Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ever notice...

how all my titles seem to be the same? i wonder why that is...or maybe it's just my imagination...

in any case...i'm looking for a date for saturday night. if you feel yourself qualified to be my date, or have someone with whom you would like to set me up with, please respond to this post.

the date would consist of me taking you (or your friend) to the Cougarettes performance Saturday, Feb. 3rd at 7:30 pm. Dinner plans have not yet been planned, but if you feel that dinner is an integral part of dinner, you are more than welcome to take me to dinner for find reason for me to make you dinner. I am open to many options and welcome all suggestions for potential dates.
thank you, and good luck.

p.s. if you do not want to, or cannot go with me this weekend, keep in mind that I have tickets to some sort of performance from now until my birthday being in 34 days if you notice the count down to your right. ;)

Monday, January 29, 2007

last weekend of january 2007

it's hard to believe that i just experienced my last weekend of january in the year 2007. crazy isn't it? i won't have another january weekend until 2008. i wonder where i'll be then? just an interesting thought.

so my weekend....friday consisted of the ward activity. which, by the way, was a TON of fun! i did see CW, and after the ward activity we talked and played ping pong.

saturday i had rehearsal, i ran some errands, went shopping, and did a lot of homework, but not enough. sigh. i need to do better. then i made chicken enchiladas and cw came over for dinner and then we went to dance in concert. It was really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and he told me he did too.

sunday was a nice day. i got a lot done, meetings were nice, AND the weather was down right beautiful. it was nice enough to sit outside and enjoy it for a little while, even if it was slightly chilly. the sun beating down on me made up for it.

all in all i had an awesome weekend. i'm not anticipating anything to go anywhere at all besides friendship with cw, but if it did, i would probably be okay with that. for now, i'm just going to have fun, and find someone to ask out for cougarettes in concert this weekend....the question is who?

Friday, January 26, 2007

he said yes...

i said wow, he said when, i said how about ____. yes, i asked him. and he said, and i started singing that one famous country song. you know, this one never mind that I changed the gender...It still works. Although, I'm not saying that this whole thing with CW is exactly like that song, but, whenever i tell someone, he said yes! i think of this song. funny no?

anyways, he's going to come over for dinner before the performance and then we're going to go. and tonight is the ward activity, so hopefully *crosses fingers* i'll see him tonight. we shall see... :) ciao.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

oh the fun that is my life...

have I mentioned recently that I totally and completely love my life? Well....I do. I couldn't ask for a better life right now. Well, I could ask that my hamstrings not be as sore, but alas, I'll just keep stretching. :D

So... I promised details, and details I give you. So I went country dancing last night with CW. It was a blast. I had so much fun, and he's really good. Which makes me happy. I could follow him, no problem-o, and we had a lot of fun talking and what not. At the door, things weren't awkward at all, he gave me a GREAT hug, and told me that he had a lot of fun, which I did too. I think I will ask him to go to Dance in Concert with me this weekend, if I can get up the nerve. :S ciao.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


once upon a time i went country dancing every week at BYU for the country dance club...then school started, i got busy, and stopped going.

well....there are some new peoples in the ward, and one of them is this really cute boy. he needs a we'll call him CW. Well, CW and I have been messaging back and forth on Facebook, and lo and behold he likes country dancing. in fact, he goes often. so guess what? he asked me to go with him tonight! (on saturday) so I have a date tonight, and I'm very excited. ALSO, we have been doing some flirting and what not, and he's very nice, and a lot of fun to talk to. an update will come later after dancing. ;) ciao.

Monday, January 15, 2007

so this is 2007...

well, it's here. 2007. it's been here for 15 days now. and soooo much has happened it's kind of crazy, if you ask me. what? you are? and you want details? alrighty they come. ;)

the rest of my break was wonderful. i loved it. absolutely loved it. the book project got put aside because the main office got so ridculously busy, but i had no complaints. ;)

school started, and besides the fact that i have a 7 am class this semester, my schedule is perfect. i love it. i have good feelings about this semester and i know that it's going to be a blast. :D

during the first week of school a plethora of things happened. first, we went on lec dems on wednesday to many different elementary schools. which was a lot of fun, but oh my gosh it was so pickin' tiring! i almost died of hunger because we didn't have time for lunch, my feet hurt, and i was gone from my apt. for 12 straight hours. it was crazy. but oh so much fun.

second of all, my grandma went into the hospital on tuesday b/c she was having trouble breathing. then her pulse skyrocketed and she was put into intensive care, then she was put back into normal care, and now she is in long-term care. so she's doing lots better. rehearsal for me was cancelled on saturday so i came home for the weekend. i went and visited her in the hospital, which was kind of crazy because i have never visited someone that I know personally. It was weird. she looked so old, frail, and tiny in that bed. but like i said, she's doing lots better.

so all in all my weekend has been relaxing. good things are going to happen in 2007, i can feel it. ;) ciao!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Final AP Top 25 NCAA football poll

So this is exciting, and makes me really happy. :) I'll post about the first few days of school later. Ciao!

1. Florida 13-1
2. Ohio St.    12-1
3. LSU         11-2
4. Southern Cal 11-2
5. Boise St.   13-0
6. Louisville  12-1
7. Wisconsin   12-1
8. Michigan    11-2
9. Auburn      11-2
10. West Va.   11-2
11. Oklahoma   11-3
12. Rutgers    11-2
13. Texas      10-3
14. California 10-3
15. Arkansas   10-4
16. BYU        11-2
17. Notre Dame 10-3
18. Wake Forest11-3
19. Va. Tech   10-3
20. Boston Coll 10-3
21. Oregon St. 10-4
22. TCU        11-2
23. Georgia    9-4
24. Penn St.   9-4
25. Tennessee  9-4

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the new year

huh. welcome 2007. wow. i can't believe it is 2007. who would've thunk?? it's been a long time for many things. so many things are going to happen this year, i can just feel it. i know this next semester is going to be a blast, not only because i have the best schedule ever, but because its the last 'semester' that i have to go through with out a certain Bob friend that i want to come home. *insert super big happy alishka face here. :D*
there's also the known fact that i will have a ton of change happen upon me, including: probably (like 90% sure) moving home for the first time ever since 2004, moving to a new place in more current place of living for me! i will also start my 4th year at college (woah...i'm so OLD), i will see many friends come home from their 2-year hiatus.
what else shall i do? well so much that i can't think of it right now.
and looking back, the year 2006 was a year of growth for me. but then i guess each year is a year of growth, but 2006 was much much more.
how you might ask?
well...i learned...
  • how to forget myself and become a different person on stage
  • how to let the Lord help me and do his will...even when i am scared stiff to do it.
  • that life doesn't always go as we plan
  • that if we forget our plan, the Lord's plan shines through and life gets super happy
  • that dating is not always easy, but everything always works out for the best
  • that having a boyfriend is fun, but not flirting is of the devil.
  • that i have so much more to learn
  • how to take care of myself better...and want to keep doing that for the rest of my life.
all in all i learned so much about me in the emotional and spiritual sense it was amazing. i feel really good about this next year and that happiness will be in such abundance that i might not know what to do with it all...guess that's something i should learn this year. :) ciao.