Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the new year

huh. welcome 2007. wow. i can't believe it is 2007. who would've thunk?? it's been a long time for many things. so many things are going to happen this year, i can just feel it. i know this next semester is going to be a blast, not only because i have the best schedule ever, but because its the last 'semester' that i have to go through with out a certain Bob friend that i want to come home. *insert super big happy alishka face here. :D*
there's also the known fact that i will have a ton of change happen upon me, including: probably (like 90% sure) moving home for the first time ever since 2004, moving to a new place in fall...no more current place of living for me! i will also start my 4th year at college (woah...i'm so OLD), i will see many friends come home from their 2-year hiatus.
what else shall i do? well so much that i can't think of it right now.
and looking back, the year 2006 was a year of growth for me. but then i guess each year is a year of growth, but 2006 was much much more.
how you might ask?
well...i learned...
  • how to forget myself and become a different person on stage
  • how to let the Lord help me and do his will...even when i am scared stiff to do it.
  • that life doesn't always go as we plan
  • that if we forget our plan, the Lord's plan shines through and life gets super happy
  • that dating is not always easy, but everything always works out for the best
  • that having a boyfriend is fun, but not flirting is of the devil.
  • that i have so much more to learn
  • how to take care of myself better...and want to keep doing that for the rest of my life.
all in all i learned so much about me in the emotional and spiritual sense it was amazing. i feel really good about this next year and that happiness will be in such abundance that i might not know what to do with it all...guess that's something i should learn this year. :) ciao.


connor said...

Great post. It's interesting to see how much we've learned over the previous year and track that progress.