Monday, July 11, 2005

missionaries and muggles....

okay part 1: missionaries
My two very good friends, sn, and ef, leave this week. one to the brazil mtc since he is serving in santa maria brazil, and the other to the provo mtc to go to tulsa oklahoma. insane i know. i went to both of their farewells this weekend. they are going to be amazing missionaries. but then they are amazing people. :) going to their farewells and knowing that i won't see them in two years makes me wonder where i'll be in two years. will i be married? have kids? be single? living in provo? still in school? almost done? honestly....a million different things could happen. *sigh*

part 2: muggles....
okay so this just worked with the m&m theme i decided to have today, so my mom and sister are going to AZ in a couple of weeks to help my grandparents move up here. soooooooo they decided they want the 6th HP book for their trip, which means i get to go and get it from the bookstore, which also means i get to read it before anybody else. mwaha ha ha ha ha....i am very exctied, and thus the muggleness... ;) i think that it is all for now, until later.