Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Zoo, an adventure, and sore muscles

The Zoo:
J. and I had a grand time at the zoo, seeing all the fun animals, although the giraffes and elephants didn't looks as tell as when i was ten, but then i was shorter then. we also got to see a baby organutan (she was so cute!) and a rhinocerous up close. we had an interesting conversation about relatiohsips on the way home and had fun hangin out. we then went to our 4-ward activity, followed by him beeing sweet enough to give me a ride home to payson. there i went to C.'s bridal shower and then hung out w/ D. at the carnival in sp. fork. i have no idea what is going to happen w/J. but things are interesting.

An Adventure:
Holy cow. Yesterday was such an adventure. But it was so much fun! So my friend Q. asked me to go to the Nutty Putty caves w/him and J. K. and M. M. (m&m are married same J. as the J. I went to the zoo w/too, Q. and J. are roomies.) So we leave provo at like 10:30, and come upon a hill that we think is the hill for the caves, but its not. (we didn't know that at the time) So we're walking up this super steep hill, for like forever, get to the top of this hill, and realize that we're on the wrong hill. So THEN, we go back down the hill, and to J.'s car and go to the right hill. (1.5 hours and 3 miles later...) so now we are at the caves. Now the caves are little, small, and there are times you have to army crawl. It was an adventure. So we get out of the caves at like 3 pm. we start driving home, when we hear this noise...yep a flat tire. we all get out and the tire gets changed by these macho men. We get home at like 4:50, and decide that we are super hungry. so we all go shower and change (we were a muddy mess.) then, i ate so much b/c i was so hungry that i was super full. after fhe i played night games on the south side of the marriott center, which was lots of fun.

Sore muscles:
all in all i had an awesome weekend, but my muscles are SO sore from the caves yesterday. but today is a good day, that's for sure! :)