Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoisday Thoughts and Things

Hi guys. Can I just tell you how happy I am that it is Thursday? and that it's my Friday? Oh man. It's been a very busy week filled what with learning a new ERP system at work and all. My brain HURTS. Changing over to a new system is all sorts of crazy.

Anywho...let's get to all my thoughts shall we?
  • My brain hurts. The end.
  • My date with Fryman last night? too short. We both had something (him a meeting for church, me a hair appointment) and so all we did was go to dinner...but it was fabulously awesome.
  • I love getting my hairs did.
  • After getting my hairs did I flirted with Fryman via text.
  • I connived an invitation to his house to watch a movie that I was going to watch at home but my tv was taken.
  • So I stayed up late with Fryman watching Tangled. Love that movie.
  • Nothing happened per se...but he's not a cuddler (he's told me least not until he's kissed a girl.)
  • But we did get to hang out together for longer last night and I know both of us wanted it.
  • Pair it with the Adele "21" album (favorite song? Rolling in the Deep - the music video is AWESOME) and you have the best play list right now for me at work.
  • I'm going wedding shoe shopping w/my sister tonight. We both need wedding shoes. She's looking for flats, and I'm looking for peep-toe heels. :o) Love shoe shopping
  • I have no plans for Saturday night....yet. I'm hoping to do something fun and adventurous.
  • Fun but not adventurous: dying Easter eggs. I WILL do this at some point this weekend.
  • It's my Friday. I'm excited to have tomorrow off. I plan on sleeping in just a little bit, going to the temple, taking a ballet class and doing some grocery shopping/errand running that needs to be done.
  • I won a free hour-long massage a few months ago and I haven't used it yet. I keep meaning to...but keep forgetting to make the appointment. :P I think I'll make time for it in the very near future. 
Whew. I get tired just looking at that list....but good things have happened in the past day, good things are going to happen this weekend and I'm one happy camper. Who wants to REALLY go camping this summer...maybe I should buy a tent and a sleeping bag....


Emily said...

It's my friday too. What a glorious feeling.

And, I love Tangled.

Anonymous said...

Oh girly, I am sad you have filled up your weekend already. I miss you.

By the way, we may be setting up a camping trip in the future, I will let you know when we have things planned.