Friday, July 08, 2005

what has happened in a week....

not much to be honest. sorry its been so long. i know im a loser. lets make a bullet list of what has happened since i posted a week ago and what is good about my life:
The Good and Bad of Alishka Babushka
  1. the fourth of july happened. this weekend i partied w/my family. we watched the stadium of fire fireworks from my apt. parking lot, and had a GREAT view of them. i went home, had some good home cooking, and all that jazz
  2. also went shopping this weekend. bought some new clothes, spent money i shouldn't have, but oh well. i justify the need for my jacket i bought, my office is freezing!!!
  3. went back to school/work on tuesday, which was nice to have a 3-day weekend, but at the same i almost died from the wonderful sunburn i recieved on monday. yuk yuk yuk
  4. went and sat "War of the Worlds" with my coworker DH. It was fun, we are getting teased about 'dating' even though there is nothing like that there. oh well. we're good friends, it was a good movie, but not a happy make you feel good type of movie. if you get my point.
  5. did my laundry, took ballet class, oh and checked out a few books for my pleasure. many of them are off a reading list i recieved from one of the writers (Katya) from the 100 Board. good stuff.
  6. today is finally friday. plus it is payday, halleighluiah (sp, i can never remember...)
  7. i found out that my good friend Dr. Teeth, broke up w/his gf that wanted to give it another go. don't know what that means for me yet, all i know is that i want a few more serious relationships before i get married. and if he is one of them,then great. if not, we're good friends, and i enjoy the time we spend together. he he he.
i think that is it for now...have a fun weekend y'all! (not that anyone reads this....oh well.)