Friday, May 27, 2005

It's finally Friday!

And guess what? I have a date tonight! Yup that's right, me alishka babushka, has a date tonight. I am very excited about this date tonight. You know why? actually, you probably don't, so let me tell you. This date is with my friend joe. yup, joe. i love joe, joe is one of the coolest persons that i know! and you know the other cool part about this date? i am setting 2 people on blind dates. so its going to be a triple date, but me and joe are the only ones that know each other before hand. :) hurray for blind dates! so because i'm setting up two of my other friends, Alex and Bob, and Nick and Suzy Q. I am super excited. I haven't seen Alex in a whole year! You see, the last time i saw her was when i graduated from hs a year ago two days ago and we spent a night together at the senior all-nighter. after that fun-filled night of hanging with all my friends, alex left for colorado to live w/her dad. so yeah, i get to see her one year later! i am so excited. we have stayed in touch, but i haven't seen her. so yep, i'm super excited for this date. :) we are going to have loads of fun playing in the park, so it should be good. :)
so until next time ,enjoy your three day weekend while it lasts!