Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday afternoon nap dreams

I took a nap yesterday afternoon. It was glorious - for the most part. I say for the most part because as my phone went off with a text from my roommate, I got pulled out of the MOST bizarre dream I have ever had. So, I wrote down some thoughts on this dream, I've recounted it three times (to Roommate A, to her ex-boyfriend and Blindman, and finally to The Australian.) but here it is for all of my posterity and friends and random people to see. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what this dream might mean.... :o) Also, stay tuned for some awesome posts this week...if I can find the motivation to blog. :o)

So in my dream I'm at my parent's old house in Payson, but it's not quite in the same location. We're more in the countryside. ANYWAYS, I step outside and there's this woman standing outside staring at me. I offer her a brownie (or she offered me one? that part is hazy) and then she says, "do you want to see a prophecy come true?" Of course I respond in the affirmative. She tells me to look to the East and as I do I see a cloud turning into a horse w/a rider on it. He rides as far as I can see to the West and then within a moment or two I see it coming back and disappearing into the cloud storm in the East. A few minutes later it happens again and again and again. I start freaking out and I run inside to grab my mom, Brother C and Sister D. I yelled at them to get on Facebook (everyone talks about things on Facebook!) and the news so we can figure out what is happening.

Then I took them outside. (This is where it gets WEIRD!) So we go outside and the cloud-horse/rider had a lightning bolt thing going on and the next thing I know this horse and rider cloud is turning into a real horse/rider and as he rides across the sky he falls off the horse. The man looks Mexican and as he gets up he starts speaking in a  language that I don't recognize. He tries to talk to me and all I can say over and over is "Can I help you sir?" He rides back up this mountainside that is like right next to our house and disappears. In just a few minutes a whole bunch of people on white horses start riding out towards the West out of the mountain or something. They are all different ages, genders and nationalities with these weird green glowy eyes. As they get closer we can here them changing things like "don't forget.....remember need to do this....." (i obviously don't really remember what they were saying. but it was odd)

I was then jolted awake by a text message from my roommate and as I tried to pull myself from this weird dream all I could see were the green glowy eyes.

So yeah, that happened. I keep thinking about it. It was the oddest dream I have ever had in all my years of dreaming.


Artista said...

A- stop eating brownies.
B- stop eating brownies and reading the book of Revelation.
C- stop eating brownies, reading the book of Revelation while watching bad taco bell commercials in between Bonanza.
Just sayin.