Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High on Laughter

Sister B and I went shoe shopping again last night. We're still pulling a big fat nothing when it comes to shoes for her wedding. We keep thinking we've found something and then they don't have her size or the right color. It's so lame-sauce! Here's hoping we find something tonight. :P

When I took her home last night we ended up sitting in my car for over an hour talking and having SO MUCH FUN. I love that girl. I am so glad that I'm related to her. She rocks my socks.

Look how cute these  bookmarks are:
I totally want to make some of them. I'm always looking for cute and easy to use bookmarks.


I love this quote. Isn't it just the greatest? I want to live my life right that once is enough for me. I went to a funeral yesterday for an amazing man. He most definitely lived his life right enough that once was all he needed to do things right.

I am SO ready for Summer. Summer = sunshine and butterflies. I need some sunshine and butterflies right about now. My brain is so scattered with all sorts of things with work and oh my goodness....craziness!!! :P


robinawallace said...

if you are going to make a couple bookmarks, you should make me one. Luv ya girly!

Marlee said...

Those bookmarks are awesome! Ha and with summer just around the corner I can't focus either...I just get so excited!!

Kaylee said...

Awww! The bookmarks are sooo cute!!
I recently started reading your blog, and its awesome!!