Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the death of finals

i hate 'em. and who doesn't? i mean really. is there really some one out there that ENJOYS finals week? i like the end of finals, but definitely not the midst of finals. yuck. i failed my anatomy lab final, but i still have a c- in the class so as long as i can do really well on the lecture final (yeah right) then i can get like a c+/b- in the class. i would be content with a c. my music final is today. i am praying that i can do well enough to pass the class. i really don't want to take that class again. never again. so i hope to do well. salad and i had an awesome time up at my work party in aspen grove, but we are still just friends. he's cute and all, but i think i would have to grow alot, and he would have to grow in different ways if we are to ever end up together. i don't know if he's the one i am supposed to marry. he's definitely supposed to be my friend, that is for certain. i have a date with my teddybear friday night. he asked if he could kiss me and i gave him permission, this is b/c salad told me to go on dates with other ppl, and with teddybear we're just really good friends that both happen to be the biggest flirts in the world. so yeah. we shall see what happens on friday night. i might actually see him tomorrow night, but again it all depends. :D so here i am at work, just working away, its all good, life is good. and i am thoroughly enjoying myself. i think. :) anyways, i'm out, until the end of finals, so long.