Thursday, June 30, 2005

so i guess it's time for an update

B/C i haven't written in AGES!

well...i ran into an old friend while coming out of the Interpreter on Friday night, and we we exchanged phone numbers, and then he called me THE NEXT DAY!!!! then i called him on sun, but we couldn't get together, so then he calls me on monday and then comes and visits me (his name is D. by the way...) with his friend C and then gives me a ride from my office (in the HBLL) to my bike in the RB. it was hilarious. i called him on tuesday to go and get ice cream w/me, but he didn't answer, his loss.

anywho, i went and saw the Dance Trainer in the Dance Training Room today b/c i have been experincing shin splins pretty bad. he said i have some bad habits that we need to fix, and showed me what i need to do to fix those bad habits, aabout 4 different exercises, a stretch, and an 8-10 minute ice massage every day. its a lot of work, but 1) i don't want shin splins anymore, and 2) i have to make (well...maybe not have, but def. WANT to) Ballet Showcase this fall....and i need to not have bad habits anymore. so yeah, we're going to do this!!!

My Friend B.D. from HS Called today and we are going to go and do something. i am skipping ballet class, which is good and bad, good in the fact that it will give my shins a rest, and i need to strengthen them, not kill them, and bad b/c i will be out of shape, i just need to stretch like crazy tonight.

other than that, i think this is it.