
thurs: he calls me to double w/him and a blind date he got set up on, kinda weird, but it was fun. (see previous blog..i know i wrote about this, and you are getting just as many details now as then. :D )
fri: i see him, steal his truck to go shopping, get called to go on a date w/my friend teddy, jason and i talk about hiking, he invites me to go to zions on sat.
Sat: he picks me up from teaching, we go to zion's national park (my first time ever) we talk alot, i met his grandparents on the way home, cutest grandparents ever! we get home late
sun: (two weeks after our 'talk') i eat dinner w/his fam. and we watch the c.e.s fireside together good fireside. we laughed, then we watched pirates. again nothing happend, but good movie.
THEN, the following weekend i go to california for my roomamtes wedding ,so much fun! and we just had a blast.
The tuesday after i get back (one week ago) i go to say hi to him, and end up watching the day after tomorrow w/him. some how when he sits next to me he puts his hand on my knee for like 10-15 minutes, and then gets up to finish cleaning where we were watchign the movie. then he came back and got under the covers with me. so yeah. he is one confusing kid. super confusing.
so did i ever tell you about my hs love? well the girl he dated in hs (she graduates next week) is ENGAGED. so now...(even though he is on a mission) she isn't waiting for him, like i swore she would, so i never thought i'd have a chance when he got back, cause everyone knew they were meant for each other. so yeah. crazy huh? i almost feel like i kinda have a chance, although i always knew that i wouldn't wait for ANYONE. but part of me wonders what will happen if im still single when he gets back, in 20 months....agh! the agony!

AND to make life even more exciting, i have this friend, let's call him Dr. Teeth...well doc here danced with my company for a number of years, in fact that is how i met him. at the time though he was like 23 and i was 14. so 5 years later, and many dance performances, im now 19 and he 27. he's still single, and what do ya know, so am i. we've crossed the line where we can only be like bro and sister, and we hang out from time to time. he knows i like to cuddle so we have a cuddle session from time to time. i enjoy my time with him. so tomorrow night we are going to go and see Robots at the dollar theater, which should be lotsa fun.

i don't think im forgetting anything, oh excpet i had two more friends get engaged. bah humbug. no not really, they are crazy to be engaged, but im okay with it. anywho....until next time. ciao

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Yeah!!! Halleighluiah! I leave tonight for California. Wahoo. :) My roommate is getting married and I get to drive to Cali for her wedding. Wahoo! I am super duper excited! :)
Last night my roommates and I went to Macey's and Walmart for things for our trip. I get to see the ocean for the first time. I have never seen the ocean before, and I am very super excited. I bought lots of film last night, and new board shorts for my swim suit and so many other things. i am just so excited. i leave tonight. late. it will be fun! :) until later.....