Monday, January 29, 2007

last weekend of january 2007

it's hard to believe that i just experienced my last weekend of january in the year 2007. crazy isn't it? i won't have another january weekend until 2008. i wonder where i'll be then? just an interesting thought.

so my weekend....friday consisted of the ward activity. which, by the way, was a TON of fun! i did see CW, and after the ward activity we talked and played ping pong.

saturday i had rehearsal, i ran some errands, went shopping, and did a lot of homework, but not enough. sigh. i need to do better. then i made chicken enchiladas and cw came over for dinner and then we went to dance in concert. It was really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and he told me he did too.

sunday was a nice day. i got a lot done, meetings were nice, AND the weather was down right beautiful. it was nice enough to sit outside and enjoy it for a little while, even if it was slightly chilly. the sun beating down on me made up for it.

all in all i had an awesome weekend. i'm not anticipating anything to go anywhere at all besides friendship with cw, but if it did, i would probably be okay with that. for now, i'm just going to have fun, and find someone to ask out for cougarettes in concert this weekend....the question is who?