Monday, January 15, 2007

so this is 2007...

well, it's here. 2007. it's been here for 15 days now. and soooo much has happened it's kind of crazy, if you ask me. what? you are? and you want details? alrighty they come. ;)

the rest of my break was wonderful. i loved it. absolutely loved it. the book project got put aside because the main office got so ridculously busy, but i had no complaints. ;)

school started, and besides the fact that i have a 7 am class this semester, my schedule is perfect. i love it. i have good feelings about this semester and i know that it's going to be a blast. :D

during the first week of school a plethora of things happened. first, we went on lec dems on wednesday to many different elementary schools. which was a lot of fun, but oh my gosh it was so pickin' tiring! i almost died of hunger because we didn't have time for lunch, my feet hurt, and i was gone from my apt. for 12 straight hours. it was crazy. but oh so much fun.

second of all, my grandma went into the hospital on tuesday b/c she was having trouble breathing. then her pulse skyrocketed and she was put into intensive care, then she was put back into normal care, and now she is in long-term care. so she's doing lots better. rehearsal for me was cancelled on saturday so i came home for the weekend. i went and visited her in the hospital, which was kind of crazy because i have never visited someone that I know personally. It was weird. she looked so old, frail, and tiny in that bed. but like i said, she's doing lots better.

so all in all my weekend has been relaxing. good things are going to happen in 2007, i can feel it. ;) ciao!